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  1. Awesome, thank you! I'll try and make a commit tonight after work.
  2. Ok... well... 'attaching without H', you mean, dropping it? Doesn't matter what tool you use as long as you attach it to the node (the wrench can't do it)... Not sure what else to tell you apart from make sure you're attaching them correctly. EDIT: @KerbMav you don't appear to have KAS installed.
  3. I'd like to do Delta III at some point, I'd rather not do Delta IV.
  4. Install one of the plugs on the other end (both ends need one), and then drag a connection between them via the right click menu.
  5. I've been making so much progress on those, that's why I've been posting so many WIP screenshots of them.
  6. D'oh! There was some sort of thing where I accidentally deleted them off Github or something.
  7. Those two boosters (the two Algol variants) were bugged in that version. Just take the Engines folder (which REALLY needs to get renamed since it's actually pretty much just Scout, Athena and some misc solid stuff) from the latest release and replace it in your old version. In fact, everything in the newest Bluedog_DB/Parts/ directory should work except the Agena Materials Bay - they were all developed in 1.2.2, after all.
  8. Awesome! You might want to tweakscale the antennas down, the problem with the BDB probe stuff is that they were all made piecemeal so they aren't scaled perfectly like, say, Apollo.
  9. Either uninstall or update the Saturn_Rescale.cfg you somehow installed?
  10. You're missing the BDB.dll plugin somehow. Do a fresh install of the mod.
  11. I believe you'll need @Drakenex's Block 4 MM part cfg for that. The 'actual' Block IV MM hasn't been made yet (simply put, I ran out of room on the first extra texture sheet for Apollo, and published what I had), but he made a MM config that rescaled the Block III MM to fit it. @minepagan must've used it in one of his craft files. That will all be fixed #eventually.
  12. He's talking about the turbopump exhaust for the boosters, which on Atlas shared a common exhaust in the early models. You can't see it in the image I posted, but it's there. The one in the image @NeoFatalis linked is bigger than in all the other images I've seen. Here's the other side of the rocket, you can see the pipe. Also, this should go without saying but the textures are very WIP.
  13. That's hopefully doable! Can you send me some of the assets for the new version so I can make sure they scale correctly?
  14. Oh whoops. Yeah. now you've got me wondering what a new one would look like... but I've got bigger, balloon tanked fish to fry today. Yeah, I don't know. Like I said, it's a fair amount of work but I think it'd be a good first mod for someone that wants to cut their teeth on a fairly limited scope project. For what it's worth, this next update (shaping up to basically be Atlas revamp + Centaur touch ups + Atlas expansion + LDC Titan) will probably be the last non-Saturn LV update for the forseeable future, since I think the mod is fairly saturated with those now. I've also been having more fun with spacecraft parts as of late, so we'll see. You'll have to blame @e of pi for the bad RCS configuration on the Block IV and Block III+, let alone the AARDV. He says they're 'fine'. ... if you want to 'do the math' to figure out how powerful and where the thrusters need to go for the Block III+ and the AARDV Block I, maybe a single thruster version of the Apollo linear RCS is in order, complete with the plates on the texture like the Block II SM. On that note, I was super jealous of @Beale when he was making some of those cool little bits for the Soyuz capsule. Apollo doesn't really have a lot of stuff like that I can make off of historical sources, but if anyone finds anything - or thinks of something on their own! - I'd love to know. Like I said, I have a lot of space left on that texture sheet that needs to get filled up. In fact, maybe even sketches? (Don't worry about art ability, it's about getting ideas across). If enough people have ideas maybe I can choose my favorite 3 and make them into parts. I'm thinking little simple greebly bits that people will find useful, like Beale's lights. Maybe it's a new RCS layout to match the Apollo RCS set, or some little antenna, maybe Apollo style ladder bits to match the CM handholds? I wanna know.