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  1. For the life of me I can't repeat this bug anymore. Even with the craft that presented issues before I restarted KSP to try to fix it but forgot that it copies over the log. I am a noob at this >_< Here's the craft file, maybe you'll have more luck repeating the bug than I have. It uses parts from RLA Stockalike (the square probe core) and Kerbal Planetary Base Systems (the square base plate). I can provide a full mod list if needed.
  2. It was already attached on the top of the ship. Dishes take up a huge amount of inventory space so I usually just slap them on the side and then move them.
  3. I've been testing and it seems to work fine on Kerbin. But when in the sphere of influence of the Mun (whether orbit or landed) I get the error. I'm currently testing on other planets. I was holding down the H key in the image, that's what makes the error pop up. EDIT: It also happens no matter which part I try to attach it to. It's the KR-7 Dish from RemoteTech. When I'm done testing with this dish, I'll try the others.
  4. I've been trying to see if this has been answered before but my google-fu is failing me so far. I'm trying to attach a RemoteTech antenna to a probe and use it as a relay. The antenna has a single attach node and the attach rules in the config file allow surface attaching. But when I'm in game, I get the error 'Cannot attach: attach function is not supported on this part'. How would I go about fixing this? Do I need to add a module to the antenna config? This is in KSP version 1.0.5
  5. I love this mod and I've used it since it first came out. I know we all appreciate your continued effort in keeping it up to date A (hopefully) small feature request. Would it be possible to add a text box where players can write a summary of a Kerbal's career or mission details or something? I like the RP aspect this brings to the game but sometimes I forget the details of a particular Kerbal's adventures. it'd be neat to be able to keep track of them in-game
  6. I understand that it's frustrating when an update has bugs but I think people should try to be a bit less negative towards the devs. Some bugs are easier to solve than others which is why the 'trivial' bug fixes come a lot faster than the major issues. It's not that Squad isn't putting time into it or is ignoring the issue, there's just a lot more code that goes into making the VAB function compared to renaming a Kerbal. It can be difficult to sort through it all and isolate what the problem is. So please be patient and polite.
  7. I love the modeling and textures and everything on the RCS engines but I struggle to actually find a use for them. At best they seem to be on par with the liquid fuel engines of the same class. The 1 meter monoprop engine is basically the same performance as the LV-909 and the 2 meter engines provide comparable performance to the Poodle. Am I missing something? Is it for people who use RealFuels or something since monoprop doesn't suffer boil off the same way cryogenic fuels do? (Also I poked the devs of RemoteTech to make sure that config was added to the download since it wasn't part of the source )
  8. As one of the lame people that actually reads the README, I got a kick out of this one /////////////////////////////////// /// Reminder to self: Need to do some proper documentation at some point ///////////////////////////////////
  9. @GregroxMun I feel like such a geek but I love Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds! It's totally a guilty pleasure of mine That alone makes me want to play this mod.
  10. When I try to install the Interstellar Fuel Switch mod I don't get the option to 'Apply changes'--the button stays grayed out. Several mods use it as a dependency and those installs can't be completed either. Is this something on my end or something with CKAN? Derp, it was in conflict with another mod but I didn't see that because of the filter I was using. Please disregard
  11. I made a MM config for RLA Stockalike if anyone's interested
  12. Would it be possible to create a flag you can check to 'bookmark' a mod without installing it? I keep on running across interesting mods which I might want to try later but there's no way to remember in the program. My stopgap solution is simply to make a list in a text document but it would be nice if there were a bookmark feature of some kind -A humble user
  13. Hope you're still working on this as it's exactly the kind of mod I was looking for (as far as the planned features). I know nothing about modding KSP but I was thinking that it might be possible to create a 'radioactive fallout' system that would increase the background radiation of a region based on how heavily you use/crash nuclear engines there. You could divide the planet into regions (a la the Kethane mod) with each region having a quantity of a 'radioactivity' resource. Using nuclear engines would act like drills in reverse, adding the radioactivity resource to the region instead of removing it. The more resource in the area, the higher the background radiation. Crashing nuclear objects into the ground (engines, RTGs, resource tanks) would also increase the radiation by a set amount. To reverse this, there could be a part which would take a large amount of energy to clean up the radiation. Just a thought, though maybe out of the intended scope of this mod. In any case, I hope you keep working on this whatever you end up adding
  14. This is a very specific bug. It seems that when you attach an OKTO probe to the top node of a Mk1 pod, it amplifies the heating so much that the pod will explode at relatively minor speeds (800 m/s). I've tested this with ever other 0.625m parts including all other probe cores and fuel tanks and only the OKTO probe causes this issue. I tested this with a simple rocket but it seems to show up in all rockets. My test rocket was a Mk1 pod with an OKTO core and then a mk16 parachute on top. Underneath was a RT-10 set at 50% thrust and launched straight up.
  15. Here's a problem: I never play sandbox. But the horrendously overpowered 3.75m engines unlock at the same general levels as the 2.5m engines. Playing career mode does not alleviate their OPness.