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  1. Of course! I was hoping SpaceX would release an image of the actual parachute/foil deployed though, but it is planned.
  2. Thanks! Unfortunately, the payload capacity to LKO also depends on the actual shape of your payload, since the initial way to make the fairings actually work was by using a plugin, which no one got to work again in KSP 1.2, god knows why, so the shape of the payload also can make a huge difference. When I was developing Falcon 1 I gave it a small margin for piloting error, not too much, but I think I should really go back to it again and give it a little performance boost..
  3. Will keep an eye on this
  4. @Benjamin Kerman Please, please change your avatar. It's the sams on as @technicalfool uses and it actually is really confusing when I see that pic in the add on dev section. And if I remember correctly there's even a rule about using avatars from staff but well. Wanted to tell you earlier already but now it'sperfect since you posted just after eachother lol
  5. Hahaha well, that happens! Happened too often to me too though...
  6. Small hint: I think you modelled these 1:1 right? If so, you can simply go ahead and put them in game, and in the cfg, you set rescaleFactor to a value. So, if these are 12m in dia in original size, and you want them to be 7.5m: 7.5/12 = 0.625 So then, in the cfg, you write "rescaleFactor = 0.625", and if it says only scale = .. in there too, just leave it, it's not important. Looks very promising btw
  7. Damm! I should really get my F9 rework done
  8. Mh, I gave it a quick run in KSP 1.2.2 and had no issues - are you using KSP 1.2.9? If yes, I will not provide any updates for that version for now, I'll wait until it gets officially released, I'm afraid. Otherwise, are you using any other mod which might cause some issues with Launchers Pack together? Maybe a log file can help..
  9. I'll get back to you tomorrow to see if I see anything suspicious in the latest mod + KSP version.
  10. Range And they take quite some time to switch from one to another launch vehicle...although SpaceX AFTS speeds that process up a little. Range is limiting factor. They use some very old tech there
  11. The robot is there to minimize the risk of landing stages tipping over, by attaching these 4 arms to the octaweb of the stage as far as we know. This minimizes the risk for crew which previously had to get on the vessel and safe it, this should help reduce the risk.
  12. Well. OA7 launch postponed *again* due to hydraulics issue with the booster ... "The launch of the ULA Atlas V rocket carrying the OA-7 Cygnus spacecraft for Orbital ATK and NASA has been postponed. While completing testing for a ground support hydraulic condition discovered during prelaunch testing, a different issue with a booster hydraulic line was observed. The team is developing a plan to resolve the issue and a new launch date will be determined. The Atlas V and Cygnus spacecraft remain secure." Maybe SpaceX can actually move the SES-10 launch again, ahead of the OA7 launch if the fix of this issue takes even longer..
  13. You can just use "switch to 0. run myscript.", way easier than what you tried. The "max" is a kOS internal function. You enter some numbers, seperated with "," and the function will return you the highest value: max(0,5) -> 5 max(30,5) -> 30 Same goes for min, just other way round: min(0,5) -> 0 min(30,5) -> 5 So you can basically "limit the output" by doing that, you can also use these in such a way that you can only get output of a specific range: min(max(0,variable),100). This returns you a value from 0 to 100
  14. Not sure, but I think rumor was AFTS was already in activated in background, "it just wasn't connected to the actual explosive charges". So I'd guess that this booster also has AFTS.