• KSP Weekly October 15 2013


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    1. kenbobo's Avatar
      kenbobo -
      Oh my god. Oh mah goooood!!!
    1. DoctorCruz's Avatar
      DoctorCruz -
      *drops dead*

      UPDATE: Wait was that a date?!?!?!?
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      Daniel345 -
    1. Procyon's Avatar
      Procyon -
      looks like an announcement
    1. notfruit's Avatar
      notfruit -
      holy ducking mother of chicken shorts! :O
    1. Faark's Avatar
      Faark -
      Do i miss sth or is this weeks KSP Weekly a single vid? Its nice, though!
    1. Spartwo's Avatar
      Spartwo -
      Wait a minute...it is the 16th :O
      EDIT:I know it's the 15th in mexico alright.
    1. rasheed's Avatar
      rasheed -
      wow. just wow O_O
    1. Xellith's Avatar
      Xellith -
    1. Francesco's Avatar
      Francesco -
      Aaaaaand updated launchpad - the transporter tracks have been tapered. Hell yeah!
    1. softweir's Avatar
      softweir -
      Quote Originally Posted by Spartwo View Post
      Wait a minute...it is the 16th :O
      In some parts of the world, yes. Not in the Americas, not for 4 or 5 hours. And that's the stroke of Midnight - no idea when during the day they will post.
    1. Mode7's Avatar
      Mode7 -
      Why do i have to work late tomorrow?!?!?!?!
    1. TheIncredibleDalek's Avatar
      TheIncredibleDalek -
      I now have a potential reason to wake up tomorrow...
    1. Lifeforce87's Avatar
      Lifeforce87 -
      So awesome :O
    1. Bioman222's Avatar
      Bioman222 -
      Well, tomorrow is a day to be remembered.
    1. Snarfield's Avatar
      Snarfield -
      "10.16.2013" wait...is that... is that a RELEASE DATE?!?! :O
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      FellipeC -
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      fatfluffycat -
      Fantastic, too bad I'll be late to home tomorrow
    1. tygoo7's Avatar
      tygoo7 -
    1. kenbobo's Avatar
      kenbobo -
      Tomorrow ur mah gurd!!