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  1. Question: if I want to increase the workshop's efficiency of the non-mobile workshop included in the mod (ie, command modules, hab modules, etc), how would I go about it? While I don't think they should "compete" in efficiency with the included workshop, I feel their efficiency is too low.
  2. Is there any up to date tutorial regarding power networks? I think my previous attempt failed because the generator stopped to transmit whenever I switch away from it. So I've built another and put it in orbit instead of the ground (with hyperedit, to test) It has a fission reactor directly connected to the electric generator - and it is producing electrical power. Then a gyrotron is connected directly to the electric generator. Then the transceiver goes straight to the gyrotron, I click on "activate transmitter" and yet it remains as "input power offline"
  3. Yeah, but that's not gonna happen until KSP 2, if it's ever developed
  4. I think they could expand and do both a Kerbal Aeronautics Program and a KSP 2. Who knows, maybe there is even a market for Kerbal Nautic Program, starting all the way from Kerbals' prehistory to modern yatchs, cruisers and cargo ships.
  5. Add moar (tiny) boosters The catch is that there isn't a 1.25 to 4x0.625 multiadapter. You can either use cubic strusses to mount them radially or you'll need mods/tweakscale/a MM patch that creates multiadapters for all sizes
  6. How do I "link them for relay"? Is the probe well built? If so, which buttons do I need to press to make them work?
  7. Cool but... what was wrong with my relay setup above? Do I just need to have the "deployable microwave phased array transceiver" in a probe within line of sight of a generator emitting microwaves and click the "deploy receiver" (or whatever it was called, I don't have ksp open at the moment) or does it need additional parts or actually be looking in the general direction of the emitter?
  8. Goes to sniff in a corner Now seriously, yeah, I didn't expect it to detect the KSPI reactors, but I hoped they could at least co-exist, with fusebox detecting the stock and maybe the NFT parts. Just in case it wasn't clear, with KSPI (and NFT, I don't know which mod is causing issues) it doesn't detect stock power generators either.
  9. Cool. Downloading.
  10. I agree with all this, but the devs barely mentioned a dV readout once (and never went back to the subject again). And, as for #2 and #3, they've never showed any interest, so I doubt they'd be added at any point in the future.
  11. I have Near Future Electrics and KSPI-E and Fusebox doesn't recognize electrical inputs, plus it creates some weird bug with actual electrical input - even though I have electricity, probes won't work and a message will indicate they don't work because they don't have power and KSPI tanks leak hydrogen as if they are without power. I have no idea how much of the bugs caused by the mods interactions come from your end and how much from whatever changes, if any, both mods do to stock electricity.
  12. That's one of the situations in which I use MJ autopilot. Now that we have the point-to-node SAS, there isn't much of a difference in setting SAS in that mode, firing up the engines and time warping than using MJ autopilot (and timewarping). 10 minutes at 4x timewarp (assuming your ship is rigid and stable enough, otherwise choose 3x timewarp) it's two minutes.
  13. TWR is 1.66 in Eeloo. Doable, but low. But it may be a moot point - I was thinking about using Ground Construction to build the lander in Eeloo, so it would be taking off from there instead of landing. I've just tried my Duna lander in Tekto in sandbox. It's not going to work, at all. Granted, I took off inclined because I've landed on a hill and was in a 20° something slope, but it tilted to the side worse than a rocket in Kerbin. I'm going to need to something with wings, I think, and maybe even try HOTOL Which also means I will probably have an easier time by using a different design in Slate. So much for using the same ship over and over.
  14. Hi, I'm planning my first trip to Sarnus, so I've posted my ideas for the fleet I'll send in the gameplay questions subforum... but probably not that many people that play with OPM go there. If anyone wants to give me any suggestion or correct something I've planned wrong, here's the thread I've created