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  1. Battle List

    Current Record 6 win, 2 loss, 1 tie

    Battle of Pol- Spartwo, Close Loss
    Massacre at Eve- Zeke- don't ask
    1st Battle of Minmus- Daemon- Win (song- AC04 Agnus Dei)
    Operation Crimson Stain- Camulus777- Win (song-AC04 Comona)
    Dogfight over Minmus- PolnioFludrasco- Win (song-MW2 Boneyard)
    2nd Battle of Minmus- Daemon- Win (song-Skillet-Awake and Alive)
    Battle of Vall- SkriptKitt3h- Close Win- (song-Veni Veni Emanuel)
    Operation Storming Hell- ...
  2. An idea to aid planetary science missions, and new types of rescue missions

    Planetary flybys, orbiters, landers, etc:
    Right now there are launch window planner mods, so that's a thing that can be done.

    The game should incorporate launch windows into procedural "contract" generation (I'm not entirely pleased with "contract" as the descriptor for pure science missions, and never have been, but that's what we have ).

    What would be added is a launch date range for any given contract. In the case of missions to other bodies ...
  3. "Oops", A short poem

    My first spacestation.


    My second spacestation. In orbit. Yay. Much rejoicing.

    Remove kerbal engineer quickly. May of been causing problems as it is an old version. See played game.

    "Space Station Zen could not be loaded because it contained part: EngineerFlight"

    Did not quicksave.

  4. Glow-Up Squid ¦ Roover with landing gear suspensions

    Quote Originally Posted by RevanCorana View Post

    So, I just made a little drone type roover using landing gear as suspensions
    and it works quite well, adds more stability when turning at high speeds and drifting.
    It packs up two Oscar-B tanks, mass low to the ground, and two small radial engines at the back

    Instructions: From my testing the suspensions works best when only the rear gear is locked,
  5. [0.25] NavHud - a NavBall inspired Heads Up Display - 1.1.2

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninenium View Post
    NavHud provides a new(ish) navigational instrument: A Heads Up Display showing you precisely what way your spaceship is pointing. It also features the target, normal, radial, retro/pro-grade, maneuver and docking alignment indicators.


    Checkout the fork by Addle which may contain some new features:
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