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Kerbal Space Shuttle Program Continued

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Today i continue my Kerbal Space Shuttle Program, with a brand new developed one for KSP .23, because i have fun to build, fly and show of my winged, asynchronous rockets.

Another good reason to do this today is the watch-at-the-clock-it's-just-a-few-hours-ago-release of the Space Shuttle Engines V1.0 pack, by dtobi, which contains awesome tweakable engines, more awesome smart parts and a new never seen before pre-launch cyro effect. Watch the Demo Video from the author himself, it's amazing beauty.

Back to my shuttle: It's called the KSS Kerkin, named to Commander Kerkin Kerman. He died on a early mission with the Eagle I Prototype Shuttle.

New on this, compared to my old (KSP .22) KSS Nicebear, are a functional body flap and drag chute for landing. And for sure the new tweakable thickness feature and procedural control surface of Procedural Wing 0.7 gives me the abillity to design more precise and beauty wings and even aeorodynamic controls now.

Stop bla bla bla, here the pictures - enjoy!

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and you're welcome for every feedback and so on...

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  1. dtobi's Avatar
    Very nice looking shuttle!!!
  2. BananaDealer's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by dtobi
    Very nice looking shuttle!!!
    I concur. Those cryo effects are sweet, dtobi!
    Also, way to sneak a ninja update on me...
    (The space shuttle engines thread shows the 6th as last update on the thread handle...)
  3. acc's Avatar
    thanks guys

    ninja update haha
  4. SkyHook's Avatar
    Wow, excellent use of PWings on the body flap. Any numbers on the shuttle though? Like max payload or range?
  5. acc's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SkyHook
    Wow, excellent use of PWings on the body flap. Any numbers on the shuttle though? Like max payload or range?
    thanks! - well, i've not tested the max payload capacity yet, but i think the only limit is the size of the cargo bay.

    at the moment i do some detail tweaking and maximizing the structural stability, for a good landing performance on high speeds. as example every main body part is strutet inside the wings to the back side landing gears and the main body parts are hiden strutet together as well, to have high structural integrity to the front gear and as well to the drag chute, mountet on the backside of the onbord tank (hidden between the main engine mounts).

    and range... the test launches i've done was to an 300km orbit. and there was some orbit changes for orbital maneuver system testings, about 600km, guess. but, these testlaunches was without payload and half onboard tank filled: 450 of a 900 LFO tank.

    i just can say it is extremly stable in every state of flight and powerfull. if needed, i can scale up the external tank too and the installed SRBs (thor from kw rocketry) are not my bigest one, so there is a lot space open for balancing with payload and specific mission requirements. i allways build dynamicly and modular, so there are not much limits.
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