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  1. To me that looks close enough to trigger contract completion were you headed in the right direction. The good money is your orbit is backwards, for sure. Edit, oh lookie, 1,000 posts. Yay.
  2. Its been asked before. There is a reluctance to do something for the steam players that the KSP store puchasers would not have access to. KSP is intended to be the same experience on all platforms. That being said, the console editions do have exclusive content on the form of achievements, but since they are required by the console companies, it is seen as being outside of the steam-ksp store-console parity concept.
  3. Just wait, I havent been there yet.
  4. Could you elaborate? I've never tried Orbiter, and dont know how it plays. If its got the whole solar system, whats limiting?
  5. Wanted to pop in and thank you guys again for such a great mod. Its so gorgeous and I've been having a blast with it. Have a few probes headed way out to planets I have yet to look at closely on the map view. Trying not to spoil myself with RD's stream. Got me an inner planets grand tour contract last evening and I'm psyched to try and sort this one out. GPP's got me fired up to keep playing KSP. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Yes. Set the cockpit of the plane as the root part of the vessel in the spaceplane hangar via the re-root tool. This will keep you controlling the plane even after you decouple. Set the parachutes on the rover to deploy at the same stage as you decouple the rover. This will have them open automagically on their own. Lastly, circle the rover as descends on its 'chutes and do not fly more than -some number- (I think its 25km these days, or maybe ~2km when in an atmosphere). Should you fly the mothership beyond that range, your rover will be removed from the game. Poof! Good luck!
  7. Needed to bring supplies down to the Iota Base and drop off another scientist for the lab. Had plenty of fuel and crew + Life Support supplies on an orbital farm station, so away they went in the 5-man lander. Gratian, Otho, and Gael in the background. Coming in for one of those Hollywood landings at the base. This is so satisfying to do. The rover I brought before ended up finding a high concentration of ore in a new biome 600m away from the base. EVA'd over to it to plant a flag, this is the return hop.
  8. I Almost Lost It Reading Red Iron Crown's First Post. Lol
  9. The latest we've heard was "early 2017". Unfortunately, we're a little over a month away from the middle of 2017, but we've not received an update yet. People are generally feeling more positive with the new porting company than the last. Thing is, with this game, the 200 hours you've spent were not fully wasted. I am sure you've learned invaluable thing about actually navigating and the orbital mechanics of it all. Thats knowledge you can't buy or pull out of a hat. You're farther ahead than 90% of my steam friends who own the game and cant reach an orbit of Kerbin for instance. Additionally, the game has a bunch of cheat options, such a give funds, give science, and set ships' orbits so that in theory it will be possible to recreate to some degree your previous save. Give yourself science points and unlock the nodes you had prior. Give yourself $ and upgrade the buildings to where they were. Its not perfect, but it will save you some grinding and let you have a day 1 new save semi-representative of what you'd achieved earlier. Its a really great game as you've come to realize. I hope you can stick around till when its fixed. Its some of the most rewarding gaming you can find these days.
  10. Yup, the console versions have innumerable problems with corrupted or simply lost savegame files. It is a huge frustration on a game where you sink so many hours into your progress. Honestly the best advice is don't invest much into your saves until the new porting company Blitzworks' update comes and hopefully fixes things.
  11. No, separate puchase on a yet to be announced date. Bonus Vostok 1 picture from Kerbal.edu, I hope ours looks better than this!
  12. I'm curious if there will be historically accurate clouds in the expansion. For reference, they can be see in this photograph, in the area of the sky.