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  2. @V8jester my science mech will be little late but for the time being i designed that special project ;D here we go
  3. COOL
  4. If any of you guys(not pointed directly at you) are seriously offended by anything Ive said thats a bid sad considering I was working off of things others suggested and asked for. I am quite aware of that, Ive done it for all of my own mods. I was just pointing out that it would make it easy for MULTIPLE others who have requested it be a feature to utilize and would make the mod more user friendly.... Cockpits, fuselage, fuel tanks, engines that you want for other aircraft sizes, user friendliness, convenience, etc...
  5. The lack of tankbutts would be pretty amazing to have. So many more possibilities!
  6. Thanks for the help! That sounds like just what I need. I'll give it a shot!
  7. Going to visit Laythe in New Horizons Mod. 

    I've already built Laythe land/takeoff SSTO 

  8. Ummm... that sounds similar what DMP does... Are you suggesting something like multiple persistence files, so that, say, if Player 2 wants to go to Duna with 7 and 8, he loads a onto a new save/game instead of launching there and syncing? I'm a little confused
  9. @Nansuchao CKAN updated scatterer (also have SVE installed) and my highly modded install boots up with like 5GB memory usage (usual) and quickstarts into the game to the space center. I was working in windows some minutes and the PC was dying by swapping, looked into the task manager and KSP maxed out at 13GB aviable (of my 16GB system). I don't think this is a situation that is good to experience for a normal user... Also I wonder why scatterer says v275 prerelease instead of like v300. Hmm.
  10. Nothing at all. Part's tag can contain absolutely any strings.
  11. Honestly that's just good advice in general. Don't go. Just.. please don't, it's a horrible place and honestly should NOT be brought up here.
  12. Energia with Buran shuttle standing on the pad
  13. Nebula link in my signature And i'm not sure about a biome hop because i don't have any scan data yet...
  14. Y'all should try it out, it's a riot to fly once you get the hang of it!
  15. Generally, delta-v requirements are the normal ones multiplied by the square root of the scale factor. It's less than that value on landings and ascents though because a greater proportion of your total delta-v to/from orbit is spent in the horizontal direction, so you lose less to gravity.
  16. Indeed, for aurora, it should logically be 1 (i.e. 100% emissive, no diffuse), as aurora particles are not significantly lit by the sun (unlike clouds, which are entirely lit by the sun, hence the default of 0 for minLight.
  17. So im not sure if this is from Kerbalism or SETI UBM (or even stock xd), but I dont know what this "Resource analysis" option does. Any idea?
  18. Ok, I think I have everything worked out now. Between our wacko Houston weather, these promiscuous cedar trees with their lovely pollen that I've never built a resistance to, other first of the year things that had to get done, and the whole messy ball of wax that is the world at the moment it's been tough to find the time and energy to pull all of this together. (A friend of a friend once said writing requires one to have a stable mind; something many are lacking at the moment.) I may have even "lost the story" at one point, and really did need to go back and reread large chunks of it to remind myself where certain threads are going. Hopefully I've got it right in my head and my head screwed on right. I've flown all of the "parallel" missions I need to complete, I've worked out all of the screenshots (though editing them on my Mac has now become needlessly difficult), and I believe I have the prose how I want it. I've had to rethink a few things, and I wasn't happy with how this first part o the next update was structured or presented... so I've now rearranged it a few times. In the end I went with the words I had first written, so.... *cough* Yeah. Expect an update later tonight, probably another mid-week, and two more for the weekend and week after that. Hopefully. After that there's... stuff, and things... and likely a large chunk of prose. Maybe two updates that will only have a single screenshot each, if at all. Following that, well, we'll see. Hopefully at some point I'll be caught up again to where reports are posted within a day or two of the missions being flown. -- In other news: For those that don't know, I try to post the ships I've launched in this save in a public folder on Dropbox. (Here.) So far the only KSP v1.2.2 craft I've added are the four Chromium vehicles (and an unflown, updated Titanium), but more will be added in time. Keep in mind that almost every craft I've launched has used mod parts, and that several of the mods I've used have changed part names (Tantares) or have been long abandoned (in one case since 0.22...). As always there's a modlist in the first post that includes all most of the mods used in older KSP versions, too. If you load a craft and a part is missing ping me with the exact part name and I'll see where it went. That link will only work until March 15th. After that Dropbox is discontinuing Public folders, so I'll need to find another solution. Likely I'll just use a direct link to another location in Dropbox, or perhaps a folder on my webserver. We'll see. Lots of things are going to break this year with Dropbox's changes (us Pro users lose yet more features in September, such as abusing Dropbox as a website), but they all seem to be for the best. Some of my craft are also posted to Kerbal-X. ("Some" meaning "three".) I don't have any of the 1.2.2 craft up there yet, but there's something coming in the next update that I intend to upload. Keep your eyes peeled (not literally, please). -- That's the one. Alt-j adds ∆, which is useful in its own right. Not sure what I was thinking. My MacBook Pro keyboard is a bit weird anyway, as I'm using a JIS layout keyboard (I was experimenting with JIS before I bought this MBP, and after four years I'm still undecided which layout I prefer), but those keybindings are still the same.
  19. True, there is a decent number of people that could learn to accept that their favorite ideas aren't going to make it into KSP.
  20. Holy cow! And what a pleasure to have you back in that saddle! Welcome back. Saw on the blog you've stepped back from squad to make room for life. It must have been a tough decision. Nevertheless, glad we-all in the community don't have to say goodbye altogether to your excellent work and support. Regarding the duplicate checking, something still seems off with v. 2.6.1 (see the images below). No duplicates in the list, but each custom waypoint seems to have a copy of itself behind it. Not sure if contract-generated waypoints are producing the same effect (edit: they are not). The effect is made more obvious in the second image, as the "shadow waypoint" is obscured by the game's UI, while the main one is not. Not a big deal... just triggered my OCD . Thought I'd bring it to your attention.
  21. The 'impact tolerance' handling has been removed; instead adjust the 'maxSpeed' and 'maxLoad' in the KSPWheelBase module. 'maxLoad' is used both for duration loading and absorbing impacts; setting it to a very low value should see the wheels break from low loads and impacts. Multiple meshes are not currently supported (on the TODO list), but as @SpannerMonkey(smce) says, you can make both meshes a child of a single empty transform/object, and put that empty as the 'bustedWheelName' in the config.
  22. Well, extra fuel's always helpful. Do you have enough to travel biomes? Also, what skybox are you using? It's very impressive.
  23. The problem I see there is that you should have four different KSP instances, instead of all those players in one. Player 1 can do his thing, 2 and 3 can be on their own, 4 and 5 off on another server, and none of them bothering 7 and 8. And then implement a cross-server chat system that allows all the players to communicate with each other as they wish. Which they can still do, in single-player mode, with no one to stop them. The nature of KSP makes it somewhat different from other multi-player games. Using them as an example is not entirely feasible. The way I envision any multiplayer version of KSP working would be with small groups (maybe four players at a time), working on a similar things at the same time on the same server. That way, one can be launching a supply ship to a station while another is moving modules around on that station, or some folks can go race airplanes together, or build a Munbase, and there's no reason to fight over timewarp and worry about who is when. I'd love to see this as a possible multi-player mode. However, I'd still like to be able to fly with people in a multiplayer mode, as well.
  24. I'm guessing it's a mistake, but you really mean Enter the Duna SOI on your first point, right? Also, you don't need to orbit Kerbin, you can land directly if your vehicle has heat shields and drogue chutes, just make sure your trajectory isn't a straight down impact. Otherwise, yeah, pretty sure that's it.
  25. Misjudged the delta-v requirements for 3.2x... Also found an annoying bug where the event list gets stuck and cannot be cleared
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