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  1. Looks great, dude!
  2. That's not enough information provided for anyone to help you. Please read this post to learn common troubleshooting steps and how to provide logs and other information.
  3. Is or has someone used Emacs to edit the files? Because by default, when Emacs saves a file, it takes the uneditted original and renames it to "<filename>~" by adding a tilde to the end of its filename, then writes the changed file to "<filename>".
  4. important

    I don't think more than 2 or 3 topics were pinned. But being pinned kept them on the front page and being on the front page is apparently what determined which topics broke, including the pinned ones like the Community Mods and Plugins Library topic.
  5. Once you have life support requirements for manned spacecraft and power requirements for all spacecraft, Minmus becomes harder than Mun. Even with fast trajectories (like the free-return trajectory Apollo used for the Moon), a Mun landing-return mission will take at least 18+ hours, while a Minmus landing-return will be at least 50+ hours, requiring about 3 times as much life support and power. With the earliest batteries, solar panels, and life support components, that will increase the mass of the spacecraft significantly. And since it's usually better to go with fast trajectories to reduce that mass, the delta-V of a Minmus landing-return mission will be higher than that for Mun.
  6. I'm not sure, but I've flown spacecraft with multiple command pods (multipart unmanned probes) and I've had no problems with multiple parts having MechJebCore MODULES. You need at least 1 on the active craft to have access to MechJeb windows and functions in flight. You can see this with crashes or reentry burnups or other sources of failure for the command pod: when all of them on a craft break or are lost, you lose all MechJeb windows.
  7. Because of issues with them, I've always avoided using mod's functional parts, those that allow access to the mod's functions, and instead used Module Manager scripts to add their functions to stock parts, usually command pods. And I check when the mods update to see if I have to edit my scripts. As working examples, you can use the scripts in @Malah's Stock Plugins, which is currently supported (unlike the above mod). In the spoiler below is my MM script for parts-free MechJeb, which also changes the tech at which MechJeb functions are unlocked to Start, as well as add MechJeb functions when there's an External Command Seat (and I high suggest using the mod Take Command to get the full benefit of the External Seat). As for KER, I just use its own internal setting to enable parts-free.
  8. The information quoted above is inaccurate. That isn't the current RO topic either. Unfortunately, the current RO topic is one of the 25 lost by a forum error. The status of Realism Overhaul is very dependent on the large number of mods it is dependent on, many which took a long time to upgrade to KSP 1.2.x. I think there's just 1 or 2 remaining and they may have finally upgraded. The core of RO should be upgraded soon and shortly after that the career mod RP-0 should upgrade to KSP 1.2.x. The RO development topic is still active and there's more info there. Check out this post and skim the posts back a few pages to get a feel for RO's status.
  9. As laid out in the first post, you still need to post the logs to expect any effective help. You haven't stated when you're using autostaging in Ascent Guidance or the Utilities window as well as all the mods you have, information that can be determined from the logs, if they were posted. You also haven't given a simple example case of how to recreate the bug nor whether you tried to recreate it without other mods installed. There's a lot of good information in the topic linked on the word logs in the first post (and here too) that could help determine what is causing the bug.
  10. important

    Well, the first post of this thread lists 25 topics that broke and 25 is the number that are on a page of the subforum, but we don't know if being pinned and/or recent activity is what singled them out for what happened to break them, although that appears to be likely. That first post hasn't been editted since it was posted and we have no further official info except that it's still being investigated. Without that, we can't say anything except what is possible from each of our experience with database backends.
  11. important

    Well, as far as MechJeb is concerned, looking at the "temporary" topic for it: @sarbian has already recreated the MechJeb first post in the new topic. But for other topics, that's a good point. I suspect the problem with this issue is that a number of topics broke, but we don't know how much they broke. There may only be one database entry for each missing topic that's damaged or gone that then prevents the topic from being viewed. Which means that fixing them isn't the same as restoring a deleted topic. The fix likely requires a careful investigation to find out why the topics broke (very important) and what database entries were affected. With that information, perhaps a manual restore of database entries along with some standard rebuild functions could fix it, but that's something that has to be certain in planning and preparation and may require significant downtime when executed. I'm sure at some point we'll be told what's going to happen.
  12. I started using MechJeb soon after I started playing KSP during version 0.23. The crazy weak and stretchy parts joints almost made me give up KSP completely. I remember the struggle getting my first rocket to orbit and not have it disintegrate during flight. And then I couldn't repeat after about another dozen tries until I had MechJeb Ascent Guidance fly the rocket. Eventually I learned more about rocket design and strutting and in later KSP versions joints because less like overcooked pasta. But without MechJeb I would have given up on KSP. I can do everything manually that the autopilot and other tools of MechJeb make much easier, including rendezvous and docking and node creation, although I always use a mod for better access to node creation and editting than what's in stock. I like to master these skills so I understand them, then selectively use MechJeb to reduce the tedious work. I don't play KSP just to simulate a rocket guidance system. I also use the other 2 engineering mods, KER and VOID, with KER used mostly in the VAB/SPH and VOID for its awesome HUD's. MechJeb's custom windows are also great and I set up many of them and selectively open and close them using icons on @blizzy78's toolbar.
  13. Well, obviously a lot of players are having problems with installing IR, as some of them are asking for help in this topic. More are likely just giving up. And yes, people should read the last 3 pages or more of a topic to get a feel for current issues. But it doesn't help that the first post hasn't been updated and points to a specific version on Spacedock that isn't current (and Spacedock doesn't have any later versions). KSP 1.2 has been out for 3 months now. I understand it can be challenging to upgrade a mod when Squad has changed so much going from 1.1.3 to now 1.2.2. But people look in the first post for details on installing a mod and any serious issues it is having. Perhaps between yourself and @sirkut you can either get the first post and the topic title updated or start a new IR thread, with cautions on KSP 1.2 IR still being in prerelease. That way people wanting to try IR won't depend on finding the download links in your signature and locating this recent post with details on installing IR. Of course, it still have version specific links.
  14. I suggest using MJ #682. #683 has some issues with resetting the layout of MJ windows. From reading the current MJ topic I'm not sure if that has been fixed in #684. EDIT: MJ #685 has the issues fixed, so it should be good to go.