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  1. This dude used your Sea Dragon model 


  2. next update with two attack point 0.16

  3. next update with two attack point

  4. Last I heard, RF didn't have support for RSB, unfortunately. It seems like it would be right up their alley, though.
  5. Gladly, I have that set up for the next release. One of your other mods is probably interfering. the RSB stockalike patches use a few of the stock parts to get some baseline numbers for things like cost and mass. If those parts are removed or significantly altered, it will throw off the RSB patches. I'm not sure what SSTU does to the stock parts.
  6. It's probably some bad mod interaction somewhere. The mod comes with realistic mass and TWR, using the stock fuels, so if you have a mod that changes the fuels, it will throw everything off. I don't remember if RO has patches for the Sea Dragon, but I think it does mess with the stock fuels. It probably needs a custom patch, but this is typically handled on the RO side.
  7. Some ITS or Duna Transporter stuff would definitely be cool. I'll keep it in mind.
  8. Sorry for the late reply. But yes, it relies on the textures provided by FTP.
  9. As far as I know, nothing changed in 1.3 that would break my mods, since they're just part mods. Of course, this comes with the caveats that you have 1.3 compatible versions of the mods it interacts with, such as Module Manager, InterstellarFuelSwitch, etc. I'm going to go through and update the version numbers, and we'll see what breaks. That always works, right?
  10. Hey all, just a quick note that I'm still here. I'll try to catch up on this thread and my other mods soon. Been super busy lately, and this past week has been just crazy. But I haven't vanished completely. Check out the troubleshooting in the first post. Usually this is a problem with ModuleManager (missing, wrong version, not working with a new KSP version, etc), or one of the model switcher mods not being installed or configured correctly (Interstellar Fuel Switch, B9, etc).
  11. OK, I'll leave it for now. I still use a lot of BEFORE/AFTER in how I do things anyway, but sometimes it's very circuitous by necessity. Posted: 1.12.1 (2017-04-09) - MFT fix. - Corrected some MM patch issues for ModularFuelTanks.
  12. Good to know, but the old programmer in me doesn't like to trust things that aren't explicitly defined.
  13. Yep, I'm putting it together now. I'll get that out ASAP.
  14. Ah! Excellent. That first one needs to change to a "BEFORE" since it's creating the variable, but otherwise that looks good. I'll add it.