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  1. There's still some place among the F# buttons.
  2. Beautiful! Needs a rover running about for a full set.
  3. I see there are people who still play this (I still hope not abandoned) mod. I made two station screens for this mod a while ago, if you'd like to give the stations a fancier look, you can use my models:
  4. I really love the "Pilot's experience affects the rover speed" idea.
  5. I'll buy this expansion with hope for more to come!
  6. @Hofelinger It's been half a year already, everyone is using it, including me.
  7. @MaverickSawyer Nothing game-breaking, you can be sure.
  8. @Climberfx Interesting, I wonder if it works with all material properties this way. The current color animation tool from Squad works flawlessly for such small tasks in Unity 5. My material animations have too many variables, I couldn't do them with the tool.
  9. @Climberfx Yeah, you're right. I probably used Unity 5 at some point, but had to revert to Unity 4, not only because of emissives. Unity 5 doesn't support any material property animation at all. The curve tool which comes with the latest PartTools for Unity 5 is very basic and is good for lights only. Sometimes I use the Ctrl+D hotkey to extract the animation from the model file. Animations extracted to a separate file are editable. I optimize these animations, manually delete all the extra keyframes Unity creates, and reapply to the part. One can make several different animations for a model in Blender and save them all as separate .anim files in Unity.
  10. MacLuky you can animate things in Unity. The legacy animator is not very intuitive, but it works. You can create as many animations as you want without having to bother splitting this stuff. Material animation doesn't work in Unity 5 though.
  11. Pilots could benefit from having some Mechjeb features, like creating smart maneuver nodes for circularization and stuff, maybe performing the planned burn, showing up more flight information, descent speed lock. The game already has some smart features which help you in the tutorials, I'd give some of them to the pilots.
  12. @StahnAileron TweakScale is very reliable, because it scales parts the stock way. But it's your choice, you can duplicate a part via +PART[PartName] { @name = NewPartName } And change all the attributes as you usually do in MM configs. rescaleFactor is probably the number you need, it scales the whole part. If it doesn't work then you'll have to start playing with the "scale =" line under the MODEL node. Current rescaleFactor = 1 makes it a 1.25m part, rescaleFactor = 2 should make a 2.5m part.
  13. @Nils277 That's one helluva revelation! Thank you dude for sharing that. I have no time to create a new topic, but there's one more thing I found nobody knows about. The shader on the Kerbal's visor uses one of the legacy Unity shaders, which has a very valuable attribute: it is specular, has transparency and can mix with underlying transparent materials without cancelling them out. The shader name is Alpha-Glossy (Legacy Shaders/Transparent/Specular) and can be downloaded from the Unity website, the game supports it and PartTools will export it.
  14. @dboi88 The details, the textures, the animation. I'm drooling!
  15. Beautifully said! KSP is built on an engine which evolves every year and is not going anywhere soon, it will offer more and more opportunities to improve the game over time. I've seen some very experienced programmers join the team in the last 2-3 months. I do believe that they're working on removing all the duct tape which stitched the KSP code and replace it with solid parts capable of upgrade, it's about time they did that. The future is bright, KSP is just too good to get shelved either by the company management or by us.