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  1. The problem is just that some of my constructions start with something at 2 to 2.7 as TWR. Hmm so then the answer is, just get your rocket correct^^ Thanks for reply.
  2. @AndyMt Would it be possible to include somekind of TWR limiter like in ConstantTWR? Both mods are incompatibel with each other, but GravityTurn is pushing at start with maximum thrust which is not always the best in my eyes.
  3. Sadly it is then middle of the night in europe.
  4. Which timezone are you streaming? KSPI is using the lgihtbulb also, but I do not know if they have the root model for modification.
  5. Looks like I have mistaken him with someone else, sad.
  6. Porkjet is still sometimes around here, did you ask? I loved the lightbulb^^
  7. That sounds really nice. Does that include updating the parts with particle emitters, emissive textures and all the new features since 1.0.5?
  8. @Red Iron Crown Could you tell how you edited the embeds in @Dr. Jet thread, because I got just the very same problem but using IE11. Better tell us how to do it than making it youself, so we can deal with it.
  9. You can fork and recompile it simply against 1.2.2 it does look like not much changed for welding in the two versions.
  10. Update to UbioWeld Continued 2.5.1 Recompiled for KSP 1.3.0 Fixed empty WeldedMeshSwitch slots Download version 2.5.1 for KSP 1.3.0
  11. Could you add some fields to enter the values by keyboard, the sliders are not exaclty accurate.
  12. the contracts app, is havinga null pointer exception. But about welding there is no Report in that log.
  13. Thanks but that is not one where a Crash happend due to the welding. But I saw that your contractsapp mod seems to have a Problem.
  14. Just the main ksp Folder.