• 0.24 Update Update


    It's been a while since we had one of these... If you're new to the community, this is just a small update to let you know where we're at with developing the next update.

    So, here's the latest news on update 0.24:

    We've completed the initial features we had lined up, had them QA tested, and even got a few experimental builds up for initial testing and feedback.

    We worked through most bugs. But the overall feedback we got from the exp group was that the update as a whole left them wanting, which was, well, not what we would have liked to hear... but such is the way of things sometimes. This is why we test before doing public releases: Not just to catch bugs and technical issues, but also to get subjective feedback on what we have, and act on it when necessary. This was one case where acting on it was necessary.

    The general consensus was that the Contracts system seems to be working quite well, functionally. But at the moment, the system is just that: Functional. We've built a solid framework, but to make this interesting and release-worthy, we have to populate it with interesting content. We also realized Contracts serve no purpose if there isn't a need for the rewards they offer. That means we still have a few features that need to be added.

    Essentially, we're moving the core essentials of Budgets, which were originally planned for 0.25, up to 0.24. This includes, among other things, the requirement to spend your program's Funds to launch vessels and purchase parts in R&D.

    Naturally, this means we still have some work ahead of us before we can call this update done. I just want to make it clear that we're not as close to release as people normally start to speculate when we announce having reaching experimentals.

    This is why we don't announce release dates in the first place, but we are very much aware that despite that, you guys will guess, pretty accurately sometimes, so we felt it was important to share this news. We don’t want the speculation to lead to overly optimistic expectations about the release date.

    In the (somewhat bent) words of a wise old master:
    Speculation leads to Expectation, Expectation leads to Disappointment, Disappointment leads to Hate, and Hate leads to the Dark Side.

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    1. Spuds's Avatar
      Spuds -
      Great to hear that you've decided to push back release to improve the contracts system. It's better to release a fleshed out system than rush it for the sake of the community, and have the end product turn out badly. Keep up the good work, guys!
    1. OrbitusII's Avatar
      OrbitusII -
      Good on ya, Harv! If you don't feel like the update was going to be satisfactory, it was likely the best decision to push release back until it is satisfactory.

      Looking forward to this update, I'll be excited to buy my planes in career mode.
    1. MK3424's Avatar
      MK3424 -
      Thanks for all the info.
    1. Shiva's Avatar
      Shiva -
      Thank's for the update. I am anxious to get 0.24, but would rather wait a while and get all the parts in play first. Good call.
    1. Jirnsum's Avatar
      Jirnsum -
      Thanks for the update. Wise decision not to push on in light of those comments
    1. TheScareCake!'s Avatar
      TheScareCake! -
      Keep it up, Harv! Also, if you need any suggestions, thats what we are for
    1. Rassa Farlander's Avatar
      Rassa Farlander -
      Thanks for the info Even with the delay, its always good to hear what has been going on. I too would rather have a higher quality product even if I have to wait longer to get it. KSP is worth the wait Im interested to see how the budget system plays out!! Also that picture is awesome LOL
    1. vetruven's Avatar
      vetruven -
      Deep respects... takes much to do stuff like this.
    1. Sudragon's Avatar
      Sudragon -
      As always with KSP, the community will take the Contracts system and add so much content.
    1. Fyzzi's Avatar
      Fyzzi -
      Don't rush guys... happy to hear you want to give us the best experience (as you always did)... thanks for all you're doing... best of luck with the development
    1. The Destroyer's Avatar
      The Destroyer -
      That's fantastic! Budgets! I don't care if it's gonna take longer!
    1. BoZo's Avatar
      BoZo -
      "We also realized Contracts serve no purpose if there isn't a need for the rewards they offer. That means we still have a few features that need to be added."

      How could you not realize this earlier?
    1. Fulbert's Avatar
      Fulbert -
      I'm okay with that! It feels kinda weird to see KSP turn into a proper game rather than a sandbox. I just hope the budget system won't affect the creativity negatively.
    1. Comrade Jenkens's Avatar
      Comrade Jenkens -
      I'm guessing that some of 0.24s features were moved to 0.23.5 which in turn left it a bit bare?
    1. erkle64's Avatar
      erkle64 -
      Hehe, I wasn't going to bother with the 0.24 update because I figured contracts would be pointless without a need for cash. Thank you Squad.
    1. TMS's Avatar
      TMS -
      Correct decision. Isolated subsystems are no fun.
    1. Godot's Avatar
      Godot -
      O.K., understandable reason to postpone the update
    1. Travisfv's Avatar
      Travisfv -
      I'm happy they are pushing the update back. After reading the last dev-notes I was kinda like, "meh". Contracts would be cool, but without budgets it's just someone else telling us what to do.

      And I 100% Agree with Fulbert. It's been wonderful watching the new additions and updates, but this one is really making this game what we would all call a regular game.
    1. gardocki's Avatar
      gardocki -
      Sounds like a good decision to me. I can't wait to see the competition for "cheapest craft to orbit" like we've seen with "smallest craft". Budget will add a fun dimension to the game. In the meantime, I'm gonna go wrangle some more asteroids.
    1. freedomispopular's Avatar
      freedomispopular -
      Not to be critical, but it seems that it would have made more sense to add budgets before contracts?