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  1. I du I duplicated the issue, and found the cause. I've created a fix, however, I still have another Issue I'm in the middle of, so I'll be releasing a patch in the next day or two. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Yup. I think I fount that one myself, and have a fix in my Dev branch. let me take a look and see if I'm in a state to release a dot update. as a quick fix, you can turn off highlighting in the settings window.
  3. I'm wasn't really into blowing things up either (except accidentally). However, the mod needed someone to support it after Bahamuto left for "bigger things". Fortunately, I surrounded myself with a great team, and they have done great things with BDAc. I didn't have time for a while over the past year or so (after my first wife died), so I am grateful to them for the continuity they provided while I was MIA. They are the heroes of that mod. That period of inactivity affected this mod as well... so progress has been slow. However, it is a good concept, and there are a lot of things we can do with this.
  4. The current plan is not to replace those mods but to integrate. What we plan to provide is a single interface to many of the features that these mods provide. So, you will have an "integrated" dashboard so to speak that combine the features of several mods into one control panel. Now that is not to say that if we decide to "do it our way" that we might not create our own way of doing performing a given function. In those cases, you can choose through the interface to either use our method, or use the integrated mod's method. I've always been about choice, so I prefer to let the player decide what is best for them.
  5. There are plans to integrate with Final Frontier. However, as this is still apha, those plans have not yet been realized. Please continue to use Final Frontier. This mod will add other features that you may find useful. Even when we do integrate with Final Frontier, RM will work along side FF, not replace it.
  6. I believe there was some activity on it by the BDA team awhile back, but RL got in my way for awhile as well... I have no objections to anyone assuming adoption, as I and my team have pretty full hands. I have had some time of late to spend on mods so should it need to remain with us, I will revisit and refresh the mod.
  7. Thanks. And here I went under the hood without thinking about the settings window.... Update: I just wanted to say, with or without any action on the suggestions and observations, this is a good tool. saved me loads of time.
  8. Update: New version out. Version 12 Jun 2017 - Changes to re-compile for KSP 1.3 - Added localiztion based on KSP 1.3 localization. English included to start. Assistance welcome for other lanaguages. - Code style cleanup. standardized strings using string interpolation. - Added some more tool tips where needed. Cleaned up Tooltip display code. - Regorganized settings window to support tabbed sections. - Rebuilt List management to improve performance, and revised filtering and sorting. - Revised Rosterlist headers to display active sort field & sort direction. Enjoy!
  9. Ya, I was also concerned about the translation issues when thinking about the duplicate strings. Good to know that you had considered it. String example below: - GUILayout.Label($"Part {part.partinfo.title} is missing Kerbal {}", labelStyle, GUILayout.Width(150)); I recently switched over all my mods to using string interpolation. So, while not painful, it was an extra step to revert back to a string.Format. Likely the best solution is to convert it to a string.Format and replace the objects in the bracket with indexes, then localize the string portion. All in all a very useful extension. Thanks for taking the time to build this. Update: Another thing I noted is that if you undo a localization in the code editor, the localization file does not update. This results in orphaned strings in the localization file. It does not break anything, but does cause confusion and potentially additional work for needless translations. With that said, if you alter your numbering in the localization file and you wish for the counts to be consistent, be sure to update the NextProjectID in the .ksplocalizer.settings file, found in your project root. and restart your project.
  10. Check to see if the CLSInterface.dll is the latest. copy the version from your Connected LivingSpace Folder to your SM Folder. I think there may be a version conflict. PLease direct inquires over on the SM page. Thanks!
  11. I'm thinking maybe separate it KSC tier. not tech level. when you upgrade your KSC, then the costs go up... when you get to the Top level KSC, then cost go up. but not after that. consider it increasing costs due expertise and facilities, but not a huge bump, still a bump. Costs to operate do go up as the facilities are improved... (more people involved in the process, tools, etc... ) and maybe limit it to the Astronaut comlex upgrades? sound good?
  12. Spent a bit of time on this mod. got it running in 1.3, and have done some clean up and set up localization (using @TriggerAu's localization VS extension Thanks!), going through some minor logic issues and reviewing the forum thread for outstanding bugs. Should be a release soon for this. Given that there are always costs associated with hiring (recruitment, interviews, reviews, benefits etc.), I don't believe this should be eliminated. maybe it is greatly reduced with the salary feature on. Thoughts?
  13. Good stuff. I used it this morning, and I like it. Posted a comment in your thread. Thanks for your hard work!
  14. I worked with this tool this morning. I like it. The only issue I found with it was that it did not recognize interpolated strings. The work around is to revert the string interpolation to a string.Format. It then recognizes and localizes the string. This is definitely a huge time saver. I'd done 2 other mods before this and it took a lot longer A feature I would like to see, although with translations, I'm not sure how viable it is (given the contextual nature of some languages), would be to avoid duplicate strings in the localization file. If 2 strings are identical, use the previously created id and avoid an additional string in the localization file.
  15. Since interest was posed, I will make time, and JPLRepo is right. it will need some love to make it 1.3 happy.