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  1. Nice SR-71, there are lots of the same Aircraft on the forum but it's always nice to see someone else's ideas too.
  2. Thanks man, this should be very helpful!!
  3. I like these ideas, I did start with the struts first and will continue and I have to agree starting from scratch would be harder.
  4. Here's an awesome KSP picture
  5. Just came across a cool one like this! It's a really old project that I was struggling with ......and still gonna need more Rocket power to Orbit this one.
  6. Kerbal Submarine Update 06.20.17 Learning something new everyday! I have some projects sitting on the back burner and do a little work on them from time to time, for some craft this is okay no matter if you drag it into the next version, aaaaaannnd for some this is not okay . Now I am stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one. I am returning to this project that I started in a previous version of KSP to find this, an explodie craft that's not an easy fix. Some of us use Auto Strut but I am an all stock all default kinda guy, reason being I think most players that are downloading my craft are most likely new to KSP and won't consider the settings to keep a craft from destruction. Back to the rock and a hard place, do I want to rebuild this Sub for this version and all the hours of work involved or spend a few hours fixing this one?
  7. Tried to land on the Diving Vessel but the Kraken would not allow it!
  8. Omega 7 Phase III This project is Phasing into Phase III, the Station now has about 104,000 LF and Ox is about 57,000. This was accomplished with some help from fellow players joining in the fun. Mr. @Thor Wotansen with the Borr that can be seen here. Mr. PointySideUp @PointySideUp with the SSTO Tanker, see it here, and Mr. @Scarecrow with his Triumvirate Class LKO Refueler, see it here. Also I would like to thank them once again for joining in and helping. The plan for Phase III of the Project will be to Dock a select few craft that will tag along for this journey, I first requested a Shuttle Craft from Thor Wotansen and once again he was able to deliver another wonderful craft named Baldr, The craft design was requested for fueling the Station with Ore while in Orbit at a Mun or Planet, see it here This was the first craft chosen to go on the Mission, second will my craft named OS Recovery see it below. Not sure where or how far we will get when it comes to space travel, and as we know things don't always go as planned, let's keep that in mind After all craft are chosen we will began our interplanetary journey giving updates when there is enough to announce. Omega 7 Fueled ......enough? Refueling Craft Craft going on the Mission (More to be added)
  9. What I mean is when the first picture is uploaded the frame's default size might be 350 width and 40 height and my picture could be 400 x 600 so I am grabbing the corner of the frame to size 400 x 600 to fit my picture rather than the default frame size already being set at 400 x 600. The pictures and video does not have to go full width of the table, a little border looks nice to.
  10. Jack up and lower it sounds like a good idea, this could be an idea to try, thank you I will consider it. *cough mods makes things easy, I do things because they are hard, fun and challenging cough* John F. Kennedy — 'We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. Sarcasm can be funny too
  11. The Cantilever Bridge Project(Land Based) Update 06.12.17 The last attempts at Bridge building have been much the same VERY CHALLENGING! All the complications are all in the fun, I will explain what's been going on lately in the captions. This is the most accomplishment we've gotten so far, although these are not connected (We..... as in help from my construction partner Klond) While building Bridges on the water I was using Thud Engines on watercraft for control and noticed if I got close to an object it was heating it up fairly quick and destroying the item. This gave me an idea, after placing the center of the Bridge on the Building I was planning to connect each end leaving and leave the legs but it would look so cool if the Center Section of the Bridge were suspended. So now we have legs without a way to decouple them and I really did not want to make this change because the Bridge placement was so difficult. This is where my idea comes in play, I asked Klond if he could make something that we could use to burn the legs off using Thud Engines and I had no doubt he could come up with something to make this happen. With directions on how to use this suffocated machine I was able to test it and burn off one leg. This Animation shows his Plasma Torch in action, at first I wasn't positioned correctly but after adjusting the Boom it worked swiftly. (Bam! works beautifully) See more update here The next game plan we talked about is building the Bridge and sliding it over the Building, this could be the best way to accomplish this task. More to come at a later date.
  12. I like it, a sleek design has a very nice look..........I think The Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation would approve!
  13. I apologize, this is comments that you made and other made on your own craft. Maybe give us a brief description of the craft and about when it was posted and we can try and help you find it
  14. SSTO - Galaxy Cruiser I will be the first to tell you I am not an Ace when it comes to the TWR Factor..... I am starting with two Vectors just for testing the structure and I see the fuselage is splitting in the center, after the first test flight both fuselage were kicking like swimming legs so I added struts on the stern thinking that would be efficient and now we see that it will require a few more struts to make it a solid craft. I plan to build some custom engine packages so the craft can officially be an SSTO because at the moment we have not yet achieved Orbit. Plan B will be to add drills and storage to refuel at a near by Mun like Minmus maybe? In Flight Now 06.10.17 / 8:25 AM Central