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  1. Hi @cybutek, Since KSP 1.3 became multilingual, do you think that your celebrity mod could support localization somewhere in the future? I was leading the Russian localization team for the KSP 1.3 for the past 6 months and now I'm looking at streams and youtube videos of Russian KSP, almost everywhere your mod is featured as essential, but in comments and in chats non-English speakers still pose questions about what each KER reading actually means. I would gladly lend my hand in localizing all the text strings into Russian and will call the other language localizers if you ever decide to implement the multilingual support in KER.
  2. Dat staging in the last clip
  3. Я всё-таки согласен с тем, что там должна быть "перегрузка". Жаль, что никто не указал на это до выхода финальной версии.
  4. Как по мне, оба варианта имеют право на жизнь. Ускорение аппарата в 5g или перегрузка аппарата в 5g, одно и тоже.
  5. Шкала перегрузки идет отдельно на портрете каждого кербала (при включенной опции в настройках сложности). @AlexSilver Перед релизом разрабы запутались и недоприменили переводы. Как говорится "хотели как лучше, получилось как всегда". Будем ждать хотфикса. Желательно побольше этим им в морду тыкать на баг трекере и быстрее выйдет. Меня торопливость приведшая к таким результатам, конечно, расстроила.
  6. @Scondo Какая интересная информация, спасибо
  7. This method of butt switching was introduced with the heatshields. Remember, they have two nodes, one makes a shroud and another doesn't. Also the Interstage nodes of the fairings generate the truss structure this way. This type of geometry switching has been used successfully for more than a year in the MKS mod, I've seen no complaint about the method of choosing shapes of the ends of station parts of this mod. We can safely assume that this was publicly tested and all nuances noted
  8. I have no words.
  9. @Dragg0n Next pre-release build will be on Friday.
  10. All parts, which you can't find in specific categories, end up in the last category. It will have a lot of pages.
  11. @Dragg0n Let's hope SQUAD can catch all the rabbits and the next pre-release will be more stable. But try starting a new game, I had some crashes when used old saves.
  12. That's basically what modders do.
  13. @passinglurker I'm looking forward to seeing your Making History Texture Revamp mod.
  14. I think Kerbin must be in the equation, because Elon does it on the atmospheric home planet and lands things at Space Centers or on droneships.
  15. Do it EJSA style, make your own legs!