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  1. I believe Raidernick is maintaining FASA now.
  2. Which spreadsheet of mods did you use?
  3. I've tried to call out the upgrade node in a config file. Like with mechjeb. If I remember correctly, we weren't 100% successful.
  4. Yeah. I dug through the docs and finally found it.
  5. Do you have to manually install each of these config file packages when you use the mod or are they all already incorporated somehow:
  6. Ah, you have to have a file in the boot directory before the line shows up.
  7. What exactly do you mean @danielboro? How do you assign it in the VAB? Do you have a link to the docs?
  8. That's a good idea. Have complimentary mods for the VAB and kOS. Extensive Engineering Report would be a good start. Is there a way to have your kOS script start automatically when the ship loads?
  9. Is it possible to have kOS do a pre-launch check of all your stages? During Pre-Launch it would do things like: check all your engines to verify they have (the right) fuel. check all your engines to verify that a 'stage' event will actually decouple and start the engine. do a cursory check of your staging to verify you don't decouple un-ignited engines. check your crewed vessels have parachutes. check for antennas. check for launch clamps... (RO) check your crew has supplies. check your vessel for adequate electricity and on and on... checking the items you are most likely to forget or mess up.
  10. Switching over is tricky. I had another modder use RegEx to convert it from stock format to Yonge. After that, it was easy.
  11. The reason I switched to Yonge tech tree editor is because of the graphical interface that : 1. shows you what is not in a tech tree node. 2. lets you move node placement and links with the mouse. 3. lets you move parts from one node to another with the mouse, usually just a few clicks. It made things a lot easier for me personally, than editing the cfg file by hand. The main drawback of using Yonge is when KSP updates to a new version (1.2.X to 1.3.X), you have to wait for Yonge or myself to recompile the mod.
  12. @sarbian, This is another great idea! I really hope you can get it working the way you want it to. I am sure a lot of people could take advantage of it.
  13. I keep getting a "power starved" condition after a few minutes of flight even though I have loads of ec and I am connected to the KSC. Is this a common problem?
  14. Wow! This looks great! Can't wait to try it out.
  15. Very nice! Congratulations!