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  1. Like your Launchers Pack, saw it on another forum.

  2. @Jeroeny It has built in 'engine'. Disable drag and heating and fly it whereevrr you want if yoi dont wanna use another mod for that.
  3. I am confused.
  4. Thought I'd post this since this is a little related to this mod: Yeah it's F9 Block 1, but in the reusable configuration, as shown in this video from SpaceX: This is not meant to be a replica, not sure yet if I will put it into a seperate mod, it's more like a stockified version of it (2.5m etc). I just loved that sequence where the legs extend in this video and thought I could port this into KSP. Been working on this since one or two months already actually, but not very frequently. However, if you like the idea, I'll make sure to get this thing out!
  5. This is handy
  6. You think you will eventually release those as a playable mod?
  7. Lol. Now that is something I'never seen before. I will have to awk you to post this in the RO thread though, since I am not responsible for integration with RSS/RO and since this definetely isn't sn issue with the mod itself, since it works in stock. I am sorry to hear that you are constantly having issues, but you really need to ask the RO devs there. @Qwarkk This is a known issue but there's no way to fix currently. I've been using a plugin before which disabled drag for parts inside the fairing, but it broke and noone knows why and nobody knows how to fix this. The only solution I see is to put a stock fairing inside the fairing that comes with this mod around your payload.
  8. I honestly am not sure in how far the RO configs are up to date with this mod. I think your best bet is to put this into the RO thread and wait for some of their devs to answer to help you, I can't help you there, sorry.
  9. I'd appreciate that. However, the configs are not up to date any more and don't include ITS and F9 FT not either I think so you'd need to check out what's missing and add that. But yeah, go ahead!
  10. I think Echostar actually moved forward too before it was delayed again (if it wasn't echostar I am 100% sure there was a SpaceX launch moved left but then got delayed again but I don't really know which, but it's not that long ago)
  11. And you scaled them properly (rescaleFactor)? Or do you try to press 'G' button to make them extend retract? If that's the case, well, you'll need to layer a custom action group for them because they do not actually work like legs. So you have to in the VAB click on them and select Gear action group and put the toggle leg action from the legs into that group. Hope that helps
  12. Dem you seem to know your stuff
  13. Since this is an actual plugin and not a kOS script I think it should be fairly easy to access the spool up time for each engine used for the landing and include that in the equations..
  14. You can estimate the centre of the fairing by looking at the other fairing logos (I think DSCOVR and Jason will work particularly well for this) and then just paint your new logo on the blank fairing. You can also layer the blank and the other fairing with logo and make that a bit transparent to find the center.
  15. Eh yes I know that lol. I know it's not implemented yet and I probably won't, I amwaiting for Block 5 to finally fly before I work on any serious overhauls..