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  1. Yeah, I have to make 13 textures for each class. It takes time, even with the process I've learned now. With the MKS suits, that 169 textures, plus I'm redoing my legacy command suits for good measure too. However, I'm keeping them at all the 1k resolution, not 4k textures. I don't have the artistic ability to recreate the base textures I'm tweaking at the higher resolution. Thanks to the sample textures, I've discovered an issue that I have to fix in all of my helmet textures, that are already done. I would have discovered the issue in testing anyway, but I noticed it and verified thanks to the sample textures. Kudos for them! Anyway, it is going to be a while before my pack is out.
  2. Just took a look, and those are really nice. They would have been most helpful when I started this years ago. Instead, I kinda did it by hand, trial-and-error. But for the most part, I was just modifying others' textures (mostly Bentley's), so I didn't have to create anything from scratch.
  3. Haven't even downloaded or done anything with TRR yet. Once I get the graphical editing done on my pack, then I will, to get the config file settings figured out.
  4. Add "-force-d3d11" to the target line in your Windows shortcut, or add it as a special parameter in Steam. I have issues with DX11, however, getting strange lines across terrain, almost like interlacing, and lots of moire on textures then. I am not certain as to the cause, but I kinda suspect scatterer, as I think it used to have issues with DX11 once upon a time. I haven't used DX11 since before the Unity upgrade and KSP became 64-bit by default.
  5. Nice, I'm looking forward to it! Very interested to see what you've done. I'm about half-way through my redo of my pack, maybe a little less. I've had to almost completely start over from before, but it is going much better this time. Last time I did so much by hand and manually editing everything. This time, I've built myself templates with layers, and am able to move through a LOT faster. I learned a lot doing it last time, and that's what it was for, and now I've progressed beyond where I was then. Building up the process and "infrastructure" took a bit of work, but now I'm able to get things done, and make corrections when needed, without too much issue. Of course, I'm not really making any "new" textures, just adding colors and shapes to stuff that's already there.
  6. While I've only just recently become active again in the KSP community, and started playing again, I did try to keep up on everything I was interested in for future reference when I came back... LOL.
  7. @xEvilReeperx made a custom mod to replace the navball texture after it stopped working in TR. Dragging him into the discussion, in case he's still around and interested in contributing.
  8. Very good, thank you! This will be super helpful.
  9. Dang you guys have me all excited. I'm working on updating and overhauling my Suits pack, so it is ready when we have a finalized process for setting up a config. I figured while I'm at it, I may as well expand it to cover all the classes in the MKS mod by @Roverdude, too. It is going to take me a while, but should look pretty great when I'm done.
  10. You guys are really making great head-way, doing a fantastic job. Thanks! For a while, I was concerned that 1.2.2 would be the last version of KSP that TextureReplacer worked with. Now, I can't wait for all the new stuff to be implemented (and of course, all my other mods to be updated to 1.3).
  11. Oh dear sweet mother of molasses! I'm drooling and plotting with glee and excitement. Once you get it all functional, I don't suppose you could put out a version for 1.2.2? I will be on that version for a while yet. Sorry, that's more effort, I know, but this is starting to feel like Christmas, and I'm asking for what I want, lol!
  12. @HaArLiNsH, you may want to reach out to @Avera9eJoe as well. He maintains WindowShine: He's been looking for help with new shaders that would fix reflections, highlights, and cabin lights, but he needs help with the coding. I have no idea if you are up to that skill level or not, but if you do take over TextureReplacer, it would be great if you could get that working too. It'd be a VERY welcome addition.
  13. Oh, for the love of... Were they in the OP all along? I swear I scoured the thread looking for them, using the search function, etc. That's what I get for screwing around with it when I should be asleep... *le sigh*
  14. I think he means the link to the "idiot proof instructions" in the OP, that hasn't worked for more than a year at least. Just when we get something idiot-proof, someone goes along and invents a better breed of idiot... They were a second set of instructions on writing a config for TextureReplacer that was done by Green Skull.
  15. @akron by any chance do you have any craft files available for the probes? Looking at pictures is helpful, but only seems to take me so far.