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  1. So does the remove all utility no longer work? It is one of my staples in my modded installs, absolutely loved it to clear junk. What's the dealio? Edit: Nevermind, Didn't get the right click menu on my first load... Her der... nothing to see here.
  2. No problem at all! For those of you using the mod please do me a favour and leave some feedback. I.e. The difficulty vs reward. Is gold too heavy, too light, unobtainium too valuable? Working on some compatability patches right now for a few mods that will be released soonish, I will also be increasing gold's weight slightly.
  3. I'll look into it. I hear you for sure though, my textures for the containers are very meh.
  4. Done. Version 1.5.2 Released Just added the latest version of Module Manager and updated the version for Ckan. All should be well. - Dewar @ARS Sweet mission overview, glad to see the payload made it in one piece!
  5. The reason you don't see it on ckan is that I havent taken the time to update module manager to the latest version for 1.3. As the great @DStaal said, you can use it now as their have been no changes to the coding that my mod utilizes. Just install the newest module manager for ksp version 1.3. I'll update the Mod to the latest version on cKan sometime early next week. Time permitting.
  6. @ARS Thanks so much for the praise and feedback on the mod! That ship is absolutely massive by the way, call it the minimalist in me but I've never even tried to build something like that! Let me know how the dres mission goes! -Dewar
  7. @ARS Haha, glad to hear you are enjoying the mod. An Eve mission for Unobtainium? Wow, I just presumed everyone would go to Eeloo or Moho. Good on yah buddy. What are your thoughts on the weights and value of Unobtainium? Do you have any screenshots from the mission? You're more than welcome to post some if you'd like.
  8. I hear you there, Gold was actually about twice as heavy two patches ago. But I felt the difficulty to be to hard, I needed a million worth of infrastructure just to get things moving, and then only receiving 100-200k funds a drop felt like I was better off doing contract spam. Perhaps I'll bump up the weight to somewhere between the old values and now. I would like to hear more on the subject from some other people playing it though! - Dewar
  9. I don't use MKS personally, I'll throw it onto my install and do some testing to see if the issue is repeatable. So you think the gold Values are too high?
  10. If anyone has played the mod with or without Galileo's planet pack installed, please let me know if you mine Unobtainium. I'd like to tweak the values a bit but I need some feedback. Thanks.
  11. Hey there, Just letting the op know that I have included a MM compatibility patch in The Gold Standard for SCANsat. Please feel free to add it to your Compatible mod list if you'd like! - Dewar
  12. I just finished the GPP compatibility patch for The Gold Standard. It is now completely compatible with GPP, you are more than welcomed to add it to the compatible mod list if you'd like. - Dewar Edit: Hur dur...
  13. Update 1.5.1 - Complete Compatibility with SCANsat and Galileo's Planet Pack - Changed the way resources spawn on planets (more small concentrated veins, less large low concentrated blobs).
  14. Update 1.5 - Dramatically changed the Weight/Balance/Distribution of resources. (It should now be a little easier to make money, and more worth it to make a trip out farther.) - Fixed the Unobtainium texture - Cleaned up files - Improved compatibility with Scansat and Galileo's Planet Pack Edit: Turns out my patch for scansat wasn't working properly. I've solved the problem on the next build.