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  1. Peeps should understand its not an updated port. Blitworks is re-porting the game from scratch and not using a single line of code from the FTE port. I think that fact is not as well known as it probably should be.
  2. Well, the owner was posting about how great it was and that he's have screenshots for us shortly. That was Dec of 2014. I guess I presumed KSP's official mod partner would hold up their end of the bargain.
  3. I still can't believe Curse never delivered on their mod manager.
  4. Yes, totally. Gimping thrust would have to be in there too. Indeed, adding some mod that multiplies the solar system to fit with the new parts is an easy option for those of us that can even use mods. Consider the console players who eventually get a hold of this DLC and are stuck doing missions in a purely stock environment. I could imagine a given mission being intended for PC only (having mod requirements such as a upscaled solar system) requiring no fiddling to the parts, or being available to all game formats and including a big list of required tweaks in order to qualify for whatever constitutes completing a mission. This will probably lead to all sorts of confusion with console people downloading a mission intended for use with an upscaled system etc. Maybe something will exist in the game itself to make prerequisites very clear and avoid confusion. Maybe we'll have "Land entire SaturnV stack on Mun" challenges? Heh. I probably wont be using the mission element, as I have no interest in sharing missions with the community or really doing other people's challenges etc. Just spitballing on how it might work.
  5. I'm fully of the opinion these will be regular KSP-scaled parts that we'll be using in our regular gameplay as well as these socialially-oriented missions. Presumably someone will create an Apollo style mission where tanks can only be filled 1/4 of the way or somesuch. Perhaps a mass restriction on the final craft. The mission itself will have to gimp the Saturn V to prevent it from being able to reach Eloo, so as to provide the challenge of reaching the Mun without oodles of fuel to spare. Then you'll also have "How far can you take a fully-loaded Saturn V" missions.
  6. You'll want this one here:
  7. Just saw this pack on Twitch. Looking really great, fellas!
  8. No, it was never made available in Europe's PS store when it was released. We don't know why specifically. People have found a workaround by setting up an account on the PS4 store in a region where the game is available. Apparently this is frowned upon by Sony, possibly is against the EULA, but people have managed to do it. That being said, the current version of the console ports are sub par and potentially "unplayable" depending on your level of tolerance for frustrating savegame corruption. A new port is being done from scratch by a new, and hopefully more competent porting company named Blitworks, and I recall reading that this version will be available in the Euro PS4 store (though I can't find a source on this at the moment). So if the above idea of purchasing from another region is unsavory to you, you can wait until the new port is released and buy it from the EU store then.
  9. "It's a way of life!"
  10. From February 10 of this year:
  11. That begets the question of is this an F1 Engine, or will it be something like the L-1F Wildebeest
  12. Thats wild. MIT Haystack is pretty close to me. Feel free to send your harddrives.
  13. There's an ignore feature on the forums. Works great.
  14. Something like this should be stock when one selects a Novice setting. Looks great.
  15. I was going to ask, is there something special about 1.0.5 that you're preferring to use it?