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  1. SMURFF is compatibile with mods, but afaik SMURFF changes the parameters of all parts by the same factor (correct me if I'm wrong), which means that some parts may not be well ballanced. So cfg file with hand written configs for every part would be extremely appreciated!
  2. It basically has the same function as SMURFF, right?
  3. Would it be possible by any chance? Not trying to rush anything, just curious, if this kind of support is technically possible to implement...
  4. I agree, It is Incredibly good work! I wonder if these calculations are still correct for rescaled systems? I play KSP with 6.4 rescale mod, so the distances are 6.4 larger, but all objects also have 6.4 larger sizes, so I guess they are?
  5. Wow!!! I've always dreamed about comet mod. Is this compatibile with Custom Asteroids?
  6. Hello. I've tried installing SVE, but it seems that my PC is too weak to use even lowest resolution. So I've installed only EVE and Scatterer with default configs - this configuration works like a charm and looks quite beautiful. But still I wonder if I could install some of SVE features - i'd love to see citylights from SVE as well as geysers and auroras. Is it possible? How should I do it properly? Will it be ok if I I just install Citylights folder from StockVisualEnhacemets\EVE and geysers and auroras files from StockVisualEnhacemets\EVE\Atmosphere? May I use EVE and Scatterer with defautl configs or should I install EVE and Scatterer from SVE bundle?
  7. I'm also using this with 1.2.2, seems to be working just fine.
  8. Minor issue (clean 1.2.2 x64 version of KSP + TAC life support). TAC LS adds two (instead of one) new VAB part categories - "TAC LS items" and "Life Support".
  9. Thanks, @OhioBob, those are really helpful tips. I play KSP with 6.4 rescale and I was setting Atmosphere parameter at 1.33. Reentry from Mun felt as you described it. Now I'm going to try Atmosphere = 1.14 and atmoTopLayer = 1.17, see if it will be better
  10. Hey that was really "soon" Btw, if I'm correct that would be 7th mod maintained by you, which I use
  11. @Galileo Thanks, it works! @Sigma88Yes, I was testing it by gradually increasing resize and rescale settings. Anyway, Galileo solution works!
  12. Encountered a minor issue: Scatterer sunflares don't work if system is rescaled and resized more than 3 times. If I set a rescale, the Sun has stock sunflare again. Every mod (Scaterrer, sunflare, Kopernicus, Module Manager and Sigma Dimensions) installed manually, on clean version of KSP 1.2.1, 64 bit. As I said, it's minor, I can live with stock sunflare. Is it any known issue?
  13. It looks really great! Would it be possible for the encounter tab to show also predicted periapsis?
  14. @Sigma88 Thank you for the update and great work! One question: does resizeing affect CommNet ranges? Or should I play with CommNet options in difficulty settings?