• 0.23 Update News


    It’s time to talk about our goals for the next update. As you all know, we’re on a major push to develop Career Mode, but after a release as large as 0.22 was, we needed to have an update to catch up on all the stuff we’ve added, fix bugs and revisit some of the features in the last update. This is all so we can start off the next big thing on Career Mode with a game that’s as stable and polished as we can make it.

    So these are our main goals for 0.23:

    * All-Around Optimizations
    We’re going through each line of game code and making sure things are getting done as efficiently as possible. We’re also optimizing the asset loaders to reduce loading times, and upgrading to the latest version of Unity, to take advantage of all its new tweaks and fixes.

    * The Science Archives
    Collecting scientific data isn’t just about advancing the tech tree. The Science Archives will be a new section on the R&D Facility, which lets you review all the data you’ve accumulated to date. This is your library to view all the knowledge you’ve gathered for Kerbalkind. Also, this overview should help plan future missions.

    * Tweakables
    This long-awaited feature is finally coming with this update. Tweakables will allow you to open a context menu for each part during construction. This allows for unprecedented freedom in design and setup of a spacecraft. Want your wingtip control surfaces to act only as ailerons? Or your landing gear to start deployed or retracted, or to make some of them steerable? Tweakables will allow for all that, plus many other adjustments.

    * Science Revisited
    We too have been playing the newly-implemented Career Mode, and taking in all the feedback from the community. We are changing a few things to make Science much more interesting:
    * The Transmission logic is being redone, so no matter how many batteries you’ve got, you won’t be able to max out a subject by just using antennas.
    * We’re also changing the way experiments allow being reset, so don’t get too attached to those endlessly-repeatable experiments.

    * Science Lab Module
    If getting the data back to the labs is not an option, you’ll now be able to get the lab itself to the data instead. With antennas not able to max out a subject anymore, the Lab Module will allow you to increase the max amount of science you get from transmitting, by giving your crews a way to run tests and analyze the experiment results ‘in the field’, before beaming it back home. Don’t expect this to be a compact piece of equipment though. In fact, not many parts are larger than the Lab at the moment.

    * EVA Data Transport
    With new ways to process experiment data, we’re also going to need new ways to move it around. EVAs will now be able to collect and store not only their own experiments, but also collect data from other modules and data containers, including other Kerbals on EVA.

    * Quite a lot of other stuff
    Overhauled UIs, 3D Mouse Support, Monopropellant-powered EVAs, Steerable landing gear, Secondary propellants for engines, more Biomes, and of course, hunting down some of the most critical long-standing bugs… The list goes on.

    So these are our highlights. As always, these topics are our goals for the next release, and do not imply a commitment on our part to deliver them. If something doesn’t make it in time, we’ll push it back, and conversely, we could even end up adding stuff that’s not on this list, so the bottom line is, we aren’t writing this in stone.

    Stay tuned for more news as we develop them.

    Happy Launchings!

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    1. Fulbert's Avatar
      Fulbert -
      I didn't expect any news on .23 until like a month after the .22 release. What a treat:-)
    1. Reeposter's Avatar
      Reeposter -
      I hope this update will come in the near future
    1. Majiir's Avatar
      Majiir -
      Thanks for the news, Felipe! Could you briefly talk about which of these new features you expect to have modding support?
    1. [ Jeremy ]'s Avatar
      [ Jeremy ] -
      Wait a second, is that a double length Hitchhiker part I see?

      The plan seems good there Harv, definitely looking forward to those tweakables!
    1. XenonSpark's Avatar
      XenonSpark -
      This is fantastic news!
    1. Nemoricus's Avatar
      Nemoricus -
      Will the science labs provide a way to reset an experiment that has been 'used up', as it were? This would provide even more incentive to bring one out on missions.
    1. KatzOhki's Avatar
      KatzOhki -
      I like the looks of the science module. Hopefully it will have an IVA view with some cool science stuff!
    1. Blinkin's Avatar
      Blinkin -
      Ooh that's a quick release of the planed stuff. I love blog posts, I hope you still like to write them.
    1. thenbagis's Avatar
      thenbagis -
      Sounds great! I look forward to playing it.

      May I also suggest a warning on career mode. I'm sure a future update will eventually break a saved career game, so a little warning to new players would help minimize outcry.
    1. BostLabs's Avatar
      BostLabs -
      Very awesome and exciting news!
    1. Mihax209's Avatar
      Mihax209 -
      Thanks Squad! For making such a great game and keeping to improve it ever since.
      This game is not only a bunch of fun, it actually even helped me understand orbital mechanics before we started that subject in physics class, got an A+ for that
    1. Deadpangod3's Avatar
      Deadpangod3 -

      (Ten chars)
    1. deskjetser's Avatar
      deskjetser -
      This is great. Looking forward to steering gear, the aircraft are in need of urgent attention, IMO.
    1. TicTacToe!'s Avatar
      TicTacToe! -
      Have to say just looking at the update list that this is looking to be a fantastic update. Thanks for the update Harv, really eager to see what SQUAD can pull out of the bag.

      However, as far as tweakables are concerned, does this iteration mean we can pick what fuel will go into any tank?
    1. czokletmuss's Avatar
      czokletmuss -
      The next update looks very promising. Although I have one question I just have to ask, HarvesteR - will there be something extra added for Christmas like the last time? You know, something Eeloo-ish :nudge nudge:?
    1. MK3424's Avatar
      MK3424 -
      wow! this is great!
    1. team.leit's Avatar
      team.leit -
      I cannot wait until this update comes out!! However I know that it will be quite a bit though till it comes out On a side-note (or the main part thinking about) Great work Squad, you have inspired me to actually do my schoolwork so that I could understand the math used in the game and eventually being able to teach it to someone else as well
    1. Pulstar's Avatar
      Pulstar -
      With tweakables and the push for more types of propellant I am guessing the LV-N will stop using oxidizer?
    1. polimerjones's Avatar
      polimerjones -
      This stuff sounds amazing!!!!!!!! I was wondering what things you would add to make the game better and I had a hard time coming up with stuff but you guys did it!!! Keep up the amazing work. Cant wait for the next update.
    1. FellipeC's Avatar
      FellipeC -