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  1. Modding? Get Friending

    One of the better features of KSP's forums. If you're modding KSP, start friending other modders. I don't know how many times I've found answers to questions or inspiration or just a good old genning up on some other aspect of modding this game, through just looking through the posting activity of other modders.

    Sure, we all probably have some-what egotistical and elitest personalities (I'm a geek, I'm a know-it-all, I'm arrogant) but I actually find a good 'argument' with similarly-minded ...
  2. Those chill-down-the-spine moments when...

    Well last week I was fiddling around with a design for a tiny lifting body, similar to the Northrop HL-10. I was initially tempted just to use HyperEdit because I was really only interested in testing out aerodynamics of the craft. But then I eventually developed a lifter for it, which made it look very USAF DynaSoar like. So while I was testing this stack, I kept running into CoG issues, which made the rocket flip around while on ascent. I thought it might be an issue with aerodynamics and drag ...
  3. Kerbals too tough? (EVA self-rescue from munar orbit)

    Quote Originally Posted by Camaron View Post
    Your average Kerbal's bloodstream is molten adamantium, and their skin is made of sheets of nanoscopic diamond particles. Their energy comes from a biologically stable fusion reaction. You're acting like you're surprised that they can survive a simple fall from space. Why do you think Jeb and the others never seem to fear anything? They are immortal.
  4. UFO Sighting!!!

    I was playing Kerbal Space Program in a sandbox world, and I was doing a simulated emergency landing flying the Aeris 3a near the mountains behind the space center.

    Suddenly, I saw three small lights, two at the bottom of a mountain and one on the top. I toke a screenshot and when I go to see it I saw something that I didn’t see before. There was a strange black object, with a triangular shape. I ran immediately a mission to check what the strange object was, but when I arrived near ...
  5. Forum Rank

    My rank description is pretty funny.

    I'm a well respected engineer and my name is Engineer of Stuff.

    No one else finds that funny? Oh well.
  6. How to Read and Use FAR Analysis Screens

    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderfound View Post
    How to Read and Use FAR Analysis Screens

    You can design perfectly well just by eyeball and flight testing; the flight data isn't absolutely necessary. But it does help if you can use it.

    The first screen in Ferram is the static analysis screen. This gives you pretty graphs.

    It has two options at top: Sweep AoA and Sweep Mach. There are boxes at the bottom which say Lower, Upper and Mach/AoA. This page can produce two different graphs: if you press the
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  7. KSP and Dvorak (Revisited)

    Quote Originally Posted by pendant View Post
    [... from original thread, with some minor alterations]
    'The problem' with KSP, as with many games, is that, where keyboard input is required, it is all too often assumed that the user will be using the Sholes ('QWERTY') layout. The four keys 'W', 'A', 'S' and 'D' are commonly hard-coded as the keys for up, left, down and right respectively. This is fine with a QWERTY layout, as these four keys lie together in positions that correspond with the respective directions:

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  8. New career save, sad little excuse for a spaceplane, big fun!

    Quote Originally Posted by pandoras kitten View Post
    Started my first 1.02 career game with -1000 reputation and all sorts of mighty handicaps!

    I must say the early 'krash test kerbal' phase of the career is extremely enjoyable, especially with the enforced part and tech limitations. This sad little excuse of a spaceplane soon became the mainstay of the space program, handling everything from supersonic research, atmospheric survey to low orbit ops.

    It's heavy, but pretty much the only streamlined two-man design possible
  9. So, I found some soil science

    Nudge me some, nudge me a little
    Every KSP-player ("Kerbalist" from here on after) gets those little nudges. The nugdes urging to "make KSP a better place". I'm talking about the grand nudge of community, the inherent flame of improving things we already consider valuable.
    My enthusiasm distilled into a little science project, and produced a layered map ie. a psd-file for the free graphics editing and creating program,
    Instead of jumping to other ...
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  10. Chapter 2


    "ABORT, ABORT, ABOR………………."

    "Thats where the transmission ended"

    Two hours after contact was lost with flight:601
    Valhalla Airbase Briefing Room.

    "Two hours ago, the Civilian Transport was shot down over the Osten Coast while in route to New Kiro." Stated the elderly male Kerbal, with a generals insignia on his uniform, at the podium in the front of the room. "We have secured the ...

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