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  1. That one thing, with the people and the thing.

    Didn't I say I was gonna be writing a story or something?
    Oh yeah.
    I did say that, didn't I? Uh. Whoops.

    I can't do dates anymore, I seem to keep not living up to them. So, the next one, yeah. That's a thing. It'll be done when it's done. TM.
    Also, TMOD is postponed until further notice. I'll probably be giving it a revamp some time in the future, making it less, bad.

    And news for that other story.
    I think I look on the bright side too much. ...
  2. Apologies to every person who has been offended by my trollish antics.

    Yes, I have been a "Internet Troll" recently. Relying upon pseudoscientific posts to relieve my stress upon the science forums, deliberately posting offensive comments in order to feel a sensation of superiority, and resorting to terrible sarcasm -which I hated the most- to express feelings of contempt towords other forum members. Indeed, I have done terrible acts that ruined my psyche as well as my reputation.

    Thus, from now on, I will visit The Science Forums -which were ...
  3. Heavy Drekevak Mk XIV-XII

    The new XIV-XII, I've been unable to penetrate it from the top. it just bounces. Is NOT for release anytime soon.

    The worst damage done:

  4. Hello.. I must be going..

    "Hello.. I must be going.." -- Groucho Marx

    This is probably a weird first blog post, but I didn't want to vanish without a trace in light of a number of still-active "Challenges" in the forum.

    It's been a good run playing KSP from 0.19 until now, somewhat obsessively, but it is time to move along. I'll be taking a much needed break from KSP and computer gaming in general.

    Although I'll continue to monitor the challenge posts for ...
  5. FAR/NEAR/DRE/etc Support for KSOS by helldiver.

    FAR/NEAR/DRE/etc Support for KSOS by helldiver. If you use any mod that requires some sort of patch for it to play nice with KSOS please comment on what works for you or even share your own patches. Feedback is required for us to gauge whether to include the patches in the mod proper.

    Current patches I've compiled from the release thread include (let me know if I've missed any):
    [Spoiler: FAR] ...

    Updated 29th October 2014 at 00:06 by FREEMANtsinq

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