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  1. Great @pap1723! Can't wait to try it out
  2. Its the UI Scale Slider that is causing the problem. I have it set to 150%, when I switch it back to 100% in settings, Astrogator shows back up. The higher I raise it moves the Astrogator window to the left until it is off screen.
  3. Your GameData/Astrogator/Astrogator.settings file when it's been happening to you - Ah, I think you may be on to something... MainWindowVisible = False MainWindowPosition = 0.597851932,-0.653124988 ShowSettings = False Full screen or windowed - BORDERLESS WINDOW Screen resolution if full screen - 4K, 3840 x 2160 Window size if windowed - FULL SCREEN SIZE UI scale settings - 150% (WINDOWS 10 SETTING IS 125%) Which operating system you have - WINDOWS 10 Version numbers for Astrogator and KSP - V0.6.2 & 1.2.2 If nothing stands out there, I will send you my mod list next. BTW, I changed the MainWindowPosition to 0,0 and it changed it back to -0.25,-0.5. Still no visible window.
  4. @HebaruSan, I am having the same problem with the mod working for a little while and then putting itself off the screen. I have a feeling it may be a conflict between mods. Would you like me to give you a list of the mods I have installed? Just let me know how I can help. Awesome mod BTW!
  5. These parts? I'm going to try to make tomorrow an ETT update day. That's if I don't get too many honeydo's.
  6. Also kRPC that lets you program in your favorite language:
  7. Hmmm... it used to work with CTT installed. Something must have changed. Next upload to CKAN I will make an exclusion for CTT and mention this in the OP. The funny thing is I originally built the tree for personal use with KSPI-E. Thank you @Minwaabi for investigating this problem.
  8. @magico13, In a default install, is there any way to turn off the "Science per Day" feature? Or maybe zero it out.
  9. @magico13, Is there a way to automatically apply the Scrap Yard parts instead of having to press the button?
  10. @DECQ, Do you happen to have a link to download that beautiful launch tower?
  11. Thanks for keeping this updated @Starwaster
  12. This is a great idea! I am so glad you made it. Good job! This will go great with my RO campaign. Thanks
  13. Do you have links to the part packs @linuxgurugamer? I'll add them this weekend.