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  1. The Rage Runner is an Offshore Oilfield Transportation Vessel AKA a Crewboat. This craft build would need so much more detail to be an actual replica of a crewboat. This is similar to one I operated when working as a Captain Offshore during the 80's & 90's, it was named the Mr. Blake. You can see it here with details and here is a Video of other Vessels for the same company as the Mr. Blake. The name Rage Runner got it's name from the often times I was unhappy about how Companies handle their business with these Vessels, including Coast Guard Regulations. More here
  2. Battle Axe Update 4.29.17 Testing Weapons, with a name like Battle Axe I should have weapons! I am using an old technique that I once saw @Cupcake... use on an old VTOL craft he built which was some amazing craft and video. Not sure who came up with these little rockets (Speratrons) attached to a Coupling but they work very nice, I used them once on my F14 named Rapid Fire and now on this craft. Warning! (This Animation is a little jerky and could cause nausea)
  3. thank you for the nice comment!
  4. The Cantilever Bridge Project (Land Based) This will be a new beginning for the Cantilever Bridge, the first project was planned to cross water and this is not working with the physics of the game for this type structure. The new location will be here in the picture below. The project will be much the same, a construction on sight with updates of progress, fall backs, mishaps and even throw in the towel!..... Ok there will not be any towel throwing we will deliver some kind of Bridge when it's all said and done. My joint project partner @klond wasn't in the action until recently when I needed some Equipment for this Mega Structure, I needed a Crane or Lifting Unit and his Elevator seem to be the tool of choice. The Elevator was working great but it needed a braking system to hold the Lift in place, I tried a few ideas and nothing was working so I went to the OEM and sure enough Klond Technologies Group came through! Ok that's just something I came up with and thought it suits him (Klond Technologies Group) hope he don't mind me throwing that out there . Plan B is to jump over the Administration Building, this could have been done a few ways that could have been much easier but wheres the fun in that? The pictures will show where we are in the project thus far. First Assembly, the Bridge Entrance (Hey it needs to look good at night too!) Next Assembly, measure the height needed to be reached Next Assembly, the Center Section and how to get it on top of the Building Rocketry of course! Nothing like a VTOL Bridge (Man that smoke is looking better everyday!!) Ok that's becoming too much clutter on the thread, see the rest here
  5. Could I possibly trouble you for some advice on which video capture and editing software you use?  I don't wish to buy anything, I use stuff like GIMP and Blender freeware...  but I don't have anything for capturing and editing videos and/or animated gifs?

    1. Castille7


      Not a problem, I will pm this to you this evening!

  6. Seahorse Update 4.26.17 Seahorse has been long over due for release as are a few of my craft because some Bridge building that was not working for me. I was hoping to reach an Island with a Bridge and this took Months to realize it's not going to be happening in KSP yet.......I hope! I intended to release a few Water Craft with the completion of the Camelback Bridge but the Bridge never was completed over water. Hopefully one day these type Bridges can be built with stock parts and reduced physics damage. Seahorse will be released as Seahorse Exploration, it will have these two ROV's as part of the craft, I will also release them separately for those who prefer small craft. Watson Sherlock will have a more useful forward view, here is an underwater view Flying is ok and considering landing gear at the moment
  7. Refueling Omega 7
  8. At the moment I am working on the completion of Seahorse which will be released as Seahorse Exploration, it will sport two ROV's. Also planning to finish the Cantilever Bridge which will be another land base Bridge. As you know I often began other little projects between larger projects and the latest small craft I am working on are the Mini SR-71 and now this one. Battle Axe Verticle Test Flight with 10 Juno Engines
  9. Very nice work and craft design!
  10. I think you can get the gist of it from this pic....
  11. I had a look at it and I would suggest making the hitch with the ability to decouple and drop them as separate pieces. I can show you an idea on how to do that if you decide to give that a try. btw I like how well the Cargo Plane handles, glad I took it for a spin it was fun!
  12. I would call that Raptor done! trying to get it any better to me is entirely too critical, looks great!
  13. Thank you MJ, I am not sure of the details of my framerate but it's not as bad as it use to be before this version. 1.2.2 has been impressive with framerate.
  14. Omega 7 Phase II I just woke my majestic beast Omega 7 I've never really did anything with it because it had so many parts and it was lagging the game. Now with this latest version the lagging isn't bad and I've also reduced its parts after I achieved Orbit. I released half of the fuel tanks and engines and also half of the Nerv Engines (Atomic Motors). Starting to refuel it and not sure where to go with it. This one is going to be a long term project, plans are to touch on this once in a while during other projects. Best title I could think of sense the craft has already been released. SpaceTech Docking With Omega 7 to began refueling