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  1. Indeed! Best part is I don't even know myself what she may find .
  2. ...I've never seen the movies and honestly from what I'm seeing it's just another super hero movie. Rant: ...that was a winded way of saying "I don't like current movies".
  3. I'm going out of town Friday so I'm hoping to release two parts by then. Get myself up to part 11 and leave part 12 on a cliff hanger while I'm out. Also thoughts on the first part in over a year?
  4. Catch is, KSP introduces the basics of aeronautics. KSP is a grain of rice compared to the real stuff. It gives you a taste of what aerospace engineering and astrophysics is like without the majority of what makes it really complicated.
  5. *cough* What if the recovery went wrong? *cough*
  6. Simply put; I'm rearranging a community space station. So I'm docking/undocking and threading the needle time and time again and some of the time the module I'm moving doesn't even have RCS so I'm having to have my tug do all the work. Ive got a line of work left and it's certainly not easy.
  7. I've done some digging in the last few days and I've learned quite abit on Disney's future as far as what they're planning for Epcot and other locations in Florida. It's actually kind of depressing. Disney is slowly going to be converting the future area area of Epcot into more movie rides. This would be ok but I feel the purpose of Epcot was to show the future of tomorrow and what can or could be and now with these last grasps of that notion leaving... I just feel that the future is less now. Walt and Roy Disney both had a facination of "tomorrow" and the possibility of what could be but now that era and style has faded and honestly... I miss it. It's finally 'a great wonderful tomorrow' today and... well to be honest it isn't that great or wonderful. World is filled with strife and people who are more focused on their IPhones or Facebook statuses than what they can do for everyone tomorrow. Today is too full of everyone's concerns about how their viewed than helping progress us... and that was the world Walt and Roy wanted us to be living in... not what we're living in now. Back on the subject of Epcot, I just simply feel that Epcot is losing it's identity and is just chasing the "popular" fad and as someone else said "the issue with being popular and being a fad is that fad is just one letter away from fade; and that's exactly what happens when you cater to the mainstream rather than give people something to think on". Back in the 70s, Epcot was tomorrow and the world of "what could be". Now Epcot is just becoming Magic Kingdom Extended. And I haven't even gotten into the depressing fate of various Disney attractions that were simply abandoned. The future is foggy from where I'm standing... and it isn't wonderful. We need you back Walt... so damn badly.
  8. Exactly the issues and thoughts I had .
  9. Anyway; so for those open to the challenge. They can James Cameron deep dive Jool. For those who think it's impossible, they can never try and call it impossible. Simply have atmosphere scale higher the deeper you go and have player's designs work around it if they want to dive deeper. Ocean should be 10km deep. Ocean should also provide a new biome and therefore, more science! Place a small slab of land 10x10 for flag planters as an Easter egg at the North Pole and that makes Jool fairly balanced and effective at the OP's request. And yet in future years (~500 or more) we will be able to travel beyond our solar system, and or faster than the speed of light and create massive structures in space to expand but deep diving a gas giant will never happen in all those years. Sad.
  10. And yet the engineering challenge will be done. Players have the ability to bridge the gap to engineering that will take humanity 250+ years to discover and use to reach the same depths. So players can make it to those depths. Others just don't want those players to have the option. It wasn't intended to land either. So about as reliable for landing data as Luna 2 was for landing on the moon. It's a strange thing but there is a difference between throwing away your useless spacecraft like Galileo, and trying to deep dive into a gas giant. It's kinda strange that way.
  11. And your avoiding the topic by falling to grammer posts. Truly you are done here because you have nothing more productive to say.
  12. Your pushing a bias of realism on a game that intends to simulate realism within the realms of its own liberties outside of altering the mechanics of the game for the players. So you can be done. Go ahead.
  13. Not a manned mission.
  14. We've never landed a manned mission on Mars nor Venus. So should the surfaces of those planets not exist until we do? Issue is we can do what we can't do in real life. We can test and retest things in the span of an hour that would take years in real life.
  15. Issue I'm seeing here is "it can't be done", "Jupiter is a gas giant and only has gas" (obviously wrong), and "its not realistic". Simple enough to remind people that through engineering challenges we have completed dozens of "impossible" tasks in the last century. Imagine what can be done with infinite funds, and the ability to engineer and deploy a satellite in moments to test and learn how to overcome an obstacle. As I said to someone else, having looked back in history in what was the norm and what was considered "Star Trek" style future technology and what we have now... I hear "I quit, the challenge is too big" when someone says "it's impossible". As to Jupiter being gas... yeah as we've mentioned the pressure alone is enough to cause gases to liquify. So it exists, the pressure would just be massively great. Which is an engineering problem. Not a "can't do it" problem. As such, Jool can have a body of liquid too. Lastly the "it's not realistic" comments. Realism is a choice and a taste. Not everyone is up for playing with RO. Some enjoy being able to play without limitations and like doing what's impossible because it's a game. The one world where you can do something impossible. Not to mention again, this is an engineering challenge. If they can overcome the pressure they deserve to find a body of liquid and the ability to dive in it. Only reason the flag planting exists is to let people have a personal sense of achievement. Basically RSS with stock's face. ----------------- That said- a small island on jool won't be that wild an idea when we currently have a boulder that is magic, a pyramid of unknown origin, a face on both Kerbin and Duna, as well as a mysterious rover that beeps and then a stone henge on a moon of a gas giant, black mysterious slabs from unknown location only showing a grinning creature on it and a giant dead space kraken. So please, continue to enlighten me how a 10x10 square meter plot of land for flag planting, doesn't fit or would be too unrealistic.