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  1. LabTime is split between projects. Staffing the botany lab will improve growth time, but it can be run without staff.
  2. Every year, thousands of kerbals go mad standing in line to briefly glimpse at a page in the book with some celebrities in it...
  3. Take a look at MOLE's entry in the KSPedia, it should answer your questions.
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look. Eventually I will have parts that need Konkrete, but it will be awhile. Things are taking a lot longer than expected.
  5. Well, the easiest thing for you to do is add the desired parts to the CLS MM patch.
  6. I and my airship crews thank you.
  7. @mcdouble I'm enjoying your alternate ETS timeline, keep going!
  8. Best to use MaterialKits so that users who have both my mods and USI mods have less mental switching to do.
  9. USI-LS support is out of date in my mods. Since I don't use it, I rely on the community to keep the USI-LS module manager patches up to date. If someone wants to make sure they're all current, I accept pull requests.
  10. Finally some significant progress on the replacement for he heat mechanic:
  11. DSEV 2.1.4 is now available: - The CryoShelter works with DeepFreeze again - thanks JPLRepo! - CTT update - thanks Krakatoa! @SpaceKadet I was unable to reproduce the issue with the hext trusses. If/when it happens again, please send logs.
  12. Pathfinder 1.10.0 is now available: Gold Strike - You now have an unlimited number of chances to find resources in any given biome on any given planet. You still only get once chance per asteroid though. - You now only need to drive a minimum of 3km away from the previous prospecting location in order to make another attempt. - Lowered the chances of finding a lode. - Lowered the max units of a lode's resource that you can find. - The Pathfinder geology lab has the ability to prospect for resources. - Your drills will automatically dig up the lode resource if there's room for it in your vessel; it functions independently of drilling for Ore. - Prospecting asteroids is now functioning properly. Bug Fixes & Enhancements. - You can now carry the Sombrero and Telegraph. - Drills no longer generate heat when in operation. - When inflating parts, if you have no active distributors that are sharing the needed Equipment, you'll receive a message to remind you to turn on resource distribution. - Fixed an issue where the resource distributor cache wouldn't be rebuilt after changing a part's distributor status and/or what resources to distribute. - Fixed an integration issue with KPBS.
  13. No, it was the second flight. It sounded like it landed pretty hard