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  1. In all seriousness and not joking at all... When you notice a subtle new feature ingame, and have no idea whether that feature is stock or modded, and even less idea how long ago it was added.
  2. Yeah, I believe KJR is incompatible with Infernal Robotics and other moving parts mods, so this Physics Calmer would be a very useful alternative.
  3. The K-Files story-based contract pack is a pretty good story mode. I still haven't finished it though, due to my compulsive restarting over and over.
  4. Considering that Moach was one of the two truly original players of this game — when no computer was required, just fireworks and aluminum foil — and has made it known he actually coined the name for the little green guys... I'm gonna believe him about the Mün.
  5. 88 mods, you say? Pfft. Lightweight. You're not even competing until you hit triple digits.
  6. And the crashed lander with "Mün or bust" painted on the side is a reference to kurtjmac, who was the first big YouTuber to cover the game way back when.
  7. Should be spelled "hangar." A hanger is what you hang clothes on. A hangar is a building where you can park aircraft. Regardless, thanks for adopting this crucial mod.
  8. Jettisoning weight off the nose to move the CoM aft is the easy part. Gliding backwards with all controls reversed to a smooth landing on the wheels is the hard part.
  9. The screenshot for a quicksave is simply brilliant!
  10. Sometimes an important piece falls off the nose of an airplane in flight, causing the CoM to shift dramatically aft. Happens to everybody sometime or other, right? On two separate occasions — neither of which were recorded, sadly — I successfully piloted the damaged airplane to a perfect landing, flying backwards. Tricycle gear becomes a taildragger, and all controls reversed. It was cool. All attempts to duplicate the stunt deliberately have met with utter failure.
  11. I think I want to use this mod along with Historian and start spamming screenshots.
  12. It's a dilemma, no doubt. To feel smug about not needing the extra mass of RCS, or feel smug about not needing magically overpowered reaction wheels. I choose to feel smug about not needing reaction wheels, therefore I use RCS to maneuver and dock. But hey, the great thing about a single-player sandbox is you can feel smug about anything you like, and nobody's wrong.
  13. Thank you so much for updating. I love this mod, and playing KSP without it feels wrong. Edit: Be aware the version on Spacedock appears not to have updated.
  14. My phone just dinged with the message from Spacedock: Nertea has commenced releasing the update. My heart goes:
  15. The Vulcan fairing is exactly what I've wanted from Procedural Fairings ever since the mod was first made. Pointy at the top, smoothly rounded at the sides. Perfect.