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  1. Calm down Handy dandy guide, for anyone wondering. "" and "SaturnMB.cnf"??? Thanks br0. Screenshot tax time, redone Titan 1 first stage (engine hasn't gotten full treatment, just adjusted colors) and WIP Titan SRBs. Sort of an 'announcement' but I do plan on finishing the Titan SRB decoupler as part of this work. In general if there are any parts you're desperately 'missing' (ie that really should be there, but aren't...) please let me know and I'll see if I can cram them into these updates. It's somewhat slow going - the urge to keep tweaking and perfecting these textures is strong, and I'm spending far more time than is strictly necessary on everything. I think the results are looking to be worth it, though.
  2. Don't think so?
  3. !nice edit: first.
  4. They are currently maintained in Bluedog Design Bureau, I think someone *might* have repackaged them back as a standalone. If not, you can just delete all the other part folders in BDB.
  5. No pics no clicks
  6. Fake news. Note on Gemini - I would like to add some color back to it, I just haven't figured out how yet. It will definitely be more subtle than the previous markings.
  7. Well, I'm done with this quarter of classwork, and I have nothing else to do today. Join me for another episode of 'Dumping dozens of man hours into parts I've already created!', exclusively on Twitch!