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  1. I found this, might be of use to builders
  2. I can't decide Which bay door is better for the X-20? Small elevon bay door Doesn't fit as smooth as the airbrake door when closed but the size is more reasonably (small). Fits smoothly but looks weird when opened..
  3. Exploration upper stage WIP I plan to build the several variants of SLS (once I have time of course!) Also Rocket lab's new shiny black rocket Haven't decided whether to use a custom black fairing or change the stock textures
  4. What was this part for? Holding the cube together before it decouples or something?
  5. I've built an X-34, a design I haven't seen anyone replicate in KSP before. I did build one way back in 0.25, but it couldn't actually fly if I remember correctly. Long story short, X-34 was supposed to be a testbed for SSTO technologies or something like that. Mine flies with the help of clipped reaction wheels, something I haven't done in a long time, because it's just too unresponsive to controls without. Was intended for it to launch from a Lockheed Tristar, which I don't have at the moment. Download (WIP)
  6. F-104 ~300 parts Flies decent unlike the real thing (!) Max speed about 300 m/s
  7. Figured out how to build a Dragon engine nacelle that looks like the original- much better than my old one and lighter to boot
  8. What's the COM and COL placement?
  9. From a few weeks ago: My first MK3 SSTO Prototype 3m diameter "stockalike" Orion capsule WIP Shenzou, building a new CZ3F from scratch
  10. How'd you do the interstage between the second and third stage? Antennae?
  11. Still progressing on the Saturn V, about 500 parts. Second stage engines have a habit of oscilating into the interstage
  12. That's one...interestingly shaped vessel. How well does it fly?
  13. This is what I've been working on, a stock-as-usual Voyage-style Duna mission, inspired by seeing @Nittany Tiger, *rseferino from Youtube , @winged and @Chris P. Bacon. I originally aimed to keep the whole stack under 400 parts, but it looks like my computer will be frying as the MEM alone is 200 parts, and the transfer stage is somewhere around that. Not to mention that I don't have a working Saturn V yet, which will complicate things. I also aimed to keep the MEM/Hab/CSM stack under 80 tons, but I didn't expect the Hab to be a whopping 60 tons alone, so I have that to deal with as well. Here's some eyecandy: