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  1. The way is the most straightforward: it looks where the sound source is situated relative to the observer's part bounds. Exception is made for sounds that originate from [0,0,0] coordinates as they are supposed to be played "in helmet". What do you mean? Actually there is some altitude gap to start muffling. And, of course, the sounds that are outside the observer's part, i.e. behind a wall, are muffled regardless altitude (pressure, to be exact). I think the simplest solution might be to introduce sound exceptions so people could directly assign them as "helmet" (never muffled) or "ambient" (always treated as outside) regardless of actual position. But it seems that now props get muffled depending on vessel layout (when I add a taller engine it changes), so there's a possibility that there is an error in calculation of bounds. So I need to do some coding to visualize the positions of prop sound sources and see what happens first.
  2. I can see this spammed in your log: [ERR 06:29:52.003] Module FSplanePropellerSpinner threw during OnUpdate: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Firespitter.engine.FSplanePropellerSpinner.OnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Part.ModulesOnUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 This is related to Firespitter mod and can cause FPS drops by being thrown every update. Could you post your logs when G-Effects is installed on clean KSP? And do you experience those slowdowns all the time or in certain cases only? As for Audio Muffler Redux, it is known to still get some FPS away (2-4) but shouldn't be that much. There's not much common between these two mods.
  3. Well, I've reproduced that. I've expected issues like that with prop and other on-the-wall sounds. Seems like they appear on outer sides of parts and thus get muffled. Think some additional coding is required to find what causes that. Obviously, the case of unmanned vessel should be handled differently. I'll take that into consideration. Thanks..
  4. Are they muted in external view only and audible on IVA?
  5. That's weird. Find the following file: \GameData\Audio Muffler Redux\PluginData\Audio Muffler Redux\muffler.cfg and change the debug to true in it.Then reproduce your issues and post the KSPlog.txt file here. Also post the list of mods you are using. What mod with ASET props has issues?
  6. I guess that could be caused by some remnants left, most likely the model itself and an MM-RPM patch. Never heard of such issue before. EDIT: try to search for the file prop.cfg with the following contents: May be that would give you some clues.
  7. As a kind of off-topic, here's an instruction on manual orbital rendezvous made with great detail, in case you missed this one: I've realized that I use the same principles myself but without the Docking Port Alignment indicator mod.
  8. By the way, I've used the EVA handrails exactly for that. And also they helped much when I was building a station of separate modules and needed to transfer kerbals between them saving propellant and my patience. Think something like that should be stock in addition to ladders.
  9. Try @Virindi's continuation of this mod: It enables EVA to be controllable with vessel's rotation/translation keys. Setting throttle is interpreted as tuning the power of EVA engines, i.e. making them as fine as possible.
  10. As this thread has been necroed, the Analog Control Continued mod makes possible to use Alt-B (configurable) to set parking brakes.
  11. The stuff you can do in space is really boring sometimes: launch, circularize, transfer to another CB, circularize, land, takeoff, return to Kerbin. It's fun for the 1st hundred times but then it gets boring. So I prefer to mess with planes on Kerbin as much as possible, especially after the latest A.S.E.T. stuff made it super amazing. Anyway you'll just have to go to space one day if playing career but soon KSP update comes out making you to start everything over.
  12. You can change it via the config file in the mod's folder. But you don't actually need those J N M keys as there is the L key to align any guide pointed at with mouse, so you may just set them to "None" value.
  13. It's not very hard. I'm a Java developer basically. This might be helpful:
  14. С# + Unity, the basic language to create plugins for KSP.