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  1. Interesting idea. I suppose it's something I actually do when starting a new game, but never write it down.
  2. I'd say career mode is worse at teaching the game than the tutorials are. Go watch Scott Manley's tutorial videos. That's my suggestion. Contracts are a great foundation for a built-in set of tutorials that would gradually teach the player the mechanics of the game. Unfortunately, Squad decided having tutorials separate from how most new players would actually start the game was a good idea.
  3. My suggestion: Be happy KSP is so mod friendly. I've had the feeling for a while that KSP1's development is coming to a close. The development of DLC reinforces that feeling for me. Personally, I have long since come to terms with KSP requiring mods. KSP 1.3 is a fine backbone, and anything beyond that is icing on mash potatoes.
  4. Actually, a moment like this was one of my most memorable while playing KSP. It's one I look back on as a positive for the game. Even if it wasn't a positive for that particular mission.
  5. I actually use the website and download the zip. Someone with more knowledge about the Steam version may need to answer.
  6. If you have a Steam copy, just copy the folder to another location. KSP currently has no DRM, so you can copy the folder to your hearts content.
  7. If you're unmodded , just update the game. If you're modded, you'll need to get updated versions of all your mods as well.
  8. Personally, I treat all planets the same. Except Dres. Nobody likes Dres.
  9. What sort of contraption did you use this for?
  10. I'm doubtful Making History is coming along that quickly.
  11. I look forward to it. Not that I have much to complain about. Just had a though. I wonder if the 1.3.1 release will be synchronized with Making History...
  12. Debatable. Lego style building has it's merits. To each his own.
  13. How modded is your install? - I usually have around 40 to 50 mods. ...and why? - Because KSP is a good backbone, but needs some help being great.
  14. A much more sensible name.
  15. That post should be mandatory reading when signing up for an account on this forum. I still have game zips and mod collections going back to 0.24.2. Nothing crazy about that. Maybe a little crazy.