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  1. I'm so sad that this scene reduced the game on my PC to a barely operable state Really wish Squad had done a better job with terrain scatter. This can't be a Unity limitation.
  2. I will admit I did not think to check the OP (10 lashes!) but turns out it's not listed there anyways. Hopefully you can fix it so it doesn't have to be!
  3. in KSP v1.2.2 when using CFC to focus on a part, all the Hullcam VDS views then end up focusing on it too when I switch to look through the cameras. Pinging @linuxgurugamer
  4. hey @Proot, hope all is going well getting back into things! KSA is going to be hitting space soon so I'd like to know if there will be any extreme changes to the Kerbin texture. I'd like to avoid any retcons - your Kerbin with the high detail land and the water coloring is still the best IMO
  5. no, the crash was not controlled, but the aircraft was controlled up to the point of crashing. In fact Jeb was struggling so much to keep the aircraft in control that he most likely stalled because he forgot to watch his approach speed (which is faster than the Civvie he is intrinsically used to). Pretty sure the investigation will clear him
  6. there is a log file in the directory where the EXE is. Post it up somewhere for Arrowstar to look at Looks like you figured it out It does all become easier with practice...
  7. Seems similar to an issue I reported a while ago when trying to start the program from the Start menu. Did you manually create a shortcut link to it in your Start menu, and do you happen to be using Start10 from Stardock instead of the stock Win10 Start menu?
  8. I had to look that up, but I'm glad I did. Woah. Much awesomeness, I love sail vessels. Take your time
  9. request for you @Nereid - could FF handle transmitted science points a bit more neatly? If I send home a large chunk of data it gets transmitted a few tenths of science points at a time and the FF log ends up with a ton of science point entries for like 0.0849120616912842. If it's not possible to detect outright that science data is being transmitted maybe have FF store science points it detects in a buffer, then after like a minute of not seeing additional science points it adds them all up and makes a single log entry. Also, it adds entries for science points with a value of 0 - I think that should be pretty easy to prevent.
  10. had this installed for a while but just started using this under KSP v1.2.2 (Part Commander v0.1.1.1) and it's springing a serious memory leak whenever the window is showing. Eventually the game slows down to 15% normal time and I have it taking up 8GB of memory up from the 5.5GB is started with. Tested with just Squad, PC and Toolbar and if I watch the Resource Monitor I can see the RAM stabilize after flight scene load and after opening the Part Commander window it starts to tick upwards. Hopefully this isn't an issue in the KSP v1.3 but I didn't see anything in the release notes about plugging a memory leak. Logs, FWIW
  11. this is the closest the mod community has ever come so far
  12. I remember the last time I was using the MFMS I was doing this manually, saving what seemed like good results and then comparing them with later results to make sure I had what looked like the best results after multiple runs. It wasn't a huge deal to manage but of course it would indeed be nice to have this worked in to the program. I wouldn't want Arrowstar to hold up new features to work on it tho. Which makes me wonder what he's thinking of tackling next Arrowstar have you done any roadmapping for new features or enhanced implementation of existing ones? Or just going wherever your interest takes you when you have the time to work on things?
  13. If something is exploding use the F3 key to open the log and it will tell you what part(s) exploded and usually why
  14. CaptRobau has been logging in regularly so yes, I would say the chances are good. Until then, we all sit back and wait patiently