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  1. hrmmm, I didn't dig into this but an observation - I launched a KerBalloon from the surface of the water and it rises at a constant rate of 5m/s. I have a kOS script that draws a vector to the tracking station so I can see when direct line of sight is available over the horizon (Kerbalism comms don't model this yet, if ever). To speed things up I used a physics warp profile of 4,8,16 with lossless physics enabled at 1/2 tick and I set the warp to 16x. In this case it took until 3.984km - but then I noticed that the clock had progressed 39 minutes since launch. At a rate of 5m/s it should have only taken the balloon 13 minutes to reach that altitude. I reloaded the game and tried again, stopping only after rising 622m and the game clock had advanced 28 minutes instead of 2. Log file
  2. I think I just noticed this last night. Great! they are not visible. Should the 2D clouds at least be visible when looking straight up? so many thanks! I set it to 0.1 and can see all around my IVAs without any nasty clipping and I don't notice any ground/water clipping effects either when outside of IVA Looks great! Performance is still real good. the atmosphere is different though. Did you tweak the configs for Kerbin or is there something more fundamental with this new version? Here's the same time with the latest release:
  3. most mod developers ask for output_log.txt as that contains more detailed data than KSP.log. Anyways, even if you prefer KSP.log the fact remains that his game should be creating an output_log.txt and if it is in fact not doing so than there may be more issues at play here than just related to this mod
  4. the scatterer notes text file says it will still mess up vacuum glow, but I tried it anyways and didn't see anything. Is there something special I need besides the config for the glow and the two textures assigned within? That's all I really want to from this pack. When I installed everything from the zip file the glows showed up fine, but when I replaced EVE, Scatterer, TextureReplacer with my versions (, 0.0300 and 2.5.4 respectively) the glow went away. Is it not compatible with the latest EVE? I noticed Scatterer wasn't the latest either as the cloud colors didn't change along the terminator
  5. so have the configs been updated for planet glow?
  6. looks awesome! And ok, I really want planetshine the most still BUT this will certainly be a great visual treat when my astronauts start using underwater bases/training to simulate extreme/vacuum environments
  7. This tab for Kerbalism in the VAB/SPH parts menu doesn't have a text label pop up when I hover my mouse over it
  8. Did you not see my link to the docs??
  9. Oh yea, been meaning to ask - does anyone else not see a label when you hover over the life support system tab for Kerbalism in the VAB/SPH? Every other parts tab has a label for me except the one Kerbalism puts in there. If this is just an issue on my end I will try to take some time to hunt it down this weekend
  10. given all the questions I see here, and the amount of links to various documentaion in the OP, and the amount of people I still see asking for docs, I would guess this I don't mean any of that in a bad way, just to be clear
  11. Operations Summary – Week of 4/17/17 Genesis/KerBalloon Collaboration Success We are all very happy to report that today’s mission was an overall success for both the Genesis and KerBalloon programs. Although we are still awaiting the safe arrival of the balloon payload so we can’t celebrate completely just yet, today’s mission was still a great accomplishment. Genesis not only was able to deploy the KerBalloon, but also carry out an observation contract as Jeb piloted the Civvie back to KSC. Operationally there were no problems encountered and everything went off as planned. There was a small issue Jeb had to deal with from the Civvie which he dubbed “runaway trim”, where the trim wheel would slip and roll up, pitching the nose violently. He’s already informed the HAB crew to have a look at it, they suspect a loose element in the system will need to be refurbished or replaced – no one expects this to be a serious issue. Overall though his first flight with a payload attached to the Civvie he says was very manageable and after Val discovered that even pumping a little fuel to the rear can greatly assist with landing, Jeb tried it with the same results. We expect the recovery crews to return very early tomorrow around 1st sunset. If they manage to drive close enough to KSC to be in the relatively gentle surrounding hills we will allow them to cover the final distance in darkness. Looking ahead, we already have another upper-atmosphere research contract in the works for the same region that was flown to today, so if that is signed off on we are expecting to repeat this operation sometime early next month. Progeny Mk3 Set to Fly Again Teams investigating the fin issue that made the last launch go awry have had all the data they could ask for to work with after we managed to recover the second-stage booster