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  1. An funny accident (video): Happened in the harbour of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on friday. I know the harbour, have been there many times when sailing the Canaries. According to preliminary information the boat suffered a complete power loss as it had just left the harbour basin and was turning around in a sharp curve towards the north when that happened. Apparently rudder wasn't functional and it took a few seconds to switch the engine to backwards (they have, of course a gear for switching directions). Short after impact it then runs backwards s you see by the propeller water. You can see the dimensions in comparison to the car that luckily passed a few seconds before impact. 180 were on board, 13 persons suffered minor wounds, mainly bruises, one broken clavicle. Sad thing: 60.000l (The decimal is thousands. Savvy ? :-)) of diesel ran into the sea as the diesel supply to the berths was cut by the impact. As was a tube of a water desalination plant, so the city is a little short on fresh water now. 30.000l were pumped out directly by salvage crews, the rest is assumed to evaporate over the next days. The carpet is confined to an area of 3 by 1,2 km along the coast. "Phew" :-)
  2. Hi !

    apparently i am not allowed to expand on my motivation. My post where i tried to explain it was deleted. So, i am out.

    A pity, seemed to be an interesting topic.

    Have a nice one :-)



    1. adsii1970


      Wow... that's unfortunate. It stops what I was seeing as a free-flow discussion on ideas. :( More proof we are heading into an intellectually dark age.

      We can always continue the discussion as private messages AND invite key people who were interested in the conversation to take part. That way, it is not on the open forum and not in violation of any forum rules...

      And now the topic is closed and Frybert removed his "God Created" billboard reference... So sad...

  3. Correct in my eyes. Problem is, we do see more and more tries to actually force people into believing and diminish the role of science. But in the end it's not belief that keeps people healthy and alive and fed and it's not belief that leads to new discoveries. Nor is it exertion of influence, which can only limit the work of scientists, not broaden the view. That's why i find these marches important. But, of course, as any scientist, i might be wrong. But i need arguments to change my mind :-) Edit: oh, btw., some geoscientists actually copied their work to private machines a few months ago. They seem to be in a diffuse fear that they might need a backup in a few years.
  4. The personal freedom is corrupted when anyone tries to tell you how to interpret something or keeps you from thinking what you want or channels the information that reaches you. Science does not do so, in contrary it encourages people to question even the own findings and share them with others to come to a conclusion that a majority can accept. It has its rules, which are open and do not change (edit: every legislation period). Modern philosophy tells us to use reason to come to our findings and not to just put forward claims without a chance to prove or disprove. The former views on of cognitive sciences have been replaced by Empirical Falsification and Critical Rationalism.
  5. I gave asylum to this little stray killer machine. After a few months roaming around the house we went to cure the parasites and now it apparently is quite relaxed ... Only sometimes i have to clean after it, mainly partly devoured lizards that lost the ability to escape after gears were chewed off or mice that escaped between the furniture. Dead mice deposited in front of the bedroom door are meant to be presents and the cat deserves a commendation. Hair on the keyboards is a very minor problem.
  6. I already started a thread about this a page down: I totally agree with @PakledHostageHostage. Science is highly in danger of being exploited by politics, denied when it contradicts short term gainings, regulated to yield intended results and bent by certain groups who want to gain influence on education. I read the concerns in the journals every week, though these are mainly about recent changes from politics and those that are still pending. The journal Nature expressed the concerns that the US will loose the connection to research in fields such as earth science and renewable energies and thus might not be as good prepared for the changes that are to come. So i too think it is a necessity. Unfortunately i failed lately when i discussed with an elder women who was totally convinced that Ptolemaios' view with the earth in center will have a revival soon and one day we shall all see. I was not able to convince her, reflecting over facts just wasn't her strength :-)
  7. Its on my list.
  8. Another game (factorio)is short before an update. Devs showed the upcoming new stuff in a news-thread yesterday. Now people go crazy and demand a higher price for the game as the fun/price ratio is too low. These are strange times we live in my friends ...
  9. Oh, well, discussing this deeper would violate forum rules :-) I hadn't heard of it before. If were in the area i would have a look and see if it serves a purpose. Since they explicitly call for people who actually do work in science and might discuss their work openly makes me think it is peaceful and serious.
  10. I know this touches politics. Nevertheless and especially under the impression of alternative facts on so on, here is the link: Maybe the mods leave it be if we just don't dive deeper into it.
  11. I did so yesterday :-) I like apos. All measures in millimeters. 80/480 ed-apo (serves as a guide scope). "Explore Scientific" is the brand. It's objective is quite good, a 3 lens air spaced triplet. I see no colour fringes even at 150*, though f/6 is sporty. But i wouldn't call it an apo. The focuser is made after a banana greased with petroleum jelly. It holds its own weight plus the small guiding cam ... barely. 115/805 full apo (lzos lens, german tube assembly, starlight ft 2.5" focuser). Very proud. Got that used. The objective is a medium range (strehl .976). One one occasion i was able to view Jupiter with a 2.5mm eyepiece in very quiet air. And there is a 200/1000 newton tinkered together (gso glasses, baader focuser, plastic tube) which works good enough. What are you guys dreaming of ? The humble dream: A 130 or 150mm f/7 apo (air spaced, i don't trust the oil spaced stuff) on a stationary mount in a shelter in the garden. Can't afford it. If i would win the lottery (but i don't play so i do not loose money :-)) i would construct me a 2m f/4 cassegrain with a decent instrumentation, fully robotic, up on the hill, to join the efforts of planet and asteroid searchers. Big toys for big guys.
  12. Just shortly there was an extensive discussion on solar fiters in the forum. In short: 100 is too much (riding the wave of the coming eclipse ;-)) and 10 not enough. If you don't mind a little handwork then take something like this and craft a ring from plywood or so to fix it on your scope. There are different types for visual and photographical. Buy it now, it*s likely to be sold out in summer ;-)
  13. You mean like "That's not a knife ?" *drawsshortsword* "That's is a knife."
  14. Beautiful. I've seen similar things in the Rub al Khali. I clickbated this. It's about testing equipment for finding life on mars. The BIG problem is that life in the Atacama has a direct connection to the adjacent wolrd by wind and rare precipitation and is shelterd by a dense atmosphere and magnetic field. I highly doubt that the techniques that work there will work on mars, where is only a veryveryvery thin atmosphere and where it probably hasn't rained for billions of years and no rich life dozens of kilometers away. Edit: @Steel has noticed first !
  15. I knew it ! In the Atacama desert. Nasa found out. Just add water, stirr a bit, et voila ... Not a joke this time :-)