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  1. Yep, I just made a test hyperediting a probe with an antimatter collector. Some of this values are rounded up (and I'm not sure how to copy and paste from Excel in this forum) Planet Height (km) mg per day Kerbol 463400 16,1 (does it resist the heat?) It's very low Moho 390 0,0017 Eve 1063 1,233 Kerbin 875 0,963 Duna 485 0,028 Dres 222 0,0037 Jool 9000 143 Halfway between Jool's "surface" and Laythe's orbit Laythe 715 1,1205 Tylo 935 0,5658 OPM gas giants Sarnus 7800 17,5 Just outside the rings Urlum 3535 1,75 Neidon 3000 2,1254 It simply doesn't make any sense to harvest it at anywhere other than Jool. Maybe Kerbin to test it, but that's it.
  2. I see. Another question: is there a way to "see" what's a good orbit to harvest antimatter? I've put a test collector in Kerbin's orbit but I had to fiddle the orbit with hyperedit until I found the "sweet" spot ("sweet" meaning: 385 years to fill two 2.5m tanks). And a way to compare how much antimatter can be harvested in the different planets?
  3. Nope, they reduced the requirements in one of the last updates. Land in one of the two moons, orbit the other and leave SOI is enough now. Since Minmus requires less dV to land and take off and the Mun is easier to aim for while returning to Kerbin, I'd rather go Minmus surface -> out of soi -> Mun orbit -> recover at Kerbin
  4. Ah, ok. I haven't unlocked it yet, so I'll try to collect solar wind another time then
  5. Uh, errr... do you know which one of them? I tried several and none had an option to process it
  6. Question, how do you turn solar wind into something useful?
  7. I'll add that the peeking out of Kerbin's SOI and returning to Kerbin is a good way to train kerbals: Go to Minmus, land there. Maybe refuel, if you unlocked the tech and have a mining rig there. Leave Minmus and, in doing so, make a burn long enough to also leave Kerbin's SOI The moment you leave Kerbin's SOI, mark Kerbin as your target and burn towards the target (ie, Kerbin). Your burn will take you back into Kerbin's SOI. Get into Kerbin's SOI. Instead of circularizing at Pe for capture, perform a Hoffman transfer to the Mun. Capture at the Mun so you orbit the Mun Return to Kerbin's surface Any kerbal you had in your ship will end up with three stars
  8. When I downloaded Nertea's Kerbal Atomics I erased the patch that made the nerv use liquid hydrogen because it broke my existing ships using liquid fuel, and also breaks rapier+nerv SSTOs, since they no longer share the same fuel. Then I got thinking "what about rapiers which use liquid hydrogen"? They'd be closer to the Skylon project, since the spaceplane would have to carry bulkier, if more efficient, fuel. I think I nearly got it with an MM patch by duplicating the rapiers and changing the fuel type of both modes. But would it be easier with this mod? And maybe make the nerv be able to use either liquid fuel (at stock performance) or liquid hydrogen (at Kerbal Atomics performance)?
  9. Yes, AFAIK there is a patch in KSPI-E that reduces electrical output of the KSPI-E generators if NFT is present. IIRC (I'm at work, I don't have ksp at hand) they are still substantially more powerful than NFT reactors (otoh, they are also heavier). You can power NFT electrical engines with either KSPI-E reactors or with a KSPI-E power network, but I feel the latter is kind of cheating: NFT electrical engines were designed and balanced to be used with nuclear reactors (or a lot of big solar panels). Replacing an 8 tons reactor with 0.2 tons of thermal solar panels from kspi-e makes the NFT plasma engines ridiculously OP. I think. I'm still trying to figure things out. I get the feeling that KSPI-E reactors are better used for KSPI-E stuff while NFT reactors are better suited for stock and NFT stuff. They are interchangeable, but there is no point in using the heavier, more complex, KSPI-E reactors to power a mining rig and I don't think NFT reactors would be powerful enough for KSPI-E engines (although I haven't tested that) Used in combination, I feel NFT is more "predictable" as you build stuff, since every engine uses a single fuel type and demands a certain electrical power, which you can match to a certain nuclear reactor (well, I think NFT lacks a mid range reactor between the first 1.25m one and the heavier reactors). Nertea's Kerbal Atomics is also simpler than KSPI Nuclear thermal engines: Nertea's engines use liquid hydrogen and that's it. In KSPI-E the engines performance depends on your choices of fuel type, and available electrical power. Also, unfortunately, whatever Freethinker designed to make that possible with electrical engines doesn't integrate into whatever KER and MJ use to calculate information, so you can't rely on MJ/KER to provide accurate information in the VAB regarding electrical engines performance. KSPI-E nuclear thermal engines are simpler in that regards but, unfortunately, KSP interface doesn't help to easily select a fuel. Instead of being able to change all the fuels of a certain stage or even see a chart with the expected results beforehand, you need to individually switch the fuels for both engine and tanks.
  10. So I can just plug a Tri-Alpha Something Reactor and the ship won't end up useless with a bug fix update in the future that fixes the "Daedalus using too little power when NFT is installed"?
  11. The Terrier, the Poodle and the Rhino. The dart comes next. Which one you choose depends on your payload and desired thrust. Also, the Rhino may come from the central stack of the boosters you're using to lift off from Kerbin, so you may save an extra stage.
  12. Ok, I had asked in the development thread by mistake. In any case, I've been testing the Deadalus, and it always maxes out at 400 kw, producing maximum thrust. Is that correct or a bug? In other words, I can run it with one of the early fission reactors instad of a heavier fusion reactor
  13. So, back to the Daedalus, which fusion reactor is best to power it? I have the Tri-something, which is lighter but shouldn't produce that much power, the Tomakaw (sp?), the Stellarator and in the Daedalus tech node there is the IXS, which is far heavier, but comes with an integrated electric converter. I have no idea about how to choose a good fusion reactor for a mothership based on that
  14. Ah, got it. So it's not like I'm doing something wrong. I guess I should just demand power from the reactor (as in, turn on laser transmitters) when they are needed. Not only that saves radiator fuel, it keeps the waste heat from building up. Well, I'm playing science career, so funds aren't an issue. I'll unlock it the next time I play