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  1. The amusing thing is that this is already fixed. On my side. And I've been sitting on it for a few months. Heh. I've sometimes not pushed out changes if they're really small, and I don't have anything more pressing to push out with it. But this has been sitting for a while now, so I should probably just update it.
  2. This is explained in the troubleshooting section, in the main post at the top of the thread. I'm highly tempted to remove the shrouds completely, at this point. I don't know if anyone really gets much use out of them, and it keeps causing problems under the recent KSP versions. Anyone have any objections? It probably won't happen immediately, since I'm sitting on a few updates as it is, waiting to have some time to give things the proper treatment.
  3. Something is wrong with how the MM patches are executing in your build, then. That part is disabled by default, but is configured to be enabled if SpaceY-Expanded is installed. Are you running with Expanded installed? Since it's 7.5m, it should only be visible when that's there. These patches disable themselves if HPTechTree is installed, to favor its rules instead. Are you using that?
  4. Yeah, that might be a bit of an oversight.
  5. Oh man, I haven't even had the time for working on the mods lately. There are sections here on the forum for getting help though, and lots of great advice out there. They're based on the stock parts, actually. Here's how the breakdown works: By default, RSB uses real-world mass, ISP, and sizes for everything, even though it's using the stock fuels. It just packs the right amount of those fuels to give it real-world performance, and ignores the stock game's normal fuel densities. When you add the stock-alike configs, it rescales everything into standard stock diameters, and then changes the fuel amounts to match the stock densities. That is, the fuel capacity is what you would expect if you used stock tanks of the same size. The engines are given mass and thrust values, as multiples of existing stock engines with similar roles. So what that means is that the RSB Stock numbers aren't designed with a particular planet size in mind, but rather they cooperate with the stock parts in intuitive ways, so that they can be mixed and matched meaningfully. If the stock parts are useful in the scale you're working in, then RSB Stock will work too.
  6. My plan has been to add a few more adapters, to use with the E1 engines and the like, rather than a single 10m engine. Right now there's the 4x 3.75m adapter for 10m to do that, but I think I still need to add a 5x (and maybe 7x) adapter too. It's less painful using those with the E1 engines, than doing 42 vectors, for sure. But even the Vectors should be somewhat manageable with symmetry.
  7. That's sort of tricky. I haven't really tested with it, but I think the mesh switchers don't handle it well when there are multiple objects with same-named meshes that need to be switched. I think IFS will switch one, but leave the other z-fighting? This might be a good request on the IFS thread.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately I can't do much about that. KSP's overhaul of wheels and landing gear has changed how friction and suspension works. I'm at their mercy.
  9. Yeah, that might be kinda cool. I'll add this to the to-do list.
  10. Yeah, RF and/or something that interacts with it is doing something funky. I'm not sure where the issue is yet. The only other person that was reporting this, never sent me a log. I haven't had the time to set up a modded installation and track it down separately (I've had little time for modding recently). Can you send me your KSP.log? You can put it on dropbox or something. I'll certainly take a look. Just make sure to delete ModuleManager.ConfigCache in GameData before firing up KSP to generate the log, that way it logs everything that MM is doing.
  11. Dang, that looks awesome!
  12. Yep, no 10m docking port. At least for now, that was an executive decision. They're always a weak point, making craft flimsy, etc, and I figure 10m will mostly be used for launch vehicles anyway. If there's enough interest, I can always add one. That's all controlled on the RO side. I don't think they fully support us.
  13. Multiple smoke points is something I'd expect to work, but I haven't really tested it (that I can recall off hand). Most of the stock parts, and also my multi-engine parts, use a single smoke emitter right in the middle. It's a bit of a framerate saver. Multiple prefab emitters can be done, but they have to be assigned separate names (which are often missing in stock configs).
  14. Just replied over in the other thread. Since the SRBs are in the main SpaceY pack, it's best to continue it there.
  15. Hmm. They're all covered in the TweakScale config. Are you using the latest SpaceY version? I could probably look in your log and see if it's doing something strange. Unfortunately that's going to be a question for the SRB Limiter mod's thread. I don't have any configs to control how it does its limiting and thrust curves, so it's all on their side.