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  1. @klesh yes, there's still plenty of open space on the map. Overall based on my area guidelines we'd fit 10 people in no problem, and if it starts getting crowded there's things I can consider. My recommendation is still to uninstall the un-needed DLCs, although it's probably OK to leave them in, DLC-only features will simply vanish when someone next opens the save without them. And yes, I've been noticing deathwaves too. They seem to be damping out over the cycles so hopefully we'll be OK, just make sure you provide plenty of deathcare. @StrandedonEarth indeed Stadiums: European Club Pack, being a paid DLC, is not required. We have the original Stadium and the Match Day Football Stadium, and if desired we can consider getting others with mods or assets.
  2. Updated save: Since Wince has the Temple Complex, I just wanted to call dibs on the Oppression Office since that was the other one I'd originally considered for the spot.
  3. I thought it might be interesting to talk about a traffic problem I had and how I fixed it. Take-home messages in italics. The red was originally 2-lane and looked a bit congested, so I upgraded it to 6 lane narrowing to 4 lane in the hope this would improve things. Lol nope. Promptly got tailbacks stretching round the roundabout and down the highway. Perhaps not *that* bad, but not what I wanted! I tinkered with the blue junctions a bit, making them one-way leaving which removes traffic lights, or outright removing them, but to limited effect. With the help of the traffic overlay I deduced the real problem was the green junction. Notice how the three roads meet in a Y rather than a T. Since one is a 4-lane traffic lights are added, and that Y shape means that each approaching road must take it in turn, whereas with a T junction the straight-through part of the T gets green both ways at once. The Y junction gives less percentage green time and thus less capacity. Signal controlled junctions should be T's or crossroads, not at funny angles. I also noticed pedestrians getting in the way of traffic a lot. Try not to have major pedestrian traffic and major motor traffic flows crossing. Using footbridges or underpasses can be a big help. In this case there's not so much I can do for the pedestrians, so I've got to reduce the motor traffic. I considered re-profiling the green junction so it would be a T, but instead opted to make the 2-lane roads one-ways as shown. This did two things. Most importantly, it removed the lights because ... well that's how the game does things. It's to do with how many lanes come in and go out and stuff. Also it eliminates the conflict of right-turning traffic. Those one ways also required me to remove the anticlockwise bus service on the road around the motte, leaving only the clockwise service. That reduces the amount of traffic through the green junction. Buses can be a significant part of your traffic, so think about their routing. At the same time, I added in the magenta road. That, along with a lot of the other roads in that area, hadn't been there before. Adding it provided another route for some traffic, further reducing the load on the problem junction. In particular it let me reroute the shuttle buses so they come off the north exit, follow that magenta road, stop round the central parks, then go through the green junction and out of the city. It means each route only goes through that green junction once not twice like before. Besides the buses, it's good for general traffic. Multiple routes to spread out traffic is often better than one bottleneck. Last I checked, these measures together had solved the traffic problems. It's still busy, but there didn't seem to be any permanent tailbacks. That said I'm sure I'll have bigger problems in future. The roundabout is a minor worry and the West Gate, where there's not room for more than a simple intersection, might become a bigger one. Bonnemotte is by design not really car-friendly, and the terrain probably won't be subway-friendly either. On a lighter note, have a couple of views from Le Bon Motte.
  4. @james.bates congratulations! You've done something a great many people playing KSP have not! And while Eve may be the crowning achievement, your Tylo/Moho lander is my kind of ship :-D Always love the Rhino engine.
  5. Save uploaded: Completed the road layout and zoning for Old Bonnemotte - the bit within the city walls. Twisting streets and back alleys and a higgledy-piggledy mix of zoning, exactly how it should be Still find that despite my best efforts some of the alleys are roller-coaster terrain, I'll just have to try and pretend they're not there. I tweaked a highway interchange too, and added in an Arbor-Bonmotte shuttle buses. For buses the simple two-way shuttle routes seem to handle demand better than one big line through all the towns. Next time I play I can start seriously expanding outside them, and try and finally bring in the railway. Won't be easy but I think I've spotted the gentlest slopes on the hill I can thread the rails round.
  6. I have the save And district styles. Please stop breaking them. Content Manager, switch them on. If it happens again, I have Natural Disasters and I'm not afraid to use it...
  7. ... which is why you need a bigger ion engine ...
  8. Up to a point. Dawn made just over 1 1/2 orbits of the Sun before reaching Vesta, while Vesta to Ceres took a little over half an orbit. So it's slower than a Hohmann but not ridiculous. And based on this diagram it looks like it could have pesudo-Hohmanned it to Mars with the right phasing.
  9. While I agree this would be nice, even with low thrust trajectories ion engines still have limits, too low thrust and you're making a zillion orbits of the Sun while you get anywhere. So there would still be the situation where taking good advantage of ions requires spamming them, unless a larger ion engine is provided
  10. If it's a spaceplane that takes off horizontally, then the simplest option is to add some drop tanks, or drop boosters if you also need extra thrust. Just take off normally and discard the tanks when empty
  11. I suppose the question is would it be used. Let's take an example. A ten ton payload with 6500 m/s. The kind of thing you might use for a Moho mission. Well for 0.33 TWR, currently the ions are the lowest mass, but you need about *seventy* of them. That's somewhere a larger more powerful ion engine, but still with the same TWR by itself, would become an advantage. On the other hand lots of people will complain about even a 0.33 TWR. Bump it up to 0.5 and the Nerv is the better choice anyway. And them some people would complain about 0.5 too and go with a multistaged chemical design.
  12. To be fair, a working SSTO spaceplane is anything but basic. SSTO rockets are simple though. In fact "can I get to orbit on a single stage?" was a question I asked myself way back in the demo. The answer was "Yes, just" and the next question was "How do you rescue a Kerbal from LKO?"
  13. I'm still curious as to exactly what missions do that contracts can't, though. But then I don't play career at all, let alone modded career, so I don't really know what contracts can and can't do.
  14. Indeed, while technically infinite money might not be needed, good blooming luck doing anything without it! As I understand it even with infinite money enabled the game still tracks the city treasury behind-the-scenes.