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  1. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The Viper and the Supernova are both obviously overpowered and comparable to other mods on the banned list. I'm afraid DSEV will have to go there too.
  2. Sorry question-askers, I've been traveling this weekend and haven't had time to respond. Good luck to you all who are preparing your missions! @TheHacker000 Your mission uses several prohibited mods as eloquentJane said. It's cool to do it your own way, but it won't be in the leaderboard. @Galacticvoyager Your rocket looks great. The mammoth engines are fine for the clipping rule, their 3.75m body isn't clipped and it looks like they could be rotated to not clip at all, but you don't have to mess with it. @ProtoJeb21 As rkarmark said, mining and processing on any planet or moon is allowed. You will get the ISRU tag if you mine outside of Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus.
  3. Completed STS-10 with a small manned base and without ISRU. Unfortunately had some aerodynamic instability on the way home and couldn't land back at KSC. It performs very well in the low atmosphere but apparently doesn't have the control authority to reenter well. I'll be moving the wings back and doing more tests before the next mission.
  4. It's been great running the challenge and still seeing continuing interest and new entries all the time. Thanks for your continuing support! @HarrySeaward Congratulations, you have completed the Jool 5 Challenge on Level 1! Sorry it took so long to review, I had to find time to watch your 2.5 hours of video. Your plane was impressive and compact, and I liked the minimalist rover integrated into your Tylo lander. It must have taken a lot of dedication to complete all of the long drives. I have to ask, though, is there a reason for using parachutes rather than horizontal landing? Does the plane not have enough lift from its wings?
  5. I meant a literal propeller engine, like on an RC plane or helicopter. The engine in the article you linked uses trace gases from the atmosphere that extend up to low orbit (in real life but not in KSP). You still wouldn't be able to use it in interplanetary space. Yes, I did mean reactionless, but propellantless is a less ambiguous descriptor in terms of KSP game rules. A solar sail is propellantless, but not reactionless. I know there have been some solar sail mods in KSP, and those are banned too under that rule.
  6. This rule is meant to allow "propellantless" engines that only work in atmosphere, such as electric propellers and nuclear thermal turbojets. Those are based on real physics and technology because they use atmospheric gases as their reaction mass. For this challenge, they can only be used on Laythe or in Jool's atmosphere if you wanted to go there, but to get back to orbit you would still need a regular rocket engine. An engine that can produce thrust in space with no propellant breaks the laws of physics (at least as far as we know) and is banned because it makes the challenge too easy. Edit: in previous versions of KSP, I had a rule that any mod was banned unless you asked first. I took that rule out because it became cumbersome to handle all the requests and the vast majority of mods are not overpowered. But, if you go looking for loopholes I will have to add those mods to the banned list.
  7. Yes, it is allowed and it would count as modded. I've never heard of Solaris Hypernautics before but now seeing it, it will have to be banned. It's significantly more powerful than, say, Atomic Age or Kerbal Atomics, both on the banned list already. Not to mention the Cannae drives... That's my bad, though, not yours. However, given the large number of missing screenshots this attempt is not going to qualify. Next time, include some pictures of reentry on Laythe and Kerbin, and during landing and takeoff everywhere. Try to keep more of the shots in the light if you can. Nice illustration of your Pol landing. I would consider this an SSTA (single stage to anywhere) because of the ISRU. It doesn't have to be a spaceplane.
  8. Oh, cool. I like the redesign with the four nukes. It should do very well on the Mun and Duna. The top tank uses a clipped decoupler and the fairing's longer attachment nodes to float it in front of the nose.
  9. That looks really familiar... Looks like a slightly scaled-down version of this with some extra bits and bobs on it. I did put it up for download on KerbalX but if you downloaded and modified it, it would be cool to at least tell me. Otherwise it's a really weird coincidence that so many of the small details are the same. If this is an original design, sorry to sound like I'm accusing you of plagiarism and good luck with the challenges.
  10. I've never visited an asteroid in career mode. The two times I've captured an asteroid were both for "land an asteroid" challenges. Also, I've never used ISRU outside Kerbin SOI. I do have an SSTA mission going on though, which will soon land and mine at Jool's moons.
  11. Finished STS-9! My shuttle is a spiritual successor to my old shuttle from the previous challenge, but designed from the ground up. It keeps the nose-mounted external tank, but its new double wing shape allows the addition of two SRBs made up of 5 Kickbacks each. There are now only 3 Vectors instead of 6. Today I learned that asteroids decide on their size when you first see them, because it was 28 tons before, on the first failed mission. The payload was a nose adapter with drills and a claw, and an ISRU unit, 2 radiators, and an ore tank. There was another claw pointing up from the cargo bay, so the asteroid could ride above the shuttle on reentry. Unfortunately, it was unstable and couldn't glide all the way to KSC. The asteroid was 7.8 tons, but I converted a small amount of its ore to oxidizer and it was 7.1 tons on landing.
  12. There aren't enough grand tours out there for the name "yet another". It looks like you have a good plan and doing it in career mode will be that much more rewarding. Good luck!
  13. Guess what I have! An awesome new shuttle, an STS-9 mission plan, and a class B asteroid! Guess what I don't have... *facepalm* Anyway, glad to be back with the Shuttle Challenge. I got to STS-8 on the Shuttle Challenge V3, so I'm very happy to try out the exciting later missions. More pictures will be coming once I sort this out.
  14. Anything that's docked to your ship when it flies to Jool is part of your ship, so yours is fine. The rule is about a refueler that flies to Jool separately. Like Physics Student, you could maybe dock fuel tanks or a mining lander to your main ship for the journey? You can even take fuel tanks, drop them somewhere in the Jool system, then go back to them to refuel. Or use gravity assists to save some fuel, if you weren't already planning to. There are lots of possibilities to make your design work.
  15. Okay, I looked at that rule again and I decided I want to keep it as it is. You can't have both. If your ship carries an ISRU unit but doesn't use it (make sure to document this really well) then you are allowed the refueling mission.