• Squadcast Interview With HarvesteR

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    Hi, everyone. I'm hoping to get some show notes going for you on this one, but for now, gear up for an interview that's definitely worth 49 minutes of your time. Maxmaps interviewed HarvesteR on the newest Squadcast. He goes in depth about upcoming 0.24 features and beyond. Also, don't forget to stick it out to the end. You may want to find out what #savethemagicboulder is all about.
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    1. rkman's Avatar
      rkman -
      Ow, the NASA mission addon will include larger diameter parts.
      And randomized asteroid orbits (near Kerbin).

      Automatic conic patch display relative to target when focused on target.
    1. astropapi1's Avatar
      astropapi1 -
      Argh, I hate being busy. Me wants to watch dis.

      Is this a thing? I want it to be a thing so badly...
    1. Hyomoto's Avatar
      Hyomoto -
      Well, nothing new to avid readers but its always nice to hear them talk about the game. I'm shocked at the reported size of these new parts, they really jumped the shark with them. If they truly are 5m+, I wonder if they are intending to fill out the ranks between! I think that was the biggest news to me is it seems like we'll be getting the largest addition of new parts that has been seen in quite a while.
    1. Tiberion's Avatar
      Tiberion -
      Wow, if those parts are bigger than 5m.. good luck. I hope the changes to the joints fixes the issue with huge-mass parts and their connections.

      I'd hope they are 5m, if they must be bigger I hope its 6.25m, we need them to progress reasonably from the other sizes.

      For the record, we've had stock-like 5m or 6.25m tanks and engines since Sept. 2011 in a few mods.
    1. jwenting's Avatar
      jwenting -
      " If they truly are 5m+, I wonder if they are intending to fill out the ranks between! "

      yes, would expect 3.75m rather than 5+. And would like to see some .675m tanks and other stuff, right now we have a .675m engine but not much to do with it
    1. astropapi1's Avatar
      astropapi1 -
      Still busy, and it's 2 a.m now.

      Well, I'll watch it tomorrow...
    1. CalculusWarrior's Avatar
      CalculusWarrior -
      My favourite piece of news is the bigger parts, as well as SLS-styled parts! So excited for the release!
    1. Thiel's Avatar
      Thiel -
      If we're getting SLS styled engines, does that mean we'll get clustered engines?
    1. acc's Avatar
      acc -
      please upload on youtube too, twitch lags so much and uses tons of 3rd party script sources
    1. czokletmuss's Avatar
      czokletmuss -
      Can someone write down the highlights of this interview? I don't have time to watch it
    1. Shuttle's Avatar
      Shuttle -
      Quote Originally Posted by czokletmuss View Post
      Can someone write down the highlights of this interview? I don't have time to watch it
      There you go:
    1. czokletmuss's Avatar
      czokletmuss -
      Thank you!
    1. MalfunctionM1Ke's Avatar
      MalfunctionM1Ke -
    1. NoMrBond's Avatar
      NoMrBond -
      Instead of going from 0/1/2 arbitrary class joints to 0/1/2/3 class joints, can we please please please go from 0/1/2 to having #meter size joints allowing smaller or/and bigger joints with complete flexibility?

      The current 0/1/2 just becomes 0.625/1.25/2.5 (m) and any future sizes are automatically supported (up or down) as well as mod choices
    1. Dolkramp's Avatar
      Dolkramp -
      1) Hear that new size tanks/engines roughly equal in capability to Rockomax 6x Asparagus setup
      2) Immediately imagine 6x Asparagus setup with new size
    1. J.Random's Avatar
      J.Random -
      What part size will we get? Come on, it's not a government secret, is it? If it's larger than 5m, then how large is it? 6.25? 7.5? TEN METERS? What about temperature distribution (remember jumbos getting extremely hot when connected to mainsail)?
    1. Spuds's Avatar
      Spuds -
      At 5:58, you can see 2 new engine parts... And they look BIG!

      EDIT: Turns out they were mod parts. SQUAAAAAAAAAAD!
    1. TMS's Avatar
      TMS -
      Video doesn't appear on ipad. What's the video service being used?
    1. Thiel's Avatar
      Thiel -
      Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
      Video doesn't appear on ipad. What's the video service being used?
      Twitch (10 char)
    1. steveman0's Avatar
      steveman0 -
      Wikipedia shows that the NASA SLS platform uses 8.4 m diameter parts for the first stage and 5 m for the second stage so assuming they carry over the scale directly we can look forward to rockets that dwarf even the largest contraptions in the current stock environment.