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  1. Just thought about this, what if we had this option added to the SPH?
  2. Well that's some good Kerbin Equinox 101 right there! Thank you for sharing that, now we have a place for others to find this information if they are interested.
  3. I just noticed something today, Kerbin's Equinox is in the same timing as ours on Earth! Not sure how many of us took notice? Another on of those Squad details I guess..... Just thought others would find this pretty cool (Speaking of default setting when entering KSP)
  4. Nice looking craft! can you tell me which mod gives that hangar? I like that clean open look...
  5. I've had a Roller Coaster in the works for a while and it's still on the back burner!
  6. Yes, Kerbin is more than just a Launch Pad!
  7. Thank you Vanamonde! I once completed one of the Elcano Challenges and it made me realized how much work was put into creating Kerbin, also the size and the beautiful scenery. I encourage others to take on this challenge not to win or fail but to enjoy the journey, Kerbin has a lot to see!
  8. Yes me too!
  9. Thank you Azimech!
  10. "Beautiful Places on Kerbin" I'm not sure if there is one place that you can find pictures of all the Beautiful places on Kerbin, so I decided to start this Thread for that reason. If you could please join me and add one of the beautiful places you've been and how to get there, if you don't remember how to get there don't bother with it but show the picture for all of us to enjoy. I found this place almost straight off the Runway at about 130 degree heading, look for the snowy Mountains after a long period of flight over the water.
  11. That's a lot of impressive work on the craft and video, love that shot of the DC-8
  12. Caught this Sunset shot gleaming through my Bridge during a project
  13. The Camelback Bridge Project Update: 03.16.17 Well now we are back at it again, I do love this bridge building stuff so the work continues. My hopes are this bridge will hold up to the reentry from a saved game, we'll see! if not it's all a bunch of fun and learning at the same time. Right now I am towing 9 sections of Bridge with the Ship Seahorse, it's making about 18 m/s, in the real world this wouldn't be bad for this amount of load being in tow. The reason for the towing, I had some twisting when pushing more than about 5 sections of Bridge from what I remember. Also I lost some previous game saves so we are back en-route with some time saving......I think. My first mission was to design a towing system of some kind, you will see this in a future video, this worked out well after a few tweaks, the first trip I found the tow bars were too low. During this towing process it was like cat and mouse trying to connect the two long sections of Bridge together so I used my new helpful Craft Versatile. I was planning to use this Craft just to help lineup the two long sections of Bridge.....yea right! The sections were not lining up, for some reason (Maybe when I hit the two sections together kinda hard....) I lost a docking port and the couplers were not even. Now another fun hurdle to jump. I needed a way to lift the Bridge section slightly so the sections would connect. First time was a charm, I designed a jack on the bow of the craft to lift the section and whoa la! it worked, something is going right.... Well it was, just now while making this post something strange was going on, I was about to hit land so I started changing course and when I hit AG3 I must have tapped AG2 at the same time, AG2 is reverse!! so my tow and ship were jack knifed just now!! Someone give me a break will ya!. Well sorry for so much filling in on the project, I am guessing some of you are ok with it? Here are some recent photos for this update. Looks pretty cool with the smoke stacks blowing
  14. Maybe if I look at it again tomorrow then I will believe what I am seeing .....Amazing!