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  1. here is a MM patch for anyone that wants their low-gain antennas always draining power @PART[]:FINAL { MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$/MODULE[Antenna]/cost$ } } } So this patch above can be used to apply to any individual part (fill in the name) you know has a low-gain antenna, and it is tied directly to the antenna cost so if Kerbalism support configs change this will update as well. Other considerations could be made as well, such as applying this to all parts with low gain antennas: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Antenna]:HAS[#type[low_gain]]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$/MODULE[Antenna]/cost$ } } } Or maybe not all low-gain antennas but just those meant to remain in contact for basic telemetry data, so we'll say any antenna with a bitrate less than 0.01MB/s: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[Antenna]:HAS[#type[low_gain]&#rate[<0.01]]]:FINAL { MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true INPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = #$/MODULE[Antenna]/cost$ } } } These last two patches are untested because I personally have not decided how I want to handle this myself yet and am only doing it with a single part I'm using for all my launches at the moment
  2. No that is the name of my save file. I checked the MM cache and the patch did not apply and like I said you always load save files from disk so regardless of anything MM does as soon as you load your game it would overwrite everything stored in memory with data from the save file
  3. same here, in fact whitecat was considering my request of an even simpler decay model that could be incorporated with Arrowstar's KSPTOT mission planner, so I'm really hoping he comes back cause that would be awesome. Modify the save file of my game and change the game time to 0. Was a bit less-involved than editing the SMA property of a vessel
  4. Wow that got me wondering if MM could touch SFS files and so I tested it out: @GAME:HAS[#title=Kerbal?Space?Agency?(CAREER)] { @FLIGHTSTATE { @UT = 0 } } But although it didn't throw an error MM didn't parse this patch. It makes sense now that I think about it, as the game always loads your latest save from the file you choose so it would always overwrite any changes MM made after initial game load. So no, MM is not your answer here. Of course we can always hope @Whitecat106 comes back at some point...
  5. in regards to persistent rotation he says "can still be used but the SAS and rotation persistence features will be automatically disabled" - I think I see where this could be ambiguous. I interpret this as saying the RCS/rotation persistence features of his mod will be disabled, not that he goes and disables your mod. If you're still unsure, ask him to clarify
  6. it switches off its own code for anything that your mod handles. And for me, your mod isn't pointless because it spins asteroids
  7. Thx, but I'm already using (which cooperates with your mod) Also, I did some searching through my Paypal history and don't have any donation records for you. So have a few drinks. Cheers!
  8. But hey - I forgot to point out you're already helping me out greatly with this by creating and continuing to support Persistent Rotation!
  9. So, I took a quick look at possibly using MM to copy the stock sunflare node before SVE or anything changes it, then copy it back in during the FINAL pass to ensure that you always have the sunflare that ships with Scatterer without having to remember to delete other configs. But I either couldn't get the syntax right or it just doesn't work, you can ask on the MM thread if you want to look into it more. Here is the post on node copying
  10. Nope, it's all me because ironically teamwork involves more work, if you get what I mean - especially on a hobbyist project with high levels of varying commitment among team members Glad you like tho, hope you enjoy the continuing adventures...
  11. Well, I like that they visually clue me in to approaching Mach 1. At least that's the behavior I get
  12. ok so yea length in JS is a property not a function so that web error makes sense. No idea why the GeoGebra app would treat it as a function tho, possibly some limitation in how they handle JS code within the app. Thanks for looking into it. I have launch coverage to wrap up this weekend but after that I'm diving in and seeing what I can get working on my Flight Tracker. Stay tuned! Outstanding job on the Wiki, BTW
  13. a few mins playing around with the GGB file waiting for KSP to load didn't come up with any issues
  14. Nope, wanted to see what you said about the web app first, given that's how I'll be presenting things to people. I can try the desktop version later on & report back
  15. Was trying to figure out how to get FMRS to track a spent stage without having to attach a probe part or parachute to it. I figured out I need to make things have a Command module and vessel type Probe to work. Got it. Still, LGG since you've gone the extra length to have a mod that lets you specify how a stage should be tracked, why even bother still having the built-in rules by which FMRS tracks stages? If Recovery Controller can let you decide whether FMRS or Stage Recovery tracks the stage, how about another option for "No Stage Tracking"? This way when FMRS is set to track a stage it does so regardless of what parts that stage consists of, and if the user doesn't want a stage they won't be recovering to be tracked they just disable tracking for that stage.