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  2. To expand on my previous reply. I took a look at the code and it doesn't compile in 1.3 as stands. I was able to edit it enough to get a basic compile but I haven't done any serious testing (only built a couple of parts in an MKS inflatable workshop) and I don't have a deep understanding of the mod to know where any pitfalls might be. I'm also hesitant to publish the modified code when the original author has been on the forum recently.
  3. Cool. Interesting method of many launches, including one for a separate crew cabin, instead of a grand mothership that drops off a lander (which is personally what I would have done)
  4. That looks great, I need some ships. If you wouldn't mind, could you remove the BDA weapons off it? And what do you mean by it doesn't drive?
  5. @5thHorseman 50 to 60 km is a good altitude for an Eve entry.
  6. So... I have a boat, but it's not stock. I can convert it though. Here's a pic. Its a small cruiser, but it doesn't really... drive.
  7. that's nothing....
  8. Back on topic, another cool feature would be the ability to hide a group of flights, just cause sometimes i don't want 127 commsats cluttering the tracking station.
  9. Does this work in 1.3? I've gone 2 pages back but no info
  10. Ooh! I'll almost definitely be using those, the fighter especially, as its very similar in size and probably capabilities to my carrier fighter. Do you have downloads?
  11. And hot on the heels of today's success, Intelsat 35e and SES 11 both delayed, no new date specified. via
  12. Thanks! I think Patbro's part was the hardest to write - although not as hard as the task he volunteered for. Now, in reply to your wondering...
  13. Finally got a chance to mess around today as well. An ok quick TMK build I can refine upon... with snacks, current support yields about 300 days, but the scale looks good I think.
  14. Well, certainly less convenient (e. g. requiring relays in closer orbit, landing required to transmit science) but still pretty doable to explore most bodies with only a communotron 16 and built-in antenna. In other words: unnecessary but far from impossible.
  15. The canard-delta wing configuration can be found on the Eurofighter Typhoon, as well as many other fighters.
  16. Ok, my fault... But any news onto crashing?
  17. @Just Jim, you hear about this?
  18. How about Funny, It Worked Last Time You'll Thank Me Later (The barge) Size Isn't Everything Someone Else's Problem Fine Until You Came Along (the barge was) Wow that wiki page is a goldmine for barge names.
  19. No worries man. Trying to wait patiently. This has always been one of my favorite mods.
  20. You poor, poor sheltered child. It isn't the prettiest, but it does provide a lot of information. And it's fairly configurable, which is, I feel, important. Though I think it's had some hard updates. With the unification of the resources, the bottom bar became kind of sparse. Definitely needs a UI artist to give it a pass. It is a very good game, though I haven't played enough for it to "click."
  21. I meant, what is being simulated? A launch straight up? With atmosphere?
  22. Hello, can I submit this ( to yout dogfight series?

    I bet you will be surprised!

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  24. So this was announced two months ago, I'm exited to see this back. I'm hoping that it won't be too different, hopefully just better quality animation. What do you think of it coming back? Do you think Nickelodeon will change it much? Are you going to watch it?
  25. It has no cargo and only one crew. It's just a really really big, really draggy plane to carry one Kerbal. I could fix it but it would be redesigning it from the ground up. I mean, I hate to discourage, but this design isn't going to work.
  26. New cab, landing legs (jacks) and landing engines similar to the one in kpbs?
  27. Oooh - there are so many good ones to choose from Only Slightly Bent would be an obvious choice, although Screw Loose (along with a bunch of other stuff I imagine) might work or possibly So Much for Subtlety. Lasting Damage is probably a bit direct. In fact calling it that would have Very Little Gravitas Indeed. I'll stop now - I love Culture ship names though.
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