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  1. I'd maybe temper those expectations a bit.
  2. Personally, I think future localisations should be released akin to learning Al Bhed. KSP1.4 shall contain letters A through E in the remaining 4 languages. Future volumes to come.
  3. Interesting. Aren't kerbals a meter tall, as well? These little facts always interested me.
  4. I'm with you, but can't say I'm surprised at the scope the first DLC ended up being.
  5. Agree completely. I want to lead my space program. Not have other third parties lead my space program. Hope this can provide such gameplay.
  6. Thank you for providing the quote. I didn't remember this.
  7. When did they promise 9 languages?
  8. Thanks for adding a bit more darkness. It's a little thing you didn't need to do, but some of us immersion junkies will enjoy it. So, my hopes of it being a contract proposal system for career are for naught? Disappointed.
  9. So you're saying it will never be stock.
  10. Why not both?
  11. Words to live by.
  12. Only when Mexico wins.
  13. I choose pie cake as the only reasonably reasonable answer.
  14. Honestly, I hope it's a contract creator. Allow me to actually set the goals of my space program. edit: If by scenario editor, you're still talking about career mode, than even better. When I hear scenario, I think a standalone game mode, which doesn't really interest me as much.