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Solar system early development pictures - from after 0.15.2 to just before 0.17

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I recently dug up my old development screenshots folder. I've picked out a selection of them to show off how things progressed over the course of several updates, as the planets were constructed backstage.

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  1. Menecroth's Avatar
    That was very cool. Too bad you had to get rid of that asteroid in Kerbin's orbit as it looks like it'd be interesting to explore. I am, however, really happy with what you guys have done with the planets and moons. Looking forward to whatever else you guys come up with.
  2. zapy97's Avatar
    thats cool
  3. bomb765's Avatar
    I like the crystals. And Harvest's canyon. Can you maybe add Harvest?
  4. nhnifong's Avatar
    Bring back the Crystals!
  5. Crazy Rockiteer's Avatar
    to bad you didn't add those celestial bodies in the game it would be epic if they were
    are these celestial bodies like eves big moon abandon or are they going to be in future updates ?
    Updated 12th October 2012 at 19:07 by Crazy Rockiteer
  6. gmpd2000's Avatar
    BRING BACK CRYSTAL MOON! NOW! Also, Maybe bring back old Jool?
  7. NovaSilisko's Avatar
    Please stop asking for me to "bring back" something, if it ever does happen, it won't be for a very long time.
  8. maple51's Avatar
    I think that asteroid is pretty cool.
  9. ExplosivePowder's Avatar
    thats awesome
  10. whatisthisidonteven's Avatar
    That looks awesome.
  11. AlternNocturn's Avatar
    Whoa! You started working on these before .16 even came out!? That explains why you were able to show them off as soon as 0.16 was announced. Also it's interesting to see that Duna/Egar was originally a moon of Jool/Meander. I got really confused with that screenshot.
  12. Bioman222's Avatar
    It's just like your old "A Kerbal Guide's to our Solar System" thread. Meander, Egar, crystals on Eve's moon, I remember that thread...
  13. szpw's Avatar
    The sixth picture in, with your craft descending on Eve looks awesome. Harvest looks really neat too, I hope we get to see something like that in a future update
  14. Scraggz's Avatar
    It's Joseph "Mk1" Pod!
  15. kevinlacht's Avatar
    Really cool pictures, finally someone that maked a new dev blog post.
    Wow, that you had worked already on the planet since 0.15.2.
  16. Szkeptik's Avatar
    Most planetary surfaces are quite boring compared to those awesome ridges on Harvest.
  17. Luigibro606's Avatar
    I have to agree with some of the others, Harvest looked really kewl. I'd like to hope they'll bring it back.
  18. segaprophet's Avatar
    Harvest and the Crystal Moon both look really cool, I hope they are eventually introduced in future versions.
  19. whatisthisidonteven's Avatar
    What is that "set ship orbit" thing I see in development pictures all the time? It would be extremely useful for testing interplanetary stages without having to get it into orbit first, etc.
  20. simplemunrockets's Avatar
    It's a dev tool. However if you press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-D, you can get an infinite fuel option.
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