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  1. Generic ascent for my SSTOs

    1. Achieve an apoapsis of around 32K, just above the bit where you stop getting re-entry effects at around 2.1 (ish)Kmps.

    2. Go really, really fast - you'll want to hit 32K at a decent speed and then try to hang at apoapsis until speed builds up enough to push you up to a stable orbit height

    3. Circularise using the often puny rockets provided.

    Standard key bindings

    1 - Vertical jets/rockets or auxiliary jets
    2 - Turbojets
  2. Admin Building Staff Profiles

    This is subject to editing once we know more about the characters.

    Walt Kerman
    Age: 250
    Rank: JSP Public Relations Head
    Achievements: Convinced everyone that NEVRAs are not, in fact, radioactive
    Background: Walt was born into a political family at the beginning of the Federation. He originally wanted to follow in his parents footsteps, and studied political science in college. he studied hard, but unfortunately, he just wasn't enough of a jerk to be a politician. ...
  3. The 0.25 Waiting Room, now boarding passengers heading to Hypetown

    Quote Originally Posted by Lhathron the Elf View Post
    Guys, check out my All Aboard the HypeTrain playlist on Spotify!
  4. Animation issues driving me up a wall.

    Quote Originally Posted by Some_Random_Guy View Post
    I see,

    Heres how you "fix" it (notice the ").

    Read all of it!


    In blender do a normal animation after you have created your part. So set max keyframes to 100 then go to keyframe 0. At kf 0 right click the "part" you are moving or rotating then with it selected hit "i" on your keyboard. A menu pops up saying add keyfram then find LotRotScale. Then move the green time cursor around the timeline,
  5. Grammatical/Scientific annoyances

    I hate when people use Theory when they mean Hypothesis. The worst is when they know there's a difference, but insist that Hypothesis is the "stronger" one.

    A quick refresher:

    Law: Describes a phenomenon. Usually nothing much more than mathematical formulas or logic. May not be the "whole story", i.e. Newtonian Gravity v General Relativity.
    Hypothesis: Predicts Laws or Theories. Some might call it "An educated guess."
    Theory: ...
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