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  1. I read that as "You might not know about these things which may benefit you," not "You're wrong and this is why," myself.
  2. click Hmm... click Hmm! click click click click HMM! clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclack Hmm?! SNAP Heeehh...
  3. Blender can do video editing. It can also do compositing, so you can put your animated intro or overlay or whatever in it too. FOSS.
  4. Calculation of delta-v of the simple case (single stage, one kind of engine) is trivial. However, as the rocket becomes more and more complex (more stages, engines with different exhaust velocities, jagged burnout times, cosine losses, et cetera), calculation also becomes more complex. As KSP is a game about arbitrary collections of parts, this complexity is also arbitrary. It's even complex to ascertain the complexity. However, the recent addition of explicit fuel flow should make the problem at least a little easier.
  5. How about wheels within wheels?
  6. Really? IIRC, it was a major plot point. And a very mysterious one, at that. I don't think it was ever properly explained.
  7. / | \ @:-/
  8. I get the sense it's the latter.
  9. I would like to disable facility repairs. I've tried destroying them under "indestructable facilities," but that doesn't prevent repairs. I've tried locking them, but this also does not prevent repair.
  10. Nor you, Rubbajewel.
  11. I'm reminded of the OnOff star of Vinge's A Deepness in the Sky. Granted, it's only twenty percent instead of all and a few seconds every ~2 years instead of two centuries every three, but still.
  12. I subvert your ban while underground. Bored hill.
  13. I'd like to see every small game-dev firm adopt methodologies like those of Wube. In case you didn't know, they're the ones who make Factorio. Some things I've noted (not all of which are necessarily pertinent to this discussion): -Don't publish it to major platforms (like Steam) until you have a Game. Not just a "game", but a Game that is fun to play and works relatively well. -Make use of branches when you serve your customers. That is, when you have a version that is stable enough, push it to the experimental branch. Once the bugtracker empties, push to the stable branch. -Stable Enough means no crashing, no corruption, and no game-breaking bugs of other kinds. -Optimize throughout your development. The game needs to run well enough to be enjoyable in every version available to the public. -Inform your customers of development. Periodic, content-rich updates are important to the customers, so they will not be surprised by a delay. A vague roadmap (gasp) is also somewhat useful. Wube has one of these, and I have not noticed any problems arising from misinterpretation thereof. -Explain yourselves when there are delays. The delay will cause angst, but the explanation makes people much more inclined to understand. Explanations should be concurrent with the announcement of the delay. -Have a strong developer presence in your community. Customers tend to like it better when they can talk to the ones who supplied the software. -Run development in such a way that you can make estimates as to release dates. -If you aren't going to meet a date, know this and plan accordingly. Together, these policies serve Wube well. In the old days (before 0.25), SQUAD operated similarly, but they've gotten more quiet as time has gone on. Communication slipped, hard deadlines appeared, and the general quality of Forum interaction appears to have diminished. The sudden jump from alpha to beta to released was jarring to me (and presumably others). The decision to port to consoles was met with much concern, and most (if not all) would agree that this concern was warranted. The extraordinary dearth of information with regards to said ports might be legal-related, but it is still bad for customer satisfaction and should be addressed.
  14. So the motion through the medium is essential to a boom? Makes sense.
  15. Speaking of sonic booms: Do they work both ways? That is, if something really loud were on the surface, would an aircraft passing by it hear something like a sonic boom from it? I'd say yes, but the presence of a medium casts doubt.