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  1. Two things. As Aerograv said, you should try to put the dry CoM at the center of the plane. Since the engines are heavy and are at the back of the plane, that's hard to achieve. See if you can redisign with some of the engines around the middle of the plane, or if you can put the fuel tanks further ahead. Also, the Big-S wings can store fuel. Canards at the nose might be helpful in general, but I'm not sure if they'll help with reentry. Once you have that accomplished, you should reenter more smoothly. Also keep an eye on your horizontal speed. By the time the flaming reentry effects are over, your velocity will approach subsonic speeds. If you don't put your nose prograde by then, you may slow down too much (horizontally) and stall
  2. It's not my idea at all and has been talked several times on the forums, but I found this today And it's just too good to not be stock. It adds immersion, it adds a reason to visit those planets (how many players start a career and consider the game finished when they unlock the full tech tree?) and it gives a sense of accomplishment beyond planting a flag, taking a selfie and (maybe) doing some science experiments for extra points
  3. Clearly, Calradia is in Laythe. A dangerous place to land unarmed. So, the Dovahkin flies towards the gods? I was playing Bayonetta. I'm not exactly sure how they mix. OTOH, prior to that I was playing Saints Row IV, but I don't think Jeb would fare well if he's taken into one of Zinyak's tanks.
  4. This kind of stuff should be stock. Start with credible ground based observations, send something to map the planets in order to see them.
  5. I've used my Munar Factory (with Ground Constructions) to build a rover to explore Tylo. Not because it's my first attempt in this save and everything went as planned but because my Jool flotilla arrived to the Joolian system and, as the brave kerbonauts deployed to their different bodies of interests, it came to my attention that I had completely forgotten to launch the Tylo Descend Vehicle and that the twin of the Tylo Rover, currently deployed in Vall, couldn't climb slopes higher than 5 degrees at Vall, which surely means it's twin would be useless in Tylo, even if I find a way to put it in Tylo's surface with the tugs at hand. And since large rovers are anti-aerodinamic, I've built it in the Mun, and the transfer stage gets to double as a Tylo Descend Vehicle. Sadly, it also means I was playing Kerbal Slideshow Program while handling things at Mun Factory Anyway, screenshots
  6. Don't expect Squad to finish a part lineup. There is the MK2 expansion mod
  7. The alternate solution for power are nuclear reactors
  8. Yep: KER shows the terrain slope beneath you as long as you are below a certain altitude above the ground, which is rather cool to know when landing
  9. If I wanted to alt-tab to check the tracking station range on the Internet and alt-tab again to the windows calculator to do the math, the result is meaningless unless I also know the range between the ship (or its destination) and Kerbin. Squad could add an overlay showing the ship's antenna's range to Kerbin's DSN and also add the option to change the overlay to another ship, or automatically reference the comm network's path. But why would they bother, since they expect modders will complete their game for free?
  10. In another subject, are those vectors I'm seeing at the back of a spaceplane? As in, heavy, low isp, excessive thrust, excessive gimbal vectors?
  11. Also regarding the engines, you're using the 2.5m jets, which are only for subsonic jets in Kerbin and the 3.75m first stage engine, which is terrible for vaccum. The 2.5m jets are just dead weight above 10,000 meters in Kerbin. As recommended engines, although this is much more complex, I'd say you have two groups (not exactly, but to get an idea): engines that take off from Kerbin's surface (or any other gravity well) and engines that excel at vaccum. For a mothership, you want engines from the second group - the catch is that most of those engines suck as lifter engines and not all of them work well for lander engines. I'll list them: Nerv: excelent isp when paired with liquid fuel only tanks. Heavy, low thrust so it can't take off Kerbin (let alone Eve) and it's long shape requires creativity to place it in a lander. Also, since it's heavy, it makes your lander heavy. Terrier and Dart: the best isp for 1.25 engines. The Terrier sucks in an atmosphere, the Dart doesn't and is one of the few engines to work in Eve's surface. The Terrier is lighter, has gimbal and low thrust. The Dart is a bit heavier, lacks gimbal and has decent thrust (for a 1.25m engine). I'm not sure if you can make a pure stock SSTO with darts for Kerbin (I've tried without success). Poodle: pretty much an oversized Terrier, so same recommendations. The best isp of chemical engines Rhino: the best isp of 3.75m engines. Heavy. Powerful thrust. Can be used as a lifter engine in an atmosphere, although it doesn't excel at that. Its tall profile and heavy weight means it takes a lot of creativity to use it as a lander engine using stock parts (you need landing legs somewhere!). Can't take off from sea level at Eve. Also, a good navigational practice for interplanetary ships with low TWR (as in, relative low engine power compared to their mass) is to split the nodes. So, instead of a long 2,000 dV burn, you start with a 800 dV burn at the place where you need to burn to go interplanetary. That will put your Ap by the Mun's orbit and it will take about a day to complete the orbit (so you don't risk missing a transfer window by pushing the Ap to Minmus orbit).Then you schedule the actual interplanetary burn at (or near) your Pe. You save some fuel due the Oberth effect and you gain in accuracy.
  12. That ring will not take off from Eve, even in a multistage design: is too heavy and antiaerodinamic. You can't do an Eve SSTO. But even in a multistage ship, you'll need to reduce The ship's drag to a minimum and lift as little payload as possible
  13. First Mun landing First manual docking First spaceplane SSTO First Eve manned return First Tylo landing
  14. I don't know. I love the game, but there are too many things that should be dealbreakers: poor optimization which loads all textures in system ram, the lack of proper planning tools like KAC, Astrogator or KER, the outdated graphics (which, to add insult to injury, are a resource hog). A finished game should work out of the box, and you can't send a fleet to Jool without mods (or you can, but you'll be relaying in external tools, too much eyeballing and replacing KAC with pen and paper)
  15. I've tried this in 1.2.2 (stock aero) to calculate an aerobreak at Sarnus (from the OPM mod) and whenever I go to the map view, the FPS collapse to 3 fps while the console gets spammed by WARNING: infinite loop? (Trajectories.MapOverlay.initMeshFromOrbit) Is it an known issue with this mod? I'm also getting "reentry simulation timed out" in mechjeb's trajectories calculator, so maybe there is a conflict somewhere.