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  1. They have a public bug tracker. They prefer that.
  2. It was you, wasn't it?
  3. You can't add a feature and then remove it again. That would lead to community backlash.
  4. Well thats a bit extreme. I hope you are joking.
  5. Sorry, but failures will always be a failure in KSP. The old dev team knew that. I don't even want that crap in my game. No matter how good the rest of the package may end up, this is a deal breaker.
  6. I'm going to call this the Expansion Killer feature. I won't pay money for a worse gaming experience lol.
  7. I do Funds mode. Basically career mode but starting with all the insanity research out of the way. Based on what I've seen here on the forums, I don't think there are a large number of people that like the science tech tree. But I do enjoy needing to fund my projects.
  8. It was already in development. It wasn't finished but it wasn't just talk either. The unfortunate issues with FT and the other two consoles is the only reason we never saw it released.
  9. @Starman4308 They were already planning a Wii u version which is less powerfull than the Switch (in docked mode) so it must certainly be possible. Technically it has that same power in mobile mode but it would drain its already terrible battery life quickly so it might not be wise. Regarless, it must be capable of running the game because the Wii U was and external batteries can be used.
  10. I can do vertical SSTO's, I've done them before, but I don't see the point in them.
  11. The misspelling is one thing but it's also redundant. An apsis is a point by definition so saying an apsis point is like saying a point point.
  12. As low as possible. The height of the tallest peak on the Mun is a bit more than 7km, and that's near the poles. If you are inexperienced however, it is easier to land from a higher altitude, you have more time for corrections. This of course costs more fuel.
  13. Congratulations! In all the years I've been on these forums, you have just taken top spot on the list of most ridiculous things I've read here.
  14. This poll is from 2015. Everyone knew what theyblooked like then.
  15. You can make ProcFairings look almost any way you want. It's just done with sliders on the tweakable menu instead of "drawing" them like the stock system. It looks a lot more like a fairing than stock though. In addition to smoothing better, the shell covers the base. Real fairings do have an external base, but it's nothing like the stock ones either.