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  1. I'm Angry

    Sorry for not posting for so long. School and AssCred2 have gotten the better of me. Speaking of which, I got my fan! YAY!That's the good news. The inevitable bad news is that it doesn't fit. It doesn't fit. >:|I waited so long for that thing and I get gypped. The good news is that if I can get my fan greased, it might work again! Still though, no mission reports for a while.
  2. Project Genesis Civilian/Scientific

    "In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth", now we at Project Genesis strive to explore that Universe.

    Real World Story:
    Project Genesis is a peaceful company. While its founder has based it on Christian beliefs, anyone is permitted to be employed and wont be looked down on. For customers sake we only use stock parts.

    Macey Dean Storyline:
    Project Genesis is a small company ...

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  3. Almost there ...

    ... at home ... on the mun
  4. Focusing on my Fallout Game

    So I've created a lot of stuff it is somewhat secret and the models I post in most forums will be enhanced and re-used or re-cycled... Some photos. Mars sky shader.
    Earth sky shader. That's all