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  1. -68+ The first sign is the sign of the number. When it's positive, it disappears. The second is the operation. Because I'm adding, I use a "+".
  2. I bend the hill. Your brain explodes as it tries to comprehend the non-right-angle. My cockeyed hill.
  3. This thread can be found in every index, from the Lounge to KSP Discussion and even the Announcements and Daily Kerbal indices. Moreover, it appears to be locking these subforums in the "unread" state even after the thread has been read, though this can be amended by use of the "mark as read" function. Weird.
  4. Granted. But you end up in my neck of the woods. Prepare for rampant lensery. I wish for a summer orange graft on my lemon tree.
  5. ... Can a moderation license be revoked for inciting violence?
  6. You know what else is a strange request? Asking for people's names to put in the description of a video picture of someone measuring a dog.
  7. Well, color me confused.
  8. Maybe it was the one relating to engineers boosting boosters? I dunno. Always the joints...
  9. Last time this was suggested, there was something of a riot. Dunno why; engines get upgraded in real life. Does this take into account modification of Physics.cfg line 91? Because I think you can turn that way up if you like.
  10. Prevent RUD with struts.
  11. "This, we do not speak of."
  12. I wish for more entries of What If.
  13. Alt-F12 > Cheats > Orbit Editor > Rendezvous
  14. Us.