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  1. Tested this out the other day. Lovely mod and fits perfectly with the stock-a-like design. Would like to see some bigger wheels that would extend dark out from the Base for extra stability in low g.
  2. Right @Nertea I have been trying to figure out how you built the back end of that craft in the OP.... i am lost. It looks so cool!
  3. Thanks for the continued support on your mods NB, they really are a must for me.
  4. Can't wait to try this out when I get some time again.
  5. Thank for your continued time and effort.
  6. Completely rebuilt the game with a fresh stock file and it works fine. Very weird...
  7. If i tab out the frame rate goes up but when i go back, its back to 25 fps.
  8. Not sure where to put this but I have just updated a bunch of mods... and the debug is showing a constant 25 fps, naturally i thought this may be the cause as it is a graphics intensive mod (although i am running an oc'd 1070 with 16gb ram and an i5 k cpu).... it is very weird... anyone come across this? Just asking before i start the process of finding the cause. Thanks. Mod list;
  9. I am fairly certain the landing used to be a seperate download... can't seem to find it. Help pls! Thanks.
  10. Pretty PLEASE? If anyone else has any snippets of information I have missed please fill me in.
  11. Seeing as all the parts where meant to be getting redone and PJ didn't get the chance to, do the new parts blend well in with the old ones? Could we maybe stitch together this and VSR to make a complete package? Just thinking out loud here.