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  1. is there any plans to bring back the old radial drill? (its still fully functional, only things missing is a texture and it showing up in the part list)
  2. there you go :)
  3. i'll have the file up in a minute, just clearing room in my dropbox
  4. Terribly sorry sir, I was trying to get rid of the spaceship Waiter, there's a Bill Cipher in my soup!
  5. pppft please, you don't want to know the insanity that lives inside of my head. Once Upon my neph who was like 5(i think?) stole my sisters car, I tried to get him out the drivers seat and when I did I was trying to get out this weird car park and I kept crashing the car and then started accidently running people over at 6mph and then the police was chasing me
  6. @Kombat engineer as I said on the discord rules, please keep this type of stuff on the discord, thank you
  7. duh...I said unneeded chunks
  8. Server Announcement The Server will be closed tomorrow for maintenance and will be back up as soon as possible this maintenance will unload unneeded chunks, there is 1.5Gb of unneeded chunks and will take a while, sorry for the inconvenience
  9. i'll fix your windows, but we all have our moments, so don't worry, we've all been pranked in different ways, some more than once
  10. hey, cant go wrong with a good ol prank
  11. ======================== UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT ======================== The Server Mod has been Updated, you now don't need any specific version of forge and has been tested and working on the earliest forge version to the latest forge version 1.3.0 ALPHA brings two new weapons! -Added a new "Golden" Sword -Added a "Dagger" -Updated Language packs -Easter Eggs added in all English language packs "Dagger" act as a sword and shears Forge update IS NOT required
  12. please come back, we miss you
  13. don't be worried, youre not restricted, the era of theft is over and to claim land, just put a sign down saying this Is my land and no one is allowed to build withina 50x50 block radius or more