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  1. I didn't have much time last night, but to build one long rover and explore all of the IVAs available. One of the things I love about Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, is how detailed the IVAs are. It helps make for more immersive play, in my opinion. Seeing that same level of IVA detail in FUR makes me really happy. Especially the fuzzy dice, wood paneling, and cup holder in the driver's cab. It's not just stockalike, it's KERBAL. And that makes me squee.
  2. Sorry if this sort of thing has been asked before -- I didn't find much in my initial searches. I have a sandbox game, in which I launched a rocket without ensuring I had adequate attitude control for all stages. I now have a Mk1 pod's built-in reaction wheels, to turn a 30-ton rocket. It's not working out well. Is it even possible to edit the persistence file to buff the reaction wheels for this one rocket? Or would it require modifying the base part? If it is possible, do any of you have pointers for making the necessary edits? I don't have much fear of editing the persistence file -- I'm just not sure where to start. Thanks!
  3. I suspect that, for the most part, it's pretty simple language, like, "Aw, c'mon!" Some of it is actual reversed NASA footage, and so not really backwards Spanish. One tactic I've taken in a couple of my own videos, is to use Google Translate to convert English to Spanish, tweak as necessary to get the meaning right, feed that to a Text-To-Speech program with the appropriate dialectical options, record the results, reverse it, and increase the speed slightly. It's labor-intensive but can actually create pretty nice results, if you're up for it.
  4. I love SpaceY so much, I made the first of a two-part tribute. Part two should be in a couple weeks. If this seems particularly silly, I blame sleep deprivation -- which, incidentally, makes for particularly silly rockets. I hope you like it, @NecroBones!
  5. The first of a two-part tribute to SpaceY Heavy-Lifter Parts and SpaceY Expanded, a set of KSP mods for making massive rockets, by Necrobones. If this seems particularly silly, I blame sleep deprivation -- which, incidentally, makes for particularly silly rockets.
  6. Thank you very, very much. I'm looking forward to seeing how SSTU and Kerbal Foundries work with this collider!
  7. I can appreciate that, but I don't use cupolas on bases, only space stations. :/
  8. I'll let linuxgurugamer confirm, but I'm pretty sure that the only way to do this would be to overwrite KSP's default screenshot behavior, so it stopped saving to KSP/Screenshots. It might be something that can be toggled, but I suspect otherwise, else someone would have released a mod for exactly this sort of request by now. That said, I could be wrong.
  9. @linuxgurugamer Would you consider adding a note that GeForce Experience users may want to remap keys? That app's default for screenshots is also Alt-F1, so you may wind up posting to your Gallery rather than saving supersampled images to your KSP/Screenshots folder.
  10. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but BOSS only seems to work with the UI on, and clicking on the "Take Screenshot" button. I tried remapping the screenshot shortcut to Numpad-* but that appears to be ignored. If you need logs, I can see about attaching them tonight.
  11. ...I wasn't even aware EEX had a Fine Part Adjust option, until I saw this post. I don't use PAD myself, and given my ignorance of EEX's FPA option, my opinion probably doesn't count for much, and so I'm abstaining from the poll. But I'm personally in favor of having one mod that works well enough, rather than multiple mods that work perfectly.
  12. You've convinced me. *heads straight to your Patreon to pay reverence*
  13. When I see "podular" I keep wanting to read, "popular." So I propose either Podular Science, or Podular Mechanics. (Kinda lean toward the latter, myself.)
  14. ...You made the hatch reinforcement indentations in the shape of a K? And I'm the first person to notice?