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  1. And you scaled them properly (rescaleFactor)? Or do you try to press 'G' button to make them extend retract? If that's the case, well, you'll need to layer a custom action group for them because they do not actually work like legs. So you have to in the VAB click on them and select Gear action group and put the toggle leg action from the legs into that group. Hope that helps
  2. Dem you seem to know your stuff
  3. Since this is an actual plugin and not a kOS script I think it should be fairly easy to access the spool up time for each engine used for the landing and include that in the equations..
  4. You can estimate the centre of the fairing by looking at the other fairing logos (I think DSCOVR and Jason will work particularly well for this) and then just paint your new logo on the blank fairing. You can also layer the blank and the other fairing with logo and make that a bit transparent to find the center.
  5. Eh yes I know that lol. I know it's not implemented yet and I probably won't, I amwaiting for Block 5 to finally fly before I work on any serious overhauls..
  6. @Pand5461 @Kobymaru Well you seemto have some background on that lol. However, why go so complicated on the throttle setting? You don't need to make fangy things such as an PID controller (well that's not really famcy ok) or a neural net, a simple linear equation should really be sufficient there (like burn altitude / actual altitude) or so. Also that with the horizontal movement thing was where I finally gave up on my code. It just got way too frustrated because I couldn't get any formulas to return some vaguely accurat results. I actually started to work getting that all numerically solved but it really took ages so it was not really appropriate to use lolz. I'll have a look at what you summed up there however.
  7. I guess the point of this is to be a hoverslam mod, so as little throttling involved as possible. You can only achieve that with complex algorithms and mathematical formulas, and so far, it seems to be working pretty well here, but not yet good enough to go below 80% or something. My aim was to have it a roughly 30% throttling range, from 100% to 70%, not below, which mostly works well but as higher the TWR the lower the vessel had to throttle in the end and I finally gave up on that project a couple months ago because I did not make great progress anymore. --> With good formulas & quick solving of equations you can theoretically achieve a constant 100% throttle, and then give it a little margin, but with "simpler" equations used here (I guess?) as well as those I used in my script you can only optimize the equations that they work as smooth as possible but they will at some point exceed / cut that given margin I guess.
  8. BTW I've worked on this issue too via kOS and I came to some pretty good results. However it's been a while since I've worked on that project but here is a video showing an older version of the script. And here is another video where the craft uses rougly the same but improved steering algorithms: i can clean up the code if you are interested in seeing it
  9. NOAA? You mean Jason 3? That's already included if you mean that.. I have an amos fairing laying around but I don't really know if I should release that lol
  10. There's no Dragon V2 in this pack..? the legs should be mostly fine they area little buggy indeed but should work
  11. I don't want to stop or slow down the hype train for FH, but actually, even if the hardware might be closer to being ready than ever, and evenwhen it is ready, FH will need to wait for SLC-40 to be back in business. And that might still take a while...
  12. Oh please , EVERYONE can open cfg files. Various people have described you now how it works, if you still don't get it please look up some tutorials on youtube or whatever!
  13. Actually, it should say "Launchers Pack", not "Launchers pack". Why did you make a custom folder? You could have just dragged the whole folder into GameData
  14. Oh well. The installation looks correct so far, maybe RO is screwing with you. I don'thave RO installed, so it would be great if someone with RO could help here. On a fresh install of KSP it should definitely work
  15. Feel free to do so Triston and I can inclufe them in the mod if you want to, credit goes to you ofc.