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  1. Tesla-I: A cozy capsule that contains and carries eight.

    999Aerospace has always wondered, "Why bother with parachutes?" and after many years of searching for a kerbal Crazy enough to design a capsule for us, we stumbled upon the brilliant Elon Kerman, CEO of TeslX, an electric car company which dabbles in rocketry.

    Under his guidance we designed the new Tesla-I, a capsule that doesn't need parachutes, but has them anyway. Capable of propulsive landing almost anywhere* on Kerbin, and able to carry 8 Kerbals to orbit and back again, ...
  2. A.M.U.R.E Pod

    Quote Originally Posted by tabaal2 View Post
    Here are some parts that are ready and i'm working on a few more for my command pod parts
    The full mod part list will include docking port/parachute, command pod, heat shield, service module, solar panels, engine and fairings

  3. Celestia Aeronautics Reborn!

    Apply Now!

    After a long time of inactivity, Celestia is reborn! Apply today and help pave way to the future of aeronautics!

    Or, you know, make explode. Whatever.
  4. [For the newbies] And what about the button with the hammer and wrench?

    [NOTE: This post has been edited since its original publication to include graphics.]

    When I first began playing KSP, beyond making spacecraft and airplanes, I really didn't do a lot of exploring of the various features that each stage of the game brought. I was watching a YouTube video of someone's huge mother ship dropping landers on Duna, and was amazed that they were able to deploy solar panels, landing legs, and chutes without much effort. It was then that I discovered the little ...

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  5. Kerbas_ad_astra's Illustrated (and Somewhat Opinionated) Guide to Copyright Licenses

    Quote Originally Posted by Kerbas_ad_astra View Post
    This originally was posted in the License Selection Guide, viewable in context by clicking the little fast-forward icon next to my username at the top of this quote block.
    I've made a couple of images to illustrate license compatibility. License compatibility basically consists of two questions. If we find something nifty that we like and want to use it (or base something on it) in our own work, what licenses do its license constrain us to choose? Alternatively, if we release our work ...

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