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  1. Diaries of a Completely Incompetent Rocket Scientist

    by , Yesterday at 17:22 (Bissotwo's Notes, Logs, Prison Rodeos and Space-Related Travesties)
    (I think this should work. I've been trying to figure out how to post to my "blog." Goddamned interplex.)
    I've decided to keep a record of my proceedings and work at Kerbal Space Center (Which will be referred to as KSC from here on out, unless referred to otherwise), and I figured, hey, what the hell, I'll put it up on the forums. To be frank, I know absolutely nothing about rocket science. (I did read The Right Stuff, for what it counts.) I do not profess to know anything about
  2. Economic Fuel to Orbit

    Quote Originally Posted by Wanderfound View Post
    Okay; although the scoring is biased to bulk, I figured I'd have a go just so that the spaceplane crew weren't entirely unrepresented. Flying with FAR, of course.

    [Spoiler: Many piccies]
  3. Making a case for using (seemingly) bonkers resource densities

    tl;dr: the in-game UI shows things in volume, not mass. A great mod would be a in-game UI that lets us pick.

    In my last entry I tried to convince readers that there is a Method and a Logic to the resource densities Squad chose to use. Here, I'm going to take a completely different approach and try to illustrate why, sometimes, a mod maker might want to throw prior work out the window, ignore prior convention, and rework things.

    All of Squad's resources are either solids, ...

    Updated 20th August 2014 at 18:57 by seanth

  4. KMC server and personal life.

    I'm currently hosting a server for the KMC group.
    I am searching for a way to use one ip address or to use a dns server for ip solving.
    Personally i don't have much time to be at the server because of the job i have.

    I'll do what i can to keep the server up and running for others to enjoy.
  5. Munarware 101

    Call it the "Rational Rockets Division", I have OCD and I know how to use it. I have decided for now that I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the MODs, and am going to focus on pushing the limits of I guess what I consider "reasonable looking" stock craft for the forseeable future.

    I have a background in retail and therefore I tend to create in assortments or related lines of hardware that vary in size or purpose but follow a core form factor formula. I am not averse to ...
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