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  1. It has no cargo and only one crew. It's just a really really big, really draggy plane to carry one Kerbal. I could fix it but it would be redesigning it from the ground up. I mean, I hate to discourage, but this design isn't going to work.
  2. You have way too much drag. I can't push it much further over mach 1 even in a dive, even switching the center engine for a Whiplash wasn't enough. I got to 10,000m and pushed into a 15 degree dive with full engines (whiplash configuration) and still couldn't breach 350 m/s. That is your max velocity. Mk2 parts are notoriously draggy and you have a bunch of em all clipped together. On top of that, you have a lot of unused nodes hiding in there. The way stock drag mechanics work, unused node are drag, even at the back. You have the bicouplers clipped together where the center engine is and as far as I can tell, nothing on them. EDIT: Actually you have an unused node at the front because you clipped the cockpit inside an adapter. That counts as a flat front as far as KSP is concerned.
  3. I don't know how it is now, but Astromer's pack between Edge of Oblivion and Interstellar practically removed all the clouds. If you like clouds, like Earth, Stock Visual Enhancements is probably what you want. Skybox Replacements are actually TextureReplacer. The only thing about that kind of skybox is it isn't real. It's what Hubble sees, not what your eyes would ever see. I use a Skybox that @Galileo gave me here which is basically a high-def version of what is in stock. (I got tired of looking at blurry stars) But hey, if that is what you like, it isn't wrong to use it. It's your game, play it how you like it
  4. Oh btw @Boson Higgs. Set your target to .NET 3.5 for Unity mods.
  5. Well I wasn't because he didn't say anything about Java. I didn't want to muddy the water, so to speak.
  6. @linuxgurugamer Java is derived from C++, and C# is derived from Java so C# is derived from C++.... but they are all derived from ANSI C. You are derived from your Grandmother and Grandfather
  7. No, in a nutshell the differences between C# and C++ are not incredibly large, it's more about practices. The basics are the same. Now of course C# does have some advanced stuff in it and a few keyword differences here and there. It's not hard to learn them though, it is derived from C++ after all. The biggest thing C++ developers tend to do is declare at the lowest scope possible. (I remember back in college they used to drill that into us, declare as low as possible!) That is advantageous in C++, but because C# is a memory managed/garbage collected language and the world we live in memory is cheap, you should declare high when a variable or object can be reused or worse, falls within a loop. Just be careful not to forget where you are using it before you reuse it. That reduces garbage collection, which is CPU intensive. CPU is more important than memory. Anytime you use the "new" keyword inside a loop, you are probably creating a lot of garbage to be collected. To provide an example for(int i = 0; i < Something.Count; i++) for(int j = 0; i < SomethingElse.Count; j++) //Do Something In this case you are creating a new j every time you iterate through i. If that loop goes 600 times, you've created 600 j's that have to be collected as garbage. On the other hand... int j; for(int i = 0; i < Something.Count; i++) for(j = 0; i < SomethingElse.Count; j++) //Do Something In this case, j is only created once and re-used for each i. That's one object going to gc. Now int probably aren't the biggest cause of garbage, it's really the objects that kill but it's an example and they do create some garbage. Specific to Unity Only: Avoid foreach loops and LINQ.
  8. Active Tweakables Button v1.0.3 is now available Changes: * Add Toolbar Support * Add version file for KSP-AVC users (MiniAVC not included) * Add Changelog * Change to MIT License * Reorganize file folders
  9. @fitiales has provided me with a localization file for Spanish. This can be used with the current version, but will be included in future releases. To use it now, go to Github here. Right click the link and save as, place it in your Localization folder. The localization file only covers Tooltips, