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  1. Since it doesn't seem to be the actual reads from the disk and the CPU goes up quite drastic I'd guess that it's related to some form of 'unpacking' of the data.
  2. Exactly so. My point was that Blitworks can't shout "Woohoo! We're done!" (or done in a week, a month or a year) because it has to be accepted by Squad first. And Squad can't shout "Woohoo! We're done!" (or done in a week, a month or a year) because nothing will be released until it has passed certification by MS and Sony (and at least when it comes to Sony it's individual certification per region ...). Which is why the progress reports that we get are "Whee! It's getting closer!" ...
  3. 1m47s (and that's w/o SSD )
  4. I agree that the handling of the console port(s) has been a complete and utter <expletive implied> job. But the lack of progress reports, other than "Hey, it's moving forward!", isn't unusual when several companies are involved. Squad isn't doing any actual development on the console ports, they've handed that over to Blitworks (after a less successful run with FTE). Then add that nothing gets released on consoles until it's been cleared by the powers that be at the respective console stores (MS and Sony). That setup creates a really ugly minefield for the people at marketing and/or customer interaction. Blitworks can't say much, since they are paid by Squad to deliver working ports to Squad and have no information on how Squad wants to communicate with it's users. Squad can't say much because they rely 100% on Blitworks to deliver working ports that are accepted by MS and Sony. MS and Sony can't say anything until they've got the ports to evaluate. And none of the companies involved have any interest of pointing out the other as 'the bad one' in a business relationship. So they stick to "Hey, it's moving forward!" until they have anything more solid to say. A boring but very normal state of affairs
  5. I'm one who certainly focus on fun even if it's means less realism. And it's not because I'm afraid of realism, it's just that I value fun higher when I play a game
  6. What seems like the majority of users who doesn't seem very interested in multiplayer. Myself for one.
  7. From start to at KSC with a small (5-ish vessels) save Unmodded: 1m13s Slightly modded: (10 mods) 1m47s KSP_x64 1.2.2 OS: Win10 Home 64bit CPU: i7-2600 (@3.4 - 3.7 GHz) RAM: 8GB (PC3-10700 (667 MHz) Dual Channel) GPU: Gainward GeForce GTX 570 HDD: 500GB Hitachi Sata2 (system and KSP on same disk)
  8. So first you crashed your replica and then you crashed imgur ... That's twice as Kerbal
  9. And when said with certainty is almost always wrong "Four legs good, two legs bad" -- George Orwell - Animal Farm
  10. Do that really work? Birds aren't normally scared off by bats, they're more scary for insects ...
  11. I think you've missed one vital part. Most current players know English enough. Localization opens the game for all the potential players who don't think they do.
  12. Almost all my points too (slight edit )
  13. I hope he is: Chilling. Pondering his future. Twiddling with stuff he likes. Having a generic good time.
  14. I stumbled over KSP in Jester's EvE blog. Downloaded the demo, got confused, used a lot of bad language, went for a pint, calmed down, paid for the game and never looked back.