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  1. Even if ksp escapes uncathed this sets a bad president for the "franchise" TT wants to establish. This behavior should be nipped in the bud now and a loud irrational negative stink is how krud gets done in the wider gaming world. Nows the time to panic everyone make noise its a two way street either squads with modding in this and will publicly state to that effect against TT or they are against it and will sell us out at the next opportunity.
  2. No need to get defensive just making sure the potential ramifications of what you were asking were understood. To keep the exact same old models but replace textures would basically get you something on par with the kerbal renaissance pack extra ram requirements and all.
  3. Sadly 3d art doesn't work like this if a texture is "don't-call-them-placeholders" quality then the model and most importantly the UV map(the bit that says which swath of texture goes on which facet of polygon in a model) will be about the same meaning flaws like inconsistent texel densities and inefficient layouts will still exist not to mention some parts are missing vital normal and specular maps which necessitate re-exporting the models through unity to enable the needed shaders. Basically with all the effort it would take to shoe horn a better quality texture into a "don't-call-them-placeholders" quality part in a way that is consistent with the peak quality parts in stock you'd be better off just modeling from scratch (to fit the existing collider so that there are no vessel loading issues of course).
  4. Untrue just because you don't care about art doesn't mean people who do are "unreasonable" Hey three weeks without an art complaint is a new record (thought to be fair one of those weeks had no art) And you can voice your disagreement by stating your opinion not by attacking others. Attacks like this coming from a moderator reflect poorly on the rest of the mod team. Not in my eyes of course cause I've been around long enough to only see you as the problem, but in the eyes of a newer users that are unfamiliar with the who's who on the forums your approach can leave the impression that mods abuse thier power here.
  5. I don't see the difference. People make up thier minds, states thier opinions, and then ultimately squad takes all that feedback and sorts it out all the same.
  6. Demonizing can be or lead to it though so just stick to stating your personal opinion with confidence and let squad sort out the rest.
  7. We've had better regression is bad m'kay?
  8. The wear on the edge ring is nice as always, and the AO is appreciably strong enough too which goes to show that it doesn't matter if you bake or brush as long as you give the same attention to detail. But don't you think you guys are over using the normal mapped corrugation layered over a plain flat diffuse trick? This can get a pass on thin lengths like decouplers but it becomes less appealing as you scale up the surface unless you paint some detailing on the diffuse layer underneath (see previous complaints about the saturn V and 1,875m tank's plainness). Also shouldn't the spheres be connected to something? Finally what historical rocket or vehicle would use this? Soyuz? So how does this texture switching work? Is it ye ole swapping whole texture files?(which can be ram inefficient without dynamic asset loading) or is it hip new switching between mesh objects that are UV mapped to different spots on the same sheet? (to save ram in the long run) or is it powerful enough to do either as the modder wishes? This is greatly appreciated balance can be just as important and intensive as art so thank you for the polish.
  9. You mean keep going until we have an open roadmap? Why what a brilliant idea!
  10. The problem with paying.for art assets is if you can't equal or top what modders make in your own art style then there isn't a point in anyone buying it. Some studios like paradox get around this by being very open with their business model but squad isn't that open. So if tt wants to make monetized cosmedics they will need to first shake up the art team and get rid of those silly "these aren't placeholders we know what is kerbal better than anyone" ideas they have, then do the rocket revamp to unify the aesthetic, and then maybe they can start shipping quality reskins without drama or backlash otherwise people won't see the point in it unless they are like on console or something. Again that's the devs being neck deep not the pr guys (cause squad as they remind us is a big team now of course they have dedicated pr guys) this is literally their job they have nothing better to do.
  11. The devs don't write the devnotes any more they don't really have an excuse for not announcing 1.4 other than trying to ration and milk information
  12. Well on my end considering this is in addon dev its always safe to assume updates may break something and make plans and backups accordingly.
  13. No worries I'm in the process of brushing things off, finishing a few todo's that accumulated, and bringing things inline with localization and stuff. But to make up for the wait I'll share that the next update will definitely have the batteries, and drones as previewed before, a porkjet/C7 style inline docking port as teased on reddit, a set of gimbaled SRB's to cover the need for high thrust in the early game, and a 1 seat crew cabin
  14. The key thing to flying Federatsiya on a Zenit replacement made to use zenit infrastructure is that one of the zenit launch pads has a crew access tower already built as part of the numerous failed attempts to replace soyuz so it saves on construction. As is often the case with launch vehicles and spacecraft the cost of launch pad construction supersedes all other design considerations.
  15. I'll decide whether to believe that when I see what's in store for 1.4