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  1. Gosh, not again.
  2. 146 mods? IMHO that's too much for comfortable playing but it's up to you to decide, of course. Wish you luck.
  3. Download the original version from SpaceDock And then replace NavUtilLib.dll file with the one from here: Once I sort my real life issues out I'll pull everything together. Think that could match the KSP 1.3 release update.
  4. I see. Configurable non-linear dependency on air pressure.
  5. Thanks for the report. It's much easier to narrow the issue when the conflicting mod has been found.
  6. That shouldn't be too hard to implement, another question is how to do that realistically. What you are asking for is implemented in @pizzaoverhead's mod and he promised to update it soonTM: What you mean "later"? Need an example how it should work.
  7. That could be true for sport suits but not for EVA suits As I've said, I'll try to do that next time I get into this mod's coding. Soon (I hope) I'll release a new version with major fixes and improvements made by Virindi. So my suggestion is to wait for it and see if the issue is gone.
  8. The old one had very unpleasant glitches caused by KSP version upgrades among other things. So some changes are imminent. That's because the old one used the default camera behavior so it was handled as a regular external cam. Since that caused issues the default camera behavior has been disabled and re-implemented by hand. That's why the difference, but I don't see any troubles to make it behave like you suggest. Why do you need that feature? There's no trouble to hide the helmet but it adds realism and immersion to first person view. As of now you may try to use similar TextureReplacer's feature for that. EVERYBODY I had plans to merge @Virindi's work and release a new version on this weekend but real life runs faster than I can catch with it. I'll do that at the first opportunity.
  9. I've had a request for that feature some time ago but my campaign hasn't reached the seat yet so it was suspended. During one of the countless efforts to find the right camera I had the effect when a camera moved together with the kerbal's head just a little while standing animation was played. That was cool as camera wasn't stationary fixed at a point and that gave a feeling of being inside a live kerbal. Unfortunately I had to break it later. I think that effect was caused by setting the helmet transform as the camera's target. If you are interested you could play with that too.
  10. @Virindi, don't get me wrong. I do need some help here as this mod sometimes tests my patience. If you can, go ahead, create a PR.
  11. Since version 2.1 it works pretty well with Chatterer. So using the current version you should have no trouble.
  12. @Virindi, Actually, the most polite way would be to suggest some help prior to releasing videos and links to public. I'm into some other stuff right now, so I need to find some time to try your changes and think how we do. Release your pressure a little, I'd prefer a productive cooperation. Let's start with a pull request, may be in the end I'll just hand the mod over to you, if you have a true passion to maintain it and not going to abandon it after a pair of months.
  13. That could be implemented I think. KSP has some API stuff related to TrackIR. Just need to find out how to use it properly. In the current state it doesn't support VR. Does the stock game support it somehow? I like the working navball and ability to rotate in 3 axis. I was planning to implement that myself. How is rotation implemented? Does it use engines or some "reaction wheel" magic? What I don't like is SAS on EVA. Not to mention it is a totally unrealistic concept in stock vessels and that gets worse in EVA. So I think SAS feature is at least excessive. In first person mode the camera is fixed to the kerbal's transform with stock camera update logic disabled because regular FREE and CHASE modes don't do well for the first person (they fix the camera relative to the horizon). By another stock logic EVA kerbal is always rotated to the direction of the camera while walking and that causes the kerbal to zigzag as walking animation is played and the transform moves from side to side together with the camera. To avoid that "drunken kerbal" effect I had to make camera return to the initial heading every frame and that causes glitching. The only thought I have for now on how to get rid of it is to allow stock CHASE cam logic for walking only but that would require two separate ways of camera handling and has a great bug potential. More elegant and flexible solution would be to find a way to acquire control over kerbal's rotation to camera's heading.
  14. Version 1.1.1 is out Available on Spacedock Changelog: * Added a "Recover vessel" key for forceIVA mode ([Alt]-[R] by default); * "Go EVA" key ([C] by default) should be now pressed with modifier ([Alt]) to avoid accidental ejections with "Camera Mode" key; * Added 1st person view mouse sensitivity scaling to screen resolution; * Fixed camera issues after exitting Map view or pressing "Camera Mode" key in 1st person with forceEVA enabled; * Fixed issues when loading as a kerbal on EVA with forceEVA enabled; * Fixed switching between crew members with forceIVA enabled; * Fixed various camera bugs after revert/quickload; Also some code refactoring has been made as a step in preparation of walking/running wobble fix.