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  1. Take on Mars Pawelk198604 first look

    Today i bought Take on Mars developed by Bohemia Interactive Czech game responsible for creating "Take on Helicopter" and "Arma 3"

    "Take on Mars" training mission: Soviet Mars-3 (Марс 3)
    I have to admit that I'm shocked I thought that the first Mars was the American Viking probe

    Be prepare for future updates:-)


    Updated Yesterday at 02:59 by Pawelk198604

  2. My KSP Experience and the Experience of Others

    I have very rarely written a blog of any sort, so this is a rare first. As I lack friends who play KSP and have none to converse about the game with, I may use this as an outlet for any current goings-on with the game that I am currently involved in.

    I have been refining my play-style and objectives for KSP over time, since I first played version .23.5 on my friends computer. Having recently (finally) purchased the game and upgraded it to the latest version, I feel like I can finally ...
  3. asteroid spawning limit option?

    i was just thinking about putting a option to limit the amount of asteroids that spawn, the current limit is so crazy its made some of my saves completely unplayable,cmon squad. i want asteroids in the game, but i also wanna be able to PLAY the game
  4. Skyrim

    I know this is off topic from Kerbal but I wanted to talk about my adventures in Skyrim.
    I decided to take some screen shots because it looked really pretty and I loved the northern lights. Also you will
    notice my wonderful horse Shadowmere who I love so much. I'm playing as a bad character who basically loves to go around and kill everyone and steal everything. My rule of thumb is I never pay for anything in the game I will just steal the items from people. It makes for a more interesting ...
  5. Kerbals, science and management - The shrouded catacombs of KSC

    Most issues adressed in this blog post are discussed here:

    I know I'll be stoned for that, but Jehowants to stop me?

    We know and like to explore planets, launch rockets, ...
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