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  1. May be this robot's purpose is not to secure landed rocket stage, but to catch and secure stage landing without legs? Remember Mars Colonial Transporter presentation ... I doubt this robot can fit between legs of already landed rocket and also under the engines.
  2. Could not find any warnings, except note, that new model will be longer. May be it means, that it would clip, may be not. I just reverted to older version. For me, part is just a box with functions. Clipping may cause problems, not so shiny model is not. Also, I'm not inclined to retire my ships because of new part model, without any significant benefits. They are pretty big, expensive, and difficult to assemble - I docked big modules with less then 0.5 degree of angular error. Also, I accumulated big pool of experience of their efficient exploitation. Compatibility is way more important for me then looks.
  3. @Nertea Power level slider for VASIMRs is now inverted? P.S. VW-10K model is clipped into parent part in the existing designs.
  4. One thing: the spacesuits! I never seen that movie before, but... I was thinking, how I'd design a spacesuit and spacesuits in this 50s animation are almost the same! With 2 small differences: 1) They planned to use limited RCS, and I was thinking about a small robot hand at the bottom that can semi-automatically recognize and grab railings, use rollers to rotate the spacesuit along all axes and same rollers to drive along the railings. 2) They planned 6-8 similar human controlled hands around the suit, and I was thinking that it needs 4 computer-assisted hands: 2 with high strength and 2 for precise operations. They need to be controlled by repeater controllers like those in high-radiation labs, but with computer assists, like : "hold steady from here" It have advantage of having much simpler pressure vessel and also no rigidity problems, so it can have 1 ATM pressure at all times. But ... what stops us from moving astronaut form suit to station and converting suit into remote controlled robot? It will be even simpler without life support ...
  5. KOS is kinda painful subject to me, because this lazy one never summoned enough will and strength to learn how to use it. Cats ...
  6. Capacitors are VERY useful. You need battery buffer as large as largest capacitor, and you need to manually discharge them one by one, but as emergency power source they are indispensable.
  7. @Nertea Mk4-1 IVA: At top row of seats in front of top hatch: Click-on-Window views not only upside down, but also inside-out : they show INTERNALS of cabin instead of outside view. P.S. And while Nertia is in good mood: Lack of RPM screens makes cabin look like a early engineering prototype, not a functioning article.
  8. You might want VASIMR to be quad-nozzle, because you can build it with anti-symmetric, and it will make their magnetic fields outside the engine core to neutralize each other instead of negatively affecting the plasma exhaust.
  9. I missed something? IR works well for 1.2.2, except one legacy part (tall hinge) is flipped in flight scene while ok in editor.
  10. What is UTC / rfc-2822 date/time of promised announcement? PST->UTC converters give contradicting results, "tomorrow" is also non-ISO date...
  11. I never built a crewed stationary bases. All crew activities outside Kerbin are either lander or rover. I have IRSU landers here and there, but they are not considered as bases. Only vessels designated as Base are RT relay station with huge rotating dish I dragged by helicopter to the top of the mountain and few small relay stations. Small stations were supposed to provide close range comms for landing planes and shuttles, but they silently died out in my space program.
  12. Crash a lot of ships in some general area, then assemble a base with KIS/KAS using whatever parts survived.
  13. I checked his last visit - November 2016 - but now I see post - how? Edited DB ?
  14. Blizzy was not seen since last November, so this mod is probably abandoned... That's shame, great mod. Only serious bug it have is "Clicks activate things under mod's window", but now no one can fix it...