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  1. Minmus Hoverbike!

    That is all, continue with your life. Sorry I wasted your time with something done 100 times before.
  2. A serious topic

    So a couple of my friends have been going through suicidal thoughts and I just wanted to say it's not OK.
    If you do it you will regret it. It's so sad to think someone would end their life just to get away from bullying.
    Sorry if this ruined your day.
  3. The Positive Forum movement

    Quote Originally Posted by Deddly View Post
    Just like every other internet community, when people disagree on something, there is a very real possibility that the whole tone turns extremely negative, even insulting. Now I will say that the general populatation of these forums appears to be somewhat more mature in the way they deal with each other than the average online community I have come accross, but it cannot be denied that there is also a certain amount of negativity. If you consider some of the replies to recent Devnotes, for example,
  4. Loads of Progress on my film recently!

    It's coming together nicely! Here are a few pics!

  5. New Parts and E-2 progress

    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyPhantom View Post
    Hey, I've got a new part for you The K-737 Cockpit.

    The E-2 has also made some progress. Some ideas or Feedback?

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