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  1. Because people insist on discussing the hypothetical question: "What if Squad were a evil and terrible company despite the fact that all evidence points to the contrary." Basically they are talking about a class action suit if Squad doesn't give those promised a free copy of the expansion, even though they already said they will. It's just insanity really. Though, I can't entirely blaming people for assuming the worst, it's been bred into us by giants like Ubisoft and EA. It's hard to not assume they are somehow trying to cheat us when the big companies do it routinely.
  2. I'm not sure that is a bug. Target mode isn't always used when targeting something on the planet. If you factored in the rotation of the planet during a rendezvous in orbit, it would be incorrect. I don't know of a way to avoid it.
  3. If I could offer a suggestion to the OP I would suggest the person who wants to take up the challenge offer the "Hold my beer" line first, then it's claimed for 24 hours. If they don't come back and edit the results into their post in that time, the next person can take it. Sounds like a fun thread. If I can tear myself away from Zelda, I may take on one.
  4. Dihedral (angled up) high wing mount does make it more stable, but I'm just talking high wing mount on it's own. You don't want it too stable, then you won't be able to make even small maneuvers. But as an SSTO or TSTO in this case, you don't need to turn on a dime either. If it still ends up over-stable, you can make the wings anhedral high mount and still mount the drop tanks under the wing. The big problem with TSTO is making sure it's CoM doesn't change so much that the plane is great for ascent and then flips out of control on descent. Losing all the engine mass is a pretty big change. So make sure you test the position of the CoM with the drop tanks removed and most the fuel gone too.
  5. Try mounting them under the wings. The wings can be a little high, in fact, mounting the wings high makes the plane more stable (mounting them low makes it more maneuverable but this isn't a fighter jet, you are going in a pretty much straight line to orbit). Plus if you are using a drop-tank design, under wing mounts carry less collision danger. However, you may still need more wing, that little pair of wings may be a bit small for such a large craft. If you haven't seen it already, read this. It's old but still relevant. Comments on the KSP atmosphere are outdated however.
  6. Well, they do land on the Mun before inventing the airplane.
  7. I don't know if it will get you to the Mun and back, but you have Asymmetric thrust and mass issues that are just going to eat your fuel. Having that much mass mounted mounted high is going to make it hard to balance the plane, on top of that the engines are thrusting high, which will push the nose of the plane forward. While you may be getting it to space ok, you are forcing it to ascend using the ailerons. Using the ailerons to hold your nose above the velocity vector will eat away at your fuel quickly. If those engines were mounted a bit closer to the center of mass (vertically) then you could probably do with less fuel getting up to their flameout, reducing overall mass and allowing you the option of packing fuel in for the rockets.
  8. The only time I have 'cheated' is when I either was just testing or goofing off, not really playing a career or when the game bugs out.
  9. The mods are the other half of it, arguably the only part that matters. People have been replicating real world historical missions since the beginning of KSP, there are mods out to add more specific parts for it. This that you are discussing will interesting a very small minority of people. Most people don't need missions to tell them what to do in KSP, this is a sandbox style game. So either it does what mods do, or what few will care about.
  10. I don't have a problem paying for DLC for this game, it's just this DLC is stuff we can do with mods. There are plenty of classic mission replica parts out there, and as for the mission creator, well I don't even see that as remotely useful. I don't need to make a mission to do what I want to do, I just do it. In general, I don't like being shoehorned by those requirements. I would have expected a DLC to be a major addition that adds something new, and this doesn't. It also comes a bit late, don't get me wrong, I love this game... but it is in it's waning period now. I haven't played a lot lately, I will play again, but not likely ever to the extent I already have. It seems to me like this won't get a lot of takers. Sure the absolute enthusiasts you find on these forums will buy it, but not the average gamers that own the game already. Not this late. It seems it would have been a better idea to invest in the next project in the franchise, whether it be KSP2, or Kerbal Flight Program, or Kerbal Nautical Program... Kerbal Motorsports Program.
  11. I don't know, sounds like they are going to charge us for stuff that mods already do.
  12. 1-2 Switch is probably closer to the Wii Party series than Wii Sports. Lets not discuss emulation here please. It's a legally grey area and with N64 and beyond you have to own the console and cart to do it legally and at that point you might as well play it on the console.
  13. This has been discussed to death, but the long and the short of it is, PC VR is does not have enough market saturation to warrant the time it would take to develop it. (In my opinion, Squad has said nothing). Ultimately there has to be enough people to benefit from the change, and there simply aren't. Either a mod or you are thinking of TrackIR. TrackIR is just an infrared head tracking device that emulates mouse control the game already has. It's just as niche as VR, but easier to develop.
  14. I took a look back at the code and as it is right now, that is normal. It only occurs to craft that were never placed in the editor while the mod was installed (the light settings are only recorded in the editor and written in the flight mode). I might be able to fix it for later, but it won't happen again if you reset them with the mod installed.
  15. That depends on the implementation. I can promise you the processing power of the Switch exceeds the Galaxy S7, which has VR. It's not Oculus Rift on a PC VR, but it is VR.