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  2. Actually no. If the traveler was a photon at the speed of light from here to there it would travel an infinite short way in an infinite short time, from it's view. But that does not matter as the space contracts in flight direction and the distance between objects becomes infinitely short, as seen from the photon. On the other hand, in the same manner as the space for the traveler contracts, the time for the outside observer stretches. He would actually measure an infinitely long time for the journey, the universe together with the planet had just gone when the traveler arrives. But luckily we don't have to stress our brains over that because anything that has a mass cannot reach light speed.
  3. Hi to everyone. I have read a couple of last pages, and if i am understand correctly rp0 is currently playable with last RO 1.2 test release. My english is not so good, so i just wanted to clarify this. So simple question: can i play rp0 with prerelease RO version right now, without facing some game breaking troubles? Or should i just get all 1.1.3 versions and don't ask stupid questions? To be honest, last time when i was playing RO-RP0 on 1.1.3 couple of months ago i was very happy with everything, good performance and stability, very few crashes, and i am sure at 90% that 1.1.3 is my choice right now, but since there is a new RO version i must ask before starting long install and cleanup process. Also i see some new faces that working on these amazing mods, so must say big thank to all of you, and of course big thanks to all of "veterans".
  4. Shame on you for not having a avatar that's not a gif
  5. FYI this and Configurable Containers by Allista don't play nice. Problem for me is that I use MKS, and it now apparently depends on Configurable Containers as part of Roverdude's switch over to Ground Construction. Any chance you guys could figure out what is stepping on whom? I'd really like to not be forced to decide between MKS (My career game depends on it) and KSPIE (my favorite sandbox toyset)
  6. We're fine, however we would love suggestions however! That way, not only could you make descriptions but make planets and moons entirely without the modding parts in between!
  7. Yep, for commercial operation with ore, Kerbin is the site and even then ROI is lousy. If you want off-planet challenge, install the latest Pathfinder mod and try to find Aurum. One lode can produce something of order of 30,000,000 funds, but finding it is quite a challenge. Never mind landing it safely at KSC (you really don't want to take the 50% recovery penalty for recovering on the other side of Kerbin!). It has murderous density, not much volume but it's really, really heavy. Or go with Karbonite and Karborundum mods. Karborundum is very valuable but can only be found on Eeloo and Eve.
  8. No, there's no such 'feature' in MJ2. You mean if you're in orbit and decouple something it starts doing that? Then it's time for you to post logs as per the first post.
  9. FYI, appears to be some sort of index conflict going on that is keeping Roverdude's MKS from being available.
  10. The USI Kontainers seem very expensive in terms of mass. The fractions I get are (kit mass / vessel mass) * stock fiel tank: 0.3 * pile of science equipment: 0.75 * USI Kontainer: 0.7 Are they supposed to be that complex to build?
  11. Post in CKAN. I just now looked at CKAN on my comp, and MKS is nowhere to be seen for 1.2+. Seems CKAN has gotten amnesia. EDIT: oops, didn't know there was already a response.
  12. I reported this months ago. Squelch from QA acknowledged that there was something wrong but still did not confirm that it was a bug. Quote "Thanks for reporting this. There is certainly something not right here, and there appears to be log entries that haven't been seen before in any tests, or indeed other reports, so this could well be an edge case. Could you please upload a pre-dock save to aid in debugging what happens with the vessel identifiers? " I gave all the data required. If I load the save in Linux or Windows it is still broken so it isn't OS specific. As the BugTracker is run by QA I have to wonder if the devs are even aware of this bug. I think I have been patient long enough. How about a response from a Dev?
  13. turns out realistically sized falcon 9 can eve from sea level. 18 vectors
  14. You can get to any inclination from the equatorial launch site, just eyeball when you're passing under Ceti's AN or DN and tweak your inclination during the ascent. Dirt cheap to add 8 degrees north when you're using the fins at the back of the rocket and only going a few hundred m/s Using KER's rendezvous panel will really help, since you can keep an eye on the relative inclination without leaving flight view.
  15. Just installed and love this mod! Thankyou
  16. To answer the actual question: The planet would look 80 years older when you arrive. The planet would be 40 years older and stop looking 40 years younger due to distance giving you a total of 80 years.
  17. I think it's a LoadOnDemand conflict with Scatterer. Pinging @Thomas P. because he knows more about OnDemandLoading than I do.
  18. Yes, they had to move it to avoid conflict with the Delta launch on the 8th/9th.
  19. would it be possible to compile a server version which runs on linux ?
  20. Thanks a lot @mikegarrison ! Considering all you said, don't you think it'd be easier to build organ-pipe-like resonators instead of wooden boxes ?
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  22. Until quite recently I don't think I'd sent kerbals to an asteroid. Although I've done it now, and I'm not sure it's considered basic. Actually I think I've covered most of the "basics" of the game by this point, I'm not sure if there's anything particularly simple left for me. Not that I've done everything, just that I'm fairly sure I've done all the things that would be considered trivial (Mun landings, space station building, interplanetary missions, etc).
  23. I am trying to bring back my capsule with two material bays and service bay, but as soon as I go into 60 km I lost control over this thing, it starts to flip and all except capsule burn... Do you know any idea to reentry something more than just a command pod? It is early stage of game, I unlocked just 3rd level of tech tree. My flight is suborbital KSC->north pole.
  24. Latest I'm hearing is NET 12th March for Echostar 23.
  25. thaught so, that's what I read while there was the wrong text written. in other words: I can read typonese
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