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  1. it's been removed in general. From the main menu, something like "alternative SQRT" I don't know, there might be a leak when loading the textures or something like that. Try it.
  2. ExperimentalAtmoScale it's removed, it's now using the default game clipping plane, I will put it back, however keep in mind it messes up the reentry effects.
  3. It looks like you're adding the script to the nearCamera only, add it also to the far one. There is no easy way to apply it to the vessel only, you will need to write a custom shader and replace the parts shaders with it.
  4. It's very simple, just add this script to your camera In scatterer I add it to the near, far, and scaled cameras.
  5. Haven't read that much into it, but from the looks of it, it will not help, this trick is done inside the "anti-aliased" shader by comparing it's fragment depth (anti-aliased) to the raw depth buffer depth (no antialiasing). In scatterer the main effect is a post-processing one and only has access to the depth buffer.
  6. That's the way it is in the stock game, it was broken in previous versions of scatterer. It's funny because people complained for me to fix this before. Btw it also sounds like you've never booted up the game without scatterer which is awesome.
  7. Only the main sun thing. Btw scatterer doesn't switch between different suns and will stay locked onto one sun while thr planets orbits. This will result in the sky and ground lighting going in different directions.
  8. Anything weird in the log? Are errors being spammed? In the last version, you can set the body that acts as the sun separately for each planet. Tell me about it, I'm knee deep in growing pains right now... Anyway, for the volumetrics, I think it would be better to have an option to have scattering and skyIrradiance settings also, technically if you match these settings to those of the 2d clouds, both should be consistent in color. I tried it this way but thought the performance hit wasn't worth it and the visuals were good enough with just extinction on the volumetrics, I guess not in all cases. For the clouds color, it all depends on how much the multipliers are set to, really, any multiplier set too high will overpower the original cloud color which is normal. A high color multiplier will make any clouds look white, high scattering multiplier will make it take the atmosphere color and so on...
  9. Can I see a log or some screenshots? Don't have any idea why the rings wouldn't be there. PQS isn't a factor at all for rings.
  10. What would set the gas giants apart? They should work anywhere.
  11. Yes, I will take a look when I can. Yes.
  12. But, doesn't distant object enhancements do this?
  13. Uhh, explain better? Does the memory leak go away if you disable the EVE cloud integration? How fast is the memory leaking? Is it leaking all the time or on scene changes? Reproduce the issue and post log
  14. Doesn't shadowplay negate any performance impact on streaming/recording?