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  1. Its nice to see someone else using the Interior Overlay.
  2. Okay, you get a friend request for those references!

    1. Azimech


      And I was already looking for a "follow" button on your profile :-D

    2. klesh


      Now, did you miss the excellent custom mission flag I created for the flight?  Lol.  I'm waiting to see if anyone says anything.

  3. Its Fido 3, I remember you from last summer!
  4. Okay, here you go. A quick little jaunt to that bigger island nearish the KSC.
  5. Boy, you gotta admit the timing of this announcement for KSP and TakeTwo turning nearly the entire videogaming community against them couldn't have been worse.
  6. If you were getting it free with a purchase from 2016, wouldn't the post you quoted say 2016 and not 2013?
  7. I should finish my coffee before replying.
  8. My guess is lower your periapsis below the surface. Just a guess, I've never recieved that kind of contract ever.
  9. I think I'm going to call it Mollyprop from now on. I like it.
  10. Engines need to connect to a node, the green circles. There are several ways to accomplish getting one on there. Try cubic struts: or radial attachment point:
  11. For reference:
  12. If you dont ask, you'll never get an answer. /shrug
  13. Right, I mean like do you usually download them from the KSP store, or Steam?
  14. Where do you get your updates from?
  15. Squad, do you have any metrics you'd like to present showing utilization of your new localization features? I'm not sure how robust Steam's reporting features are, but perhaps you can see how many people with their steam configured to Spanish are using the Spanish version of KSP etc. A post-mortem of that project, as it were.