for analysis. After much study and a bit of banging heads against the wall they have concluded the issue lies within the timing system that was hastily thrown together to manage the fuses that trigger the det-cord. Thankfully it is a simple fix that won’t necessitate a costly redesign in terms of both money and time. The new Mk1-B boosters arrived today on schedule and the VAB has already begun processing one of them to place atop the currently-completed booster stack and the science team is finishing up the payload for delivery to the VAB next week. The current launch time is set for 4/28 @ 15:30 UTC and you can view details of the rocket on its vessel page in our Flight Tracker. Civvie Turns Profit, C7 Begins Civvie Mass-Manufacture This week for the first time the Civvie turned a profit for us and C7 Aerospace Division with the signing of some new contracts. While the Genesis Program itself is still in the red thanks to the recent development of the Deuce, the future is looking bright for the program overall as once the Deuce enters service it will be able to offer up even more income opportunities beyond what the Civvie is capable of. The program’s growth will also allow us to phase out heavy reliance on other companies like maritime and airship operations, keeping more support services in-house and expenses down on missions. With the start of work on the Deuce, C7 has finished up its new factory in Kravass City which will produce as many as 4 Civvies per month starting in May. There is already a pre-order list over 300 names long, so it will take a while to meet demand at the current pace but once C7 gets this factory running smoothly they plan to scale up quickly. The completed aircraft will be shipped to the nearby Kravass General Airport where kerbs will receive their flight instruction from our own Jeb and Val. The initial group consists of hand-picked top airship captains who will then become the first cadre of full-time flight instructors. By the time the first Civvie rolls off the production line in May, it will also have a newly-designed suite of cockpit instruments and our own production model will receive an upgrade. Science/R&D Labs Begin Work on New Instruments With the successful deployment of the Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer instrument last week, Head of R&D Wernher has already focused his laser-grade attention on the next project, which of several proposals he selected to be a negative gravioli detector. A device to measure this particle will allow us to precisely determine the effect of gravitational fields around Kerbin and other bodies in the system. He and his team of crack engineers have already locked themselves up in their labs. They expect a testable prototype sometime in June or July. Meanwhile Lead Scientist Cheranne is looking to improve some of the instruments that we already have. Both the barometer and thermometer devices currently in use are not vacuum-rated and she will work with the scientists to develop casings that can allow these instruments to function in space. Why send a barometer to space, you ask? Great question! The answer is that while we strongly suspect most of the moons and some of the planets out there don’t have an atmosphere, how can we know for sure unless we measure the presence of a vacuum? Furthermore, she wants to improve the Atmospheric Fluid Spectro-Variometer so it can take samples even in the rarefied upper atmosphere. ATN Database Update The weekly update for the Asteroid Tracking Network database was posted here. It contains now a total count of 468 asteroids. Poor seeing this past week kept the number of findings lower than usual, all were found via archived data that is constantly being processed. No new impact alerts have been issued. Celestial Snapshot of the Week The Mun moves off the sun as it sets following an annular eclipse. The Tracking Station and R&D buildings can be seen in the foreground From the Desk of Drew Kerman (Out of Character Behind the Scenes stuff)
  12. I don't think it's worth the extra effort that would go with having to keep track of it separately, but that would be your call. From a user standpoint, I went back to 1.1.3 just so I could get one photo from an IVA using this setting and I did notice it affected the ground somewhat if it was set too low, so just having it as a value people can play with within Scatterer (since its Scatterer that would be causing any ground/water flickering) seems to make the most sense. Keeping all problems in one place and all that.
  13. have you been able to get the nearClipPlane parameter back in for the next release? Just a reminder. Really missing it for IVA photos because a lot of the time the IVA model gets clipped in view of the camera under stock settings
  14. Then you should re-install KSP because this log should definitely be getting updated. It will either update in the KSP_Data folder if you run the 32-bit executable or the KSP_x64_Data folder if you run the 64-bit executable
  15. any idea why Scatterer breaks the vacuum glow when these bodies have no atmospheres?