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  1. You are right @Jas0n, but my laptop went out and all I have as a mobile device is a nice Razer windows pad. So until my laptop is fixed, my options are limited.
  2. Well, that looks right to me. You could always try: SET SHIP:CONTROL:PILOTMAINTHROTTLE TO 0. I have a similar setup as yours and mine seems to work.
  3. Is anyone interested in making a touchscreen interface for KSP? Or maybe reviving @Diazo's mod :cough: @linuxgurugamer :cough:
  4. Does anyone know if a touchscreen mod/capability is possible in 1.3?
  5. A workaround for this mechjeb issue is to add an extra decoupler between the troublesome upper stage and the lower stage.
  6. Updated to 1.3, Thanks @linuxgurugamer! Added ModPods, EVA Parachutes & Ejection Seats, SETI Probe Parts. Adjusted some part placements. Added a "Radial Engines" Node. Cleaned up the fuels/conversion/drills branch.
  7. I've just upgraded my 1.2.2 game to 1.3. I have had no problems. @Slaver0110, do you have another tree loaded? Anyway, I will see if I can get it officially updated to 1.3 on the 4th.
  8. That was it @stibbons. Looked through the settings file before I posted this but missed the MODIFIER_KEY entry. Thanks. Thanks to you @Gordon Fecyk for responding also.
  9. Just started 1.3 up from my Steam install (Windows 10). The Alt-F12 debug menu won't open and I can't get into physics warp (Alt-, or Alt-.) however Alt-F4 still closes the program. Any ideas what might be causing this? My 1.2.2 version is working just fine. Thanks!
  10. Nope. I looked at both the FPS and the top memory number. If it got out of hand, I knew it was time for a reboot.
  11. I love this mod @Ippo. Can you or maybe @linuxgurugamer give it a quick recompile?
  12. @sarbian, Is this mod needed with 1.3 or have the memory issues been much improved? I am still using 1.2.2.