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  1. Glad you like the mod. There's still more to do, but it's in solid shape now.
  2. Ok, both parts still exist in the mod, they're in the Gondola folder. Not sure why you're seeing the issue, but go to GondoHab.cfg and change TechRequired = Unresearchable category = None to TechRequired = advExploration category = Utility Do the same for GondoLab and GondoGarden, and you should be back in business.
  3. The hangout spot is a really nice touch. Looks great! Should only be deprecated, not deleted. The original parts are still there.
  4. Pathfinder 1.8.5 is now available: Gold Strike - Some locations now have a higher chance of containing valuable resources than others. - WBT update
  5. MOLE 1.6.5 is now available: - WBT Update
  6. DSEV is now available: New Parts - Personal Airlock Module: This surface-attached and stack-mounted airlock holds a single kerbal. It is styled to fit with the upcoming Nautilus. - D2 Briefing Room: This alternate habitat configuration seats 10 kerbals. You can click on the conference phone to change the internal lighting color from white, blue, and off. Bug Fixes & Enhancements - Fixed rotation issues with the D2 Centrifuge. - WBT update.
  7. Buffalo 2.0.5 is now available: - WBT Update - Added the V-22 Buffalo Wings development aircraft to the SampleCraft/Ships/SPH folder. It is fairly well balanced for VTOL flight if you use the Hover Manager.
  8. Heisenberg 2.4.0 is now available: New Parts - GondoBalcony: This part is handy for preventing kerbals from opening the door on Bison office buildings, stepping outside, and experiencing a sudden stop at the end. You can toggle the central railing to extend the balcony. - Construction Pad: Designed for the roof of a Bison module, the Construction Pad provides a landing spot for your aircraft. With ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads installed, it also doubles as a launchpad for new vessel construction. - Pad Extension: Also designed for the roof of a Bison module, this pad extension makes your landing pads larger. Bug Fixes & Enhancements - WBT Update - The GondoHab, GondoLab, and GondoGarden can now be broken down for easy transport and set up as office buildings, just like the GondOffice. The new ability is only available to new constructions. - Fixed the VAB/SPH part icon for the GondOffice. - The GondOffice's conference phone can now change the internal light color from white, blue, and off. - Fixed IVA overlay positioning of the GondOffice.
  9. What is the problem? Looks like an empty hangar.
  10. The trippy thing is, maybe all of the kerbol system is already mulched, and the planets are all being plucked from a dying S.A.V.E. and being dropped into a stable one...
  11. Ok, please feel free to go through the patches and make a pull request.
  12. Nope. But it is fully compatible with Pathfinder.
  13. Wow! The Eve of destruction! I wonder if the aliens survived?
  14. Yup, already slated for the next release. Hopefully in the next couple of days.