• KSP Weekly October 8

    ......... onmouseover="this.stop(); m_stop=true;" onmouseout="this.start(); m_stop=false;" scrollamount="8" scrolldelay="170" width="800">0.22 Experimentals Start! Release is imminent! || Look at what the devs are up to this week! || A sneak peek at the completed tech tree. || Space Frog Space Program.

    Developer Updates

    • Felipe (Harvester):We’re now in Experimentals! Huzzah! Not sure how to feel about it though, because on one hand, it does means we’ve made some form of progress, on the other, we now have a categorized list of everything we still have left to do, and it’s getting mighty big. In any case, work continues at a frantic pace to get everything lined up and ready to go. This week’s been largely about correcting issues and tweaking the design of the tech tree and the new gameplay aspects. I’ve also fixed a number of other issues which created possible exploits to gain “easy” science. We’re gradually dialing in the way the game lets you earn your science, and it’s been a new and interesting challenge to tackle. I think it’s coming together very nicely though.
    • Rob (N3X15): Debugging issues with the patcher for experimentals. Also working on subpages for Spaceport addons (screenshots, documentation, files, etc).
    • Jim (Romfarer): I’m doing the usual experimental phase stuff. Polish and fixing bugs.
    • Chad(C7): I’ve been working hard on testing and polishing up some areas of 0.22. We’ve started experimentals, which is pretty exciting indeed! It’s been a lot of fun to test the game with all the pieces finally coming together. I’ll be back at the bug fixing this week.
    • Alex (aLeXmOrA): Still working on the CDN implementation for game file downloads.
    • Daniel (DanRosas): Tried to use Irradiance Particles instead of Final Gather in the render. Turned out it was a problem, since Kerbals are low poly, and that got in the way of the way light was calculated in the scene. Right now I’m juggling between renders, light setup and polishing animation.
    • Mike (Mu): I’ve been sick the past week so been enduring and recovering. In other news i’ve been fixing bugs.
    • Ted (Ted): Find all the bugs! We've hit Experimentals this week with the 0.22 update, so it's been very busy here co-ordinating that and ensuring that the Testers have what they need to be breaking features and finding issues. Also had an interview with the Squadcast Team on Friday for KSP-TV, which I really enjoyed.
    • Miguel (Maxmaps): Event planning. DevHR down here in lovely Mexico City on October 18. Afterwards, KSP centric plans with Bob; no we’re still not quite ready to talk to you guys about it.
    • Bob (Calisker): Time to get ready for 0.22 update and all that comes with it. Hoping we have some pretty pictures to share with media, as well as details. Also, planning continues for something I’m not ready to talk about in public yet.

    Through The Telescope

    Remember Harv / HOC Gaming, the guy from the "That's no Mun base?" series? He's back with a whole new series about space tourism in KSP! This time Harv is taking on the challenge of setting up a comfortable habitat in the Jool system for the tourists to enjoy. Will he succeed? Follow his program on the Youtubes!
    YouTube Spotlight

    KSP Mod Spotlight

    Is space just a bit too quiet for your tastes? Do you feel the need to hear the voices of the crew down at Kerbin or just the booping of your command pod's controls as you navigate the vast nothingness of space? That's where Chatterer comes in. This spiffy little addon will add a variety of ambient noises to your missions. The fact that no one can hear you scream shouldn't mean you can't hear yourself screaming.

    Development snapshot of the week

    Editor's Notes

    Experimentals are out! Work continues on 0.22, and we're happy to say you won't have to wait much longer to have it in your hands. KSP Weekly will continue as normal, except for an exciting move in the very near future.

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    Author / Editor: Maxmaps
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    1. TMS's Avatar
      TMS -
      I don't usually get too excited about update releases, but this is looking so tasty!

      PS: you need to sort out your article permissions.
    1. Fulbert's Avatar
      Fulbert -
      That's one lovely tech screen. I really like how the new science system will allow us to relive that space program progress that we've gone through with the development of the game.
    1. satcharna's Avatar
      satcharna -
      That tech tree makes me sad. Manned vehicles before probes? Ladders after nuclear thrusters? Not to mention the poor descriptions. I thought you were moving away from this kind of thing, Squad.
    1. earth's Avatar
      earth -
      i had a hard time accessing the article, but yay for 0.22 in experimentals!
    1. unwisemonk's Avatar
      unwisemonk -
      You might want to fix this article. You have to go to the posters profile in order to get to it because of user permissions.
    1. MasterGir's Avatar
      MasterGir -
      Quote Originally Posted by satcharna View Post
      Manned vehicles before probes? Ladders after nuclear thrusters?
      Yeah, I really don't understand the reasoning behind this. It's easy to swap around, but why is it like that to begin with?
    1. RocketPilot573's Avatar
      RocketPilot573 -
      I like the tech tree! The update is near...
    1. Custard Donut (In Space)'s Avatar
      Custard Donut (In Space) -
      Must have been very hard to decide which part goes where on the chart, thanks guys this coming update looks awesome.
    1. Borklund's Avatar
      Borklund -
      Why isn't Stayputnik available from the start, but the 1-man capsule is? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to progress from an advanced manned space capsule to a small spherical probe.
    1. The Master's Avatar
      The Master -
      The Tech Tree is my new sexual fantasy.
    1. Fulbert's Avatar
      Fulbert -
      Quote Originally Posted by satcharna View Post
      That tech tree makes me sad. Manned vehicles before probes? Ladders after nuclear thrusters? Not to mention the poor descriptions. I thought you were moving away from this kind of thing, Squad.
      Are you sure you're reading the chart right? I'm pretty sure ladders come before nuclear engines. I even counted the necessary steps - 8 for ladders vs 10 for the engines. I mean, that's still a weird ratio, but still.

      Also there's an icon of a plane flying above a cloud. Does this mean clouds are finally in?
    1. Comrade Jenkens's Avatar
      Comrade Jenkens -
      I like how you start with similar pieces to early KSP! gonna have to start using old tricks again!

      And i'd love to know what each of those tech nodes are!!!
    1. earth's Avatar
      earth -
      it's only 6 for ladders.
    1. Roytronix's Avatar
      Roytronix -
      Quote Originally Posted by satcharna View Post
      That tech tree makes me sad. Manned vehicles before probes? Ladders after nuclear thrusters? Not to mention the poor descriptions. I thought you were moving away from this kind of thing, Squad.
      Not quite. Ladders are actually a tier below nuclear thrusters. That said, manned flight does seem to be a tier below probes, and you'll likely develop nuclear thrust before ladders.

      It's great to finally see some form of career mode, but this tree needs some serious tweaking. Other than that, very excited for the new release.

      You can't see the actual costs of these nodes, so it is entirely possible that my argument is useless babble.
    1. RocketYeah's Avatar
      RocketYeah -
      I am excited!
    1. Comrade Jenkens's Avatar
      Comrade Jenkens -
      There is a balloon icon!!!
    1. Wait, Was That Important?'s Avatar
      Wait, Was That Important? -
      This is great, but the link to the Chatterer mod on the Spaceport is broken.
    1. regex's Avatar
      regex -
      No decoupler for the first batch of tech? So that single stack parachute is going to handle the mass of the entire craft coming down? o.O
    1. Woopert's Avatar
      Woopert -
      The game is already so diverse, and with this update the missions in-game will really have a lot more purpose other than the challenge!
    1. satcharna's Avatar
      satcharna -
      Scratch that comment about ladders then, I was looking at something else and I don't see very well.
      Nonetheless, my other views remain. The tech tree as-is is a massive disappointment to me, and I'm desperately hoping Squad at least had the foresight to allow us to edit it, because this thing just doesn't look playable to me. I'd much prefer a logical order over whatever they want us to believe this is.