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  1. Hope things start looking up then !
  2. True- and I always loved the idea, but again I think we're aiming rocket launched spaceplanes and that's air launched. If you can find a way to horizontally launch your spaceplane with a rocket, I think you'd be golden on all bases. In fact... sounds like a challenge for my Shuttle. Heheheheh....
  3. I'd assume both Dyanasoar and Space Shuttle styles are acceptable. Think we're after rocket launched space planes. Because if not, then that means my Saturn Shuttle is out-
  4. I can't say much for quality seeing as I've always been happy with what I've seen. No, it wasn't perfect, but at the same time I was ok with the game I had spent my money on. I did make a thread answering how to deal with this aspect but it's getting off topic... .
  5. I've got my Saturn Shuttle replica that has flown several times across it's mission series (it's coming back soon!)- @Badie Any chance of adding this to the OP? @Pine has done some amazing work and I can forward more of what he's provided that's orbiter theme if you want . He really deserves more attention than he receives as he works hard on these. She is fun to fly and she keeps blowing my expectations out of the water every time I fly her ! To say I'm proud is to be a significant understatement!
  6. I've been eyeballing this thread all day and this is the first time I've sat down properly at my computer which allows me to better say everything on my mind rather than struggling to type it out on my phone. That said, please note that this is just my opinion. The barn idea, at least to me, stretches back to the KSP video "Jeb's Junkyard" video, which shows Jebediah Kerman working at his shed (or barn) where a rocket is shown rising up. Now it's possible players could've mistaken this as an upcoming building seeing as career mode was being introduced at the time and new assets were being added such as the new space center. So it's fair to assume that players may have thought it was a lower tier building. It wouldn't be the first time players mistook content from a video and thought it meant new content when in reality it did not. Having covered my basis of where Jeb's "barn" came from; now I'm left with the question of how it fits into the field of view of those who play KSP more seriously than those who intentionally crash their rockets to see the explosions. I've been seeing a lot of commotion between the old cartoony, silly style that KSP has had and attempting to get rid of it in place of something else (that's at least what I read, may be wrong) that's more serious. However I think that the style should remain, noting that it isn't the sole style of KSP. Thankfully for us, KSP lacks any sort of lore or fixed story so Squad can change the style or feel to KSP at any time. As such, KSP is both a silly explosionfest and a scientifically rich adventure. I see it having all traits all equally. It's both silly, but yet focused. As I frequent Twitch livestreamers, I see a verity of players ranging from those with thousands of ingame hours to those who have less than ten minutes in the game. I find it hard to pin KSP as any one play style. The nature of the game depends on the one who's flying the crafts. Are they intending to go on a grand tour of all of Kerbol's planets or are they intending to crash into the VAB? Is Scott Manley flying? Or Markiplier? It's hard to watch both of those people play KSP and try to say that between both of them that there's one style that would work for both as far as realism vs silliness. That said, the barn aesthetic comes up to it being fitting within the theme of the Kerbals. Seeing as the path in KSP had rockets before wings; wings before wheels, and wheels before electricity- it's clear that KSP does not follow realistic standards as far as development, however that does not mean that it can't adjust. As such, I think that starting with the barn is acceptable as it start's with the silly aesthetic that newer players will know, and then slowly adjust to the serious and realistic style that others would like. Another topic I saw discussed was whether or not the barn would be good enough quality to belong with the rest of the game and for this, I must agree with what someone else said earlier in that whatever style or look they go for- it should be one that they put the best effort and quality into. Those are my 8-bits worth of thoughts.
  7. Kerbal Space Program is a type of game that fits so many play styles and is hard to give a set direction because of the wide range of players. Some prefer to build death traps and watch them explode, some like to build massive grand tour ships, or SSTOs, or replica vehicles, or underwater, or mining, or science fiction, or combat, or- there are literally too many ways to play Kerbal Space Program that attempting to count them would be frivolous. Instead, it'd simply be easier to see which 'category' players define themselves as. There are four different styles that I can think of; pilots, engineers, scientists, and flight directors. Pilots are those who don't care what they're flying; they just want to be flying. These are the Jebediah Kermans of the community. They slap builds together quickly and see how well it goes with little concern for safety, reliability or how effective a machine they're flying in is. They just want to get out to the Launchpad or runway and hit the launch button! Not that failing to go to space is a bad thing, it's just these players tend to enjoy KSP's humorous comical style and explosions more than they do the pursuit to other planets and new horizons. Engineers are the players who build for a purpose. Whether it be to complete a career contract or to reach someplace where they haven't been. Engineers are capable of rebuilding and fitting their builds to whatever standard or challenge they see fit. If they want to make their builds identical images of their real life counterparts, or want to add a complex upper stage that can achieve multiple tasks on the way to their goals, these are the players who can solve the problem. Scientists are those who can spend hours tweaking their crafts delta V to push their crafts to the optimum efficiency capability that they can muster. These are the players that tend to test and retest their builds to make sure their capable of a long or complex journey such as grand tours, reaching specific orbital parameters or gathering as much of the science from a biome or planet in a single run. These players take Kerbal Space Program to the highest standard and can achieve some amazing quality of work. They tend to not only know the science behind Kerbal Space Program but also occasionally write the numbers down and compute them on their own outside of the game. Then there's Flight Directors. Flight Directors are the ones who are more interested in developing group activities and spending time on group projects such as collaborative builds or running a group space race than working on their own. Good with working with people and helping them manage to get around their issues. Often seen teaching newer players how to get started and overcome their own obstacles. These players are capable of their own builds but find it a bit more fulfilling to have their achievement shared thanks to the help of others to make something even greater possible. Whether you spend your time crashing your builds or if you spend your free time running numbers through a calculator to see if you could make it to that Moho transfer window using as little DV as possible; KSP is a wide expanse of options that create the greatest form of creative and independent freedom as there is no right or wrong path or choice. KSP is a world that has been explored, expanded and enjoyed by many in a expansive number of different ways and even this short list may still be incapable of grouping them all together.
  8. Update: I've finally added the aforementioned list of those who have been positively impacted by KSP. I'm hoping to give a decent summary of your story. If you would like it reworded or removed please let me know. I hope this isn't too forward of me or anything, I only mean the best! Again I just want a place for the developers to see in a clean list just how many people out in the world they've made better. That said, thanks for all the positivity and your own stories! Please continue to share This is amazing stuff. I'm proud to just be a member of this community much less be the person who can say they made this game .
  9. Amazing! Another young entrepreneur! Man, why are you guys on the news, that's incredible to be running a company at your age, I would've if I knew I could ! Good luck with it!
  10. They rarely do that either.
  11. And two batteries*
  12. I'd love to know the answer when you find one since I'm in the same boat; I have giant passenger aircraft capable of carrying 100+ Kerbals and it kinda feels pointless hauling 3 kerbals around Kerbin with no crew and AC spamming over and over takes far too long when it generates 4-8 Kerbals
  13. Moderators and Administrators know nothing more than you or me know and even if they did, they're bound by NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) not to tell them. So your out of luck for them telling you and Squad rarely tells what's their focus outside of the KSP Weekly. So your best bet is to look there for future changes.
  14. Been suggested multiple times and I'd be for it. Granted it'd also like some method of traveling my rovers on the go too since they're slow at times and progress would be nice while I'm on the way home or something of that kind. Travel at 20m/s for 20 minutes on the way home 5 days of the week; that's 120km a week. Maybe double it since I also got to get to work, so 240km. Not bad!
  15. So will you. You have done what people only dream of.