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  1. Yea, pretty much the same as how I managed to re-purpose your matlab code for my JavaScript version of figuring out position, speed, etc on orbit, I'm thinking about looking into your .fig files to see if I can create a similar output in GeoGebra. Just wanted to make sure that's where I need to be looking
  2. sorry to go slightly off-topic here but @Arrowstar was wondering if you saw me tag you in this post regarding using GeoGebra for creating my own dynamic graphical body views for my Flight Tracker since matlab doesn't seem to have any web plugin (which I still can't believe, BTW :P). I figure anything similar to what you're doing is in the .fig files I can't access, but I think with a trial version of matlab I should have enough time to dig into the equations and make my own version. What do you think?
  3. I see clouds, and I see sunlight reflecting off the surface of the planet. I don't see any abnormal whiteness. It's probably the sun glint you don't understand. Not sure if that's a texture issue or config issue.
  4. Can RPM read the custom tags you can set for parts in kOS? Not sure how exposed that is, but just a thought
  5. That should be: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[*]:HAS[#experimentID[*]]] Although in using my own configs for reference to answer that I see examples using ~ and # to reference fields. What's the diff between the two again?
  6. hrm.... I must have... I dunno. Will def be looking at more hyperbolic asteroids in the near future & will keep an eye out for a recurrence of this issue & try to do a better job of nailing down a reproducible example. Did you ever find anything wrong with that Mun encounter issue where it wasn't showing up in Mission Architect?
  7. is there a reason this isn't included in the Support folder with other configs? Edit: hah, I posted this before I actually read the thread updates - I went straight to the SXT patch post from a saved link Good stuff Also, does anyone else think the current OPM support config is a bit too blunt in how it modifies signal range? The outer solar system is farther away but the space between Kerbin and Mun, for example, is not affected. Therefore we shouldn't be boosting the distance on all the antennas, just the ones we would be using to call home with. So I would submit that this change be made to the patch: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Antenna]]:NEEDS[OPM,FeatureSignal]:FINAL { @MODULE[Antenna]:HAS[#type[high_gain]] { @dist *= 4.0 } } Now only the high-gain antennas that would normally be used to contact Kerbin from these distances have their ranges boosted to account for the greater size of the system Also also, I assume that the distance for antennas defined in their config is in meters, but it would be nice if the wiki actually specified that.
  8. I'm using this with a lot of asteroids in a save file and when the window is open the game's performance tanks. What is it constantly doing in the background? I wouldn't say this is a huge deal since it won't affect many people but am curious if there's some sort of monitoring going on and whether it can be made to be switched off by the user.
  9. Ok here's another issue, I found some weirdness in the in-flight import from an asteroid on a hyperbolic orbit through Kerbin's SOI. Here are the mission files. Also here is the orbit data from the SFS in case you want to copy it onto another body (I use Custom Asteroids so can't give you a stock SFS): ORBIT { SMA = -25825757.894448847 ECC = 1.4745822912273383 INC = 116.162228616633 LPE = 259.63362163652266 LAN = 236.55986034674197 MNA = -2.2671605615830068 EPH = 18797728.15589368 REF = 1 } "JJP Flt.mat" has data imported from the game, while "JJP SFS.mat" has data imported from the save file. The True Anomaly field is the only one I saw a major change in.
  10. I have a link posted one page back
  11. That would work, since the whole point IMO of removing the body is that you don't need it to be there in the first place. Again, this just makes it a bit cleaner in the form of being able to load a bodies file once and then just make any removals in Mission Architect itself. I would see this as a thing people do at the start of their mission planning, chucking out the stuff they don't need to work with, but having it available in case they change their minds. Appreciate the time to look into it!
  12. Yup, it's an application shortcut. Did some more experimenting and added a shortcut I created myself to the Start menu, and it works fine. So... yea I dunno. Lowest priority on this one, or just disregard. Here's a real one tho - Mission Architect still asks you to save a recently-saved file when you try to close it via the X button And I know you're caught up in the n-body but wondering if you've thought more about being able to add/remove bodies from the MAT file without having to close MA and load a new bodies.ini file. Could be another way for users to optimize things, but for me its mainly so that when I plot the orbit of a body it doesn't keep crashing into itself
  13. Finally ready to migrate to v1.2.2! So now using the pre-release more often and can finally report this issue I noticed a while ago but on the older releases so had to wait to see if it had been fixed in the recent one... I get this error after startup when I try to launch the application from the Start menu (have it pinned there): But when I start by just dbl-clicking the EXE, it loads fine.
  14. heads up Kerbalism users, this causes an NRE to fire when you hover over pods with crew capability. Notified ShotgunNinja of the issue