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  1. Making Arctic Extras Part 2 - A Tangent

    There was a recent forum discussion regarding Squad's new Administration building that I found particularly interesting and I took a lot away from it. It did reinforce some of my own views on 3D environment development. Specifically concerning the balance between effect and detail.

    I've always been an artist who prefers effect over detail and this certainly shows in a lot of my recent modelling work. As I've been gaining experience with more up-to-date tools and techniques, whilst ...
  2. Making Arctic Extras

    As I am reaching the end of my latest little project for KerbinSide, I thought I'd take a little time to write about the creative process involved and some of the challenges faced in producing a small pack of static objects that serve little purpose other than to look pretty and to create 'landmarks' on Kerbin, stealing a phrase from a recent post by a player.

    For me, the arctic is a fascinating and alien environment to work in, second only I think, to space itself. Surviving in such ...
  3. First photos of Hayabusa 2!

    Two days ago, JAXA finally revealed the Hayabusa 2 probe. Hayabusa 1 was the first probe to return asteroid samples to Earth. Hayabusa 2 will be doing something similar, but it will also carry an European lander, three rover-like vehicles, five target markers and an impactor.... that sound more like a fleet than a single mission! I think it's a really impressive attempt from Japan and I love the photos. (Look at those ion engines! and those RCS thrusters!)

  4. Feelings about being able to fly without MechJeb

    Quote Originally Posted by GreatWyrmGold View Post
    My opinion on the matter seems to be similar to that of others: MechJeb is best used for when you've learned how to fly manually and don't want to. It's also useful for things you can do but aren't as good as the computer at, like maintaining attitude. That being said, people who fly entirely with MechJeb aren't doing it "wrong," though they are missing out and will be SOL if they encounter a bug or something MechJeb doesn't do well.
    Yes, this is exactly what I was trying ...
  5. VTOHL Space Planes

    Quote Originally Posted by Munarware View Post
    Our line of conservatively engineered VTOHL space planes. Craft files will be available at the completion of our "pretentious unveiling" campaign series.

    See full album for details:

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