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  1. Part Modding Tutorial 1/4 - Modeling

    This is a work in progress!

    This is part one of a part modding tutorial. This series will take you from creating the model, painting a texture and getting the part into the game.

    No previous experience is required!

    It's a four part series, taking the form of:
    1. Modeling In Wings 3D, UV-Unwrapping
    2. Texturing In Adobe Photoshop (Or Alternatives)
    3. Working In Unity, Export To Game
    4. More Modeling, Further Tricks

    Part 1

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  2. The Schrödinger SSTO series.

    999Aerospace presents: A way to get to orbit without dropping anything along the way!
    The Schrödinger SSTO: Both there and back again at almost the same time!

    Easy to fly!
    Two variants, CREW AND CARGO!

    How to fly:
    • Ascend at 80 degrees to 8000m
    • Pitch to 45 degrees until 12000
    • Pitch to 25 degrees until 15000
    • Pitch so that your prograde marker is at about 3-5 degrees until rapier engines begin to flame out, by this point, your apoapsis
  3. The Time is Near: A Kerbal Film

    A few weeks back I produced my first Kerbal Film. It was a test really, I needed to get a feeling for the limitations that I would be facing. But despite a first round test the video was still spotlighted on the KSP Facebook page and received overall positive reviews. It was really awesome to see the community come around and offer their suggestions and feedback. Since then, I've spent a fair amount of time toying with the idea of what I would produce for a real Video. Though the temptation to produce ...
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  4. I don't get it.

    Apologies for taking this on a tangent here, but what is "ten times easier, ten times less grindy, reduced tenfold"? The more I try to quantify it, the less I can make sense of multiplying a relational term when the base isn't a relation to begin with ... How is that even calculated? If something is a little bit easier, and something else is "ten times" that, would that be like originial * 10^(1-easier)? Or original*10^easier? Maybe even original*easier^10, or original * (easier/10) ...

    Updated 18th December 2014 at 16:05 by Andersenman

  5. Eternal Torment

    It's been 40 millinillion years...of suffering. In case you don't know what a millinillion is, it's a 1 with 3,003 zeros behind it. Yeah. That's how long I've been floating out here. In this void. universe after universe, waiting until they die, falling into their last black holes, which only bring me back to other universes to repeat the cycle.

    It all began in 2016, when scientists on Earth discovered a way to make humans immortal and invincible. some black magic was involved, people ...
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