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  1. It was also for other people that may appreciate the info. Just because you don't play career doesn't mean someone else who does won't appreciate the tier 1 runway fix. etc. etc. I got nothing against you staying on 1.2.2. I've basically been on 1.0.4 this whole time. Mostly due to wheels and then terrain seams.
  2. Load up career and check out the first runway in your version of 1.2.2. Thankfully, Squad is not forcing the update. Play away!
  3. Kerbal Space Program update 1.3 Grand Discussion thread.
  4. You're making the assumption that companies make sequels for artistic merit and not potential monetary gain.
  5. This! ...and congrats to everyone else who made the transition!
  6. Kraken, I [dislike] this saying. Edited for harsh language. Hate is such a strong word.
  7. Because all games end development at some point, and with the introduction of DLC, it seems Squad may be seeing the end for the core game. Despite my misgivings about some parts of the game, from an outside standpoint, I could see it being considered "finished." We also must consider the economic state of Squad. Unlike some game companies, their financials are unknown. We have no idea what shape the company may or may not be in, but I'll be very interested to see if KSP again cracks the best sellers list on Steam with the new update. It may no longer make financial sense to continue free development. It may also be time to truly consider a KSP2, and bank on the profits a sequel can bring.
  8. You mean...some sort of...art pass!?
  9. It made me hopeful for a second, but then I figured it probably meant something else entirely.
  10. Is this officially the longest running hype train? Can't be certain, but it does feel that way.