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  1. That is a special one. I would expect that people who are interested will know what it is worth if they see it. So, just send the mails (or postcards) but, since you want to have the people in your gallery, give them like 2 weeks to actually do their first visit and begin the term. Otherwise try the next until all three are actually "active". I am sure interested persons will understand. If that helps, idk ...
  2. Yes, that is a problem. You have no chance reaching me this way because i delete everything i do not know where it's from. Sometimes the mouse hovers over the sender-field but i never get any closer. So it might have been that i already won 100 times, i will never know . Also i never answer any calls for customer surveys or the likes, they only want my data. Depending on what they've won, if it is something of worth like a journey or a new car, don't use email. Write a neutral postcard. If it's just a toaster, a voucher, a calender or even a tv, keep it. I'm serious. But that's just me. :-)
  3. Kool. You're hardcore. I built model planes when i was young. All of them flew but i won't tell how far and how long. Looking forward to your reports and the outcome !
  4. I can get even more to the point on this: It was because of this kind of being sprinkled with dumb banalities all day long that made me quit watching tv or listening to radio (does that still extist :-) ?) years ago. By far the most broadcast programs are insults on the intelligence and reasoning powers of educated people. I certainly don't need this ... a nice game forum is better :-)
  5. This is actually a nice service from you mods ! In another game forum i had to realise how annoying spam bot posts can be. They fill a whole page of ads for certain stuff and one has to scroll through until one eventually hits a real post.
  6. Bought a workstation a class lower than your requirements last year (Linux Debian 8, now 9). I am not a specialist in these things, but this setup works and is fast: Board Z170 Gaming, 16GB Ram (fastest the board can make without overclock), i7 6700k, Strix GTX970 4GB, 4*3TB 7200/min (Raid), power supply, midi tower, half a handful of silent fans ... Maybe you can upgrade to the next generation of everything in the meantime. I'd just not recommend the newest fancy stuff, it's usually not worth the price if the ego permits :-) Edit: oh, but looking at your partlist your momentary pc is probably not slower than mine, except for multithreading. ... maybe you can just move the parts into a mini tower with a handful of fans ? I remember a time when a pc blocked the whole desk :-)
  7. Moin or rather Grüß Gott ... what's your avatar ? A sinking ship ? :-)
  8. I see ...
  9. I've bought a lot of stuff at TS in München, including a 200mm/f5 gso newton, the ccd cam and the mount. My newton is ok, but probably i would guess not the quality of your C11. I would say that if you have found the right focus and distances for the corrector/cam/C11 combination then things will be nice. For me it was really millimeter work with the apo and reducer and took several nights. Problem was that numbers from the data-sheets of camera and reducer were more like general guidelines than hard facts :-) I had to vary several times until the aberrations were gone. The cassegrain focus has an advantage: everything is in a line. Finding the right balance with a camera sticking out at the side can be frustrating if the mount is near its limit. Also i would expect that getting everything right at f/4 can be much more tedious than at f/10 or 6 because depth of field and the image focus is all narrower. Tolerances when collimating are also smaller. You get a really big fov almost like a dslr with a strong telelens and you have a shorter exposure time, almost an 8th at f/4 compared to f/10.
  10. A structured interstellar molecule cloud is proposed as well, it is actually not that improbable, at least more probable than aliens :-) One day we'll know. Or those after us. Or not. Who knows :-)
  11. People are working on it, but no news yet.
  12. That looks good me thinks, probably what the seeing permitted. I don't see much distortion in the picture, at least less than before. The blowups from the far edge show only a very slight coma. So maybe a few millimeters more and you are fine ? Yes, try the 105 (or 115mm ?). As usual the "generic" thing might have similar data compared to the original ... Am a little jealous. Still cloudy here. But i bet the sky skill will be clear when the moon comes out again ...
  13. W T F ? I got it :-) I don't participate in the guessing until more is known. I have not seen any more publications on KIC 8462852 or any other dimming star in the last half year, and i actually find the waiting for more serious thoughts an this more thrilling than the speculations about aliens, superstructures and sunken civilisations (which btw. all are human concepts). :-)
  14. Well, to be precise, it may well be but it is not sure whether there is a cloud or some"thing" that periodically moves in the line of sight. This solution is advertised by many, often in conjunction with a colourful picture, but it is not the only one. Right now far too little is known about possible causes, including processes inside of stars, and speculations sprawl.