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  1. In this episode of KSP Weekly, one player highlights a minor graphical oversight in hope of a fix, and another player surprises Squad with a plea that dramatically floating rocks NOT be fixed! Next week: Squad introduces staff psychiatrist.
  2. Nice folding wheels! Something very appropriate, from Roverdude. IIRC, one of the problems Squad had with putting more "robotics" style articulated parts in KSP came from Unity game-engine problems, when one is attached to another.
  3. The "barn" had two problems: it went too far into the farm aesthetic, and it needed a ton of technical touch up work to complete, ("WIP" folks!) which critics shredded. Although there hasn't been any official word about it in more than a year, it could still happen. They wanted to rework the Tier 0 buildings, making it more like an old abandoned military complex. I think it's needed, because career mode was originally designed to have four levels. Cutting it down to three increases the jump in upgrade costs between levels.
  4. So much hate for the stock parts! I just can't manage it. Art may clash in various ways, but I still enjoy the experience, and chuckle at "Kerbal-engineered" re-purposed oil drums. (Not an insult at Kerbal engineering; the fuel tanks passed all pressure tests!) You should buy a game based on what it is right now, not what it might be. (Unless a pre-order, and we're long past that.) Thanks Roverdude for taking the time for your replies in this thread.
  5. They are discussing that progress was made on American style parts... this week. Doesn't mean Russian-style parts are not happening - From the announcement
  6. I started KSP with v0.23.5, when the NASA parts were released. They are a now-iconic part of KSP, though I think the main "problem" is that the style of something that was designed in consultation with NASA to resemble the SLS parts, doesn't mesh well with the style of parts released before. I am hopeful that some day they WILL get around to an "art pass" on the older parts, though I am happy to smile at repurposed oil drums. Just because there is no statement about continuing with (or starting over) what Porkjet was doing just before he left, does not mean texturing upgrades will never happen. Getting the expansion out the door is going to take priority, and if enough people buy it, then Squad will have just that extra bit of confidence to keep improving KSP. Like they have been doing, for quite a while now.
  7. From the Store faq: Some of the historical background:
  8. While thinking about repurposed oil drums and mis-aligned bolts, I remembered this glossy article about the nuts, bolts, and imperfections of the Apollo-era F-1 engine.
  9. I'd support giving folks the option for pure DLC (new parts only) at half the price of the full expansion, whenever that price is decided. (Setting prices is an art form. A parts-only package would probably NOT be half price; they would choose a number where many would hopefully think: "for just a little bit more, I could have the whole thing.")
  10. I like how many moderators are honoring @sal_vager sea of smiles avatar; the weekly poetry is going to be a tough act to follow, let alone the work he did all over these forums. Come back some time, when you're refreshed and recharged!
  11. The expansion is wonderfully optional. I think parents with kids might enjoy setting something up with the proposed mission builder. Even without it, every current player continues to benefit from ongoing updates to the base game.
  12. Have you decided on the mass statistic? And, do you feel the Mk2 inline lander can is in a good game-balance place, for its mass? (A premium is placed on larger attachment nodes? Thinking of the times I have 'sacrificed structural integrity', and stacked 2 MK1's to save mass.)
  13. I chose to put "...reflecting metal tanks, deep shiny blacks, clean gold foil, engines that look like engines..." in the category of words that describe a more photo-realistic approach than what we have.
  14. I like RoverDude's work & think he is doing a good job of continuing and gently expanding the details of the "Kerbal" aesthetic. I also understand regex' desire to see more realistic metals, foils, and glass... "it would be nice... but..." I think greater photo-realism belongs to the Mod scene, with RSS. I'm looking forward to buying the Expansion!
  15. The wiki is quite detailed about the origin of the word "Kerbol." I wouldn't object to its formal adoption by Squad, its developed some inertia. But I agree with others that we get carried away with "adding K to every word." Recent promotions have been heavy-handed with "K" abuse. Only ONE celestial body name starts with "K", the home world; let's leave it at that.