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  1. Is the contract fulfilled? Because it sounds like the game for some reason think she's still out there.
  2. Until it gets the job done with some efficiency and doesn't look too strange. So somewhere between 1m and several hours (the latter mainly for 'standard' lifters/crafts).
  3. This echoes my view exactly.
  4. Stumbled on this issue when I had a contract to send a 'new' station to Minmus. Being cheap I tried to pre-load the lab by snarfing up as much science data as possible during the trip. But once it it's correct orbit the contract didn't fire and after some head scratching I noticed that everything was ticked off except 'new'. After some investigation it turned out that it stopped being 'new' after I'd done an EVA during the trip ...
  5. Some are. Hard landings are easy, soft landings are hard ...
  6. Big helmets but small feet, so they'll fit if one is upside down
  7. They added support for multiple languages, what languages they will support comes down to economics. Note that when they added support for multiple languages they also added the modding hooks to add more. So it will be fully possible to add language packs for Klingon, Tagalog or French.
  8. I'm willing to pay for DLC, if I want it. I'm also willing to pay for a mod, if I want it.
  9. It wasn't just Congress that interfered, the DoD wanted a piece too ... But the result was the same, and one should be aware that bringing hardware back isn't the same as getting it back into safely usable condition ... A rocket engine is an expensive piece of kit, but reconditioning a used engine that has been in orbit isn't always cheaper than building a new one from scratch.
  10. The game continued to develop and got better. Just like one would expect.
  11. Just what part that was so dear to you did they leave behind?
  12. How about all the people who got hired after some people left?
  13. erh, marginal hype. Already 1,875 does indicate the questionable hype ...
  14. That's typical of why paid DLCs actually works. I personally wouldn't pay a dime for multiplayer and would rage as mad if dev time on core KSP was wasted on such useless crud. 'The problem with common sense is that it's not very common' ...