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  1. the thousand eyes (and legs) of the illumillipede ...
  2. Fly safe
  3. I'd say that there's a lot of intelligent people on earth interested in physics that don't have any interest in learning english nor have neither wish nor possibility to attend any form of higher education in any language. But many of those people would still love to play a game like KSP.
  4. The $27 I paid would get me about 6 pints at my local pub. I have to say that KSP has given me a lot more fun for a lot longer time than 6 pints ever had. (Note that both indulgences can induce occasional headaches, but for different reasons). So unless the expansion/DLC turns out to be a complete dud I will not hesitate to pay the same again, or even a bit more.
  5. While it might be possible to "(back)port" KSP to a 360 it would require a total rewrite of almost all code and serious refactoring of most art assets). But why in the world would anyone spend such massive amount of resources to make it run on an outdated system?
  6. Same. I'm perfectly happy with both the looks of the parts and the graphics in general. Some functionality missing from the core game, but no biggies.
  7. Same here (even if it's an old X36/35-USB) and shelved for the same reason. So I stick (hep!) to an XBox-360 controller for flight/driving stuff instead.
  8. Serendipitous Space Corporation's orbital science lab and Kerbin orbital operations nexus.
  9. Depends on the pivot point (as in where the decouplers are mounted) and the angle of the separatrons. I prefer using std nosecones with the separatrons on the 'inside' or 'shipside' and since then my kickbacks always leave the main rocket alone, regardless of roll (or how many, I've used it with everything from 2 to 8). And it actually looks quite spiffy as well (Korolev Cross style)
  10. Separatrons are your friends, they kick the kickbacks back where they belong (as in out of the way when spent).
  11. I know far too much about the inner workings of the device that allows me to play KSP after 30+ years in the industry. But I agree with your valid assessment, it does work through magic. So unless you want to waste too many years of your life trying to understand something that can't be understood I recommend using a mod management mod, like CKAN (or others). You will most likely still not understand how it works, but it's good magic counteracts most the bad magic ...
  12. There's a fundamental difference between a desktop release and a console release. A desktop released can be pushed when the publisher decides it's good enough to invest the resources in pushing a new release (or patch). A console release has to first pass the publisher's decision and then the evaluation by the respective console company. The latter is (in this case bizarrely) put in place to protect console users from dodgy games and patches. If there's a gamebreaking issue in a desktop download, the publisher can push a hotfix within 24h (roughly), while the same hotfix will have to pass the QA-process of each console company which can take anything from 24h to 3 months ... (or more if the any of the console companies decides that the hotfix doesn't meet their quality standards). It doesn't get easier for console KSPers since the main studio (Squad) isn't doing the console development as it's outsourced to (well established and in good reputation) Blitworks. So if you think that Squad's official channels are dancing a very careful dance between what they want to say, what they can say and what they dare to say you are 100% correct.
  13. Bill can't ever be the wrong choice. Since in my world, he's an Anders
  14. While an active process allocating too much memory is a problem, total allocation isn't It's rather the other way around. Unused ram is a wasted resource. In a perfectly tuned system all available ram is used all the time, if not by active/user processes then by the OS to speed up the overall performance. Background/system processes (like the glaringly obvious superfetch) should use all idle resources, the problem occurs when system designer and user don't agree on what is 'idle resources'
  15. So now it's up to us to rise to the occasion and Sal_vage the situation