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  1. That DynaSoar looks gorgeous.
  2. @TriggerAu, you are awesome. You have done so much for this game, and for everybody who loves this game. Thank you.
  3. Many Muns ago, shortly after I bought my first PC, IL2 '46 was the very first game I ever attempted to mod. I think that was the first time I even became aware that it was possible to add a user-made mod to a game. And I distinctly remember very carefully following all the instructions to download and install one of the big integrated modpacks. It didn't work at first. So I went to the modders' forum and politely asked how to make it work... That was also my first experience with exactly how rude and nasty people can be to total strangers on the internet! KSP is such an improved experience, in every way. I love this game. I love these people who make, mod, and support this game.
  4. It's a Borg ship-seed-egg. Better hope it doesn't sprout or hatch or germinate or whatever.
  5. Quick Fine Control will fix the precision mode. Personally, I don't see any reason to ever use the default, non-precision mode. I wonder why it's even still an option, since precision mode is always better in all situations. Not that I'm opinionated or anything. Regretfully, I'm forgetting which mod fixed the camera mode. I'll keep looking and edit this post when I find it. Edit: Found it! Keep it Straight remembers what camera mode you prefer, and will default to that choice. Fantastic mod.
  6. This game is the greatest sandbox of all time; that's why.
  7. In that "wrong way" shot, I'd be bothered more by the placement of the parachutes. Ain't no way that should actually work.
  8. Very long ago, the reasoning given for not displaying staging info in map view was that the lead designers didn't want people to be able to fly an entire mission from map view. They considered that the wrong way to play KSP. I don't know why they thought it was wrong, but that reasoning is at the root of many design choices that seem strange from the user's perspective. I didn't understand KSP's camera rolling 90 degrees when you reach orbit until I played Orbiter, the original space simulator from which KSP was born. In Orbiter, the default camera view is tilted over so the Earth is on one side of the screen. The creators are/were dedicated Orbinauts; they got their start modding Orbiter and flight sims. Therefore KSP's camera imitates Orbiter. And Orbiter unmodded doesn't have a delta-V display either. That's the real reason KSP unmodded still doesn't have one. Personally, I'd love to see an option for a split screen kind of view. See your vehicle and surroundings on the left half of the screen -- in whatever orientation you like -- and display the map on the right half. Put the navball and any other instruments or displays anywhere on the screen you like. Or since so many of us have multiple monitors nowadays, put the flight view on one monitor and the map on another. That would be extremely cool.
  9. There's a good mod for that. Hang on, lemme find it... Trim Plus Should be stock. If you're flying a plane, you need trim controls in a convenient place.
  10. Nope. I set my default throttle to zero. But all snark aside... 50% has always been a really bad compromise, guaranteed to please the fewest number of people. Sometimes I suspect it was done this way specifically to prompt users to learn how to change their own damn options. Every update, even before adding any mods at all, I reset all my graphics settings, audio settings, all keybindings (my controls are so far from stock, I imagine an outsider would wonder if they were for the same game), autohide navball off, patched conics mode 0, patch limit 6, 24 hour time, camera wobble off, throttle to zero... probably a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head. Next, among the first mods installed are options to make precision control default on, and get rid of that ridiculous default camera that rolls 90 degrees when you reach orbit. With that all done, I consider the base game to be configured correctly, so it's time to look at mods.
  11. Some are upset the update doesn't add enough new stuff. Some are upset that not enough bugs were fixed. Whiners. Me, I'm ecstatic that the freaking runway and terrain seams are fixed! Don't even care about any of the other stuff. Since many of my missions tend to start on the runway, land on some terrain somewhere, take off from terrain, and then land again either on the runway or on yet more terrain... breaking the freaking runway and terrain seams broke most of the game for me. Kudos to Squad on the localization and fixing other stuff and all that whatever yadda yadda good for you I'm sure yo momma's proud and all... I can take off and land a spaceplane without exploding now!! All I care about. You make me a happy spaceplane geek again. You complete me. I may even shed a manly tear of happiness if nobody's looking.
  12. Well this all sounds pretty cool! I haven't played any Kerbal for the past several months, due to frustration with terrain seams and also just general burnout. But it's been long enough that I was just starting to miss KSP again, and thought up a couple new ideas for a career. Nice timing, Squad. Think I'll wait a week or three for the modding scene to stabilize a little, then build up a new insanely modded install and hit the SPH again.
  13. JSGME perfected the process of installing and uninstalling mods years ago. It's perfect! And yet, people insist on reinventing the wheel, over and over, and I dunno why....
  14. I can't think of a single design that I was completely happy with. It just reaches a point where further improvements won't be interesting enough to justify any more time. "Good enough for now" is the best state any of my designs have ever attained.