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  1. Exciting news! Do you have any sort of long term roadmap for your projects, or is that not the kind of commitment you're making right now?
  2. Is that all I am now? T.T Which one? D: My 2c, even if you do that I'd like to see @PocketBrotector and/or @GonDragon also maintain the normal Habtech release for people that might now want DSEV. EDIT: Sidebar, @benjee10 do you have the assets for the Z1 Truss or any other unreleased stuff for maintainers to integrate?
  3. Agena was launched on Atlas, Titan and Thor. It served many different purposes, with Atlas being the one I personally most associate with it because of ATV and the various interplanetary/lunar probes launched using it.
  4. No, I'd rather not add more single-use parts. That's the same holdup I have with making experiment palletes for the inside of the service module. CKAN will update whenever an official release is put out, which will be after we make sure everything is working. Some time in the next couple of days maybe. In the meantime, we can't really offer support for any issues that arise out of getting the test release working. But I don't expect there to be any issues provided it's all installed correctly.
  5. Oh man so exciting! You're gonna put me out of business!
  6. That's such a neat little part! I'll have to try and find if there are little parts like that and the antennas for me to add for Apollo...
  7. @Beale how exciting! I love those little mini modules!
  8. I wish I could work faster T.T It will all get done eventually...
  9. Dev stream tonight if anyone wants to see the new Apollo continue to take shape:
  10. Is the implication that only a single flange and explosive bolt connect the two sides of the smallest decoupler?
  11. ... huh?
  12. That or, like... mesh/node switching. If @blowfish isn't a liar! (I know he's not) But yeah definitely a possibility... EDIT: BUT @TheRedTom that would break the LES model... darn... why can't I just make everything good haha. EDIT2: Oh, also, the new technique I learned to make the window geometry work without causing smoothing issues, can also be used to keep the seams between the parachutes and parachute mount smooth, as well as other things like the service module's doors. Speaking of the service module... can anyone find some pictures of the service module with bays in the 'empty' configuration? And/or just good ones of the service module in general? I've been thinking about the subsat too - it might be very easy to model and push out with the rest of the revamped Apollo stuff, so I might cross that off my list quickly on my way through the Apollo stuff.
  13. Thank you! Comments like that make me feel better about how much time I spend on all this haha Oh dear! Jso if we have to push out that kind of update we can at least include some of the revamped stuff like the LEM, right? Believe me, you're not the only one that asks those questions. I just wish my productivity could keep up with my ideas. More people should go to the Patreon linked in the OP and support me doing this full time, then we'd get somewhere! Especially since I graduate soon. Yes, the top surface of the parachute mount is 0.9375m to make it compatible with the larger APAS systems if the user wants to use those instead. I was playing with the geometry to try and get it a *little* bit closer to the real thing, but there's really nothing I can do if I want to keep that functionality. Of course,, I've got a couple more days to think about it if I want. Also, the separate parachute mount means that the top reentry RCS, which belong on the parachute part, instead is on the pod closer to the door. Nothing I can do if I want to keep the pod with its full functionality. I didn't want to end up like FASA where you *have* to use the parachutes, RCS that go with the capsule otherwise you'll leave holes.
  14. Yeah? Go away. Idk. *drinks profusely* Eh... Yeah I kno- Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... No and no. Nothing. Yeah... No... Cus it's not done. I got distracted.
  15. I, uh, maybe have started several other projects in the meantime. You know where to look. I also, uh, may have decided to remodel the Apollo pod? So that's a thing that is happening now. I really am unhappy with the window placement and shape, and in order to make it look the way I want it... idk. Once I sort out some niggling issues with the geometry around the windows, it'll be an easy unwrap and then just normal texture work. Hard part will be not messing with the other existing parts on that texture sheet, but I think a different method of unwrapping (which I've been using in another project) will let me reuse a couple panels, which would alleviate the issue a little. RE: the Saturn 1 mount. I was actually thinking about that this morning. I think I'd like to use the existing mesh for the 4x adapter, and then remake the current one (there *should* be room on the sheet last I checked... if not there's also enough space on the main Saturn V texture sheet that won't be missed. Any other new Saturn parts are likely big enough to need a new sheet anyways) to be the more cylindrical thrust structure that the later 1B flights used (see below) That is an issue that until recently we didn't have a fix for - I was honestly just trusting the user to use the translate widget to move it up. But apparently you can enable/disable nodes using B9 switches (I think) (@blowfish?) so yeah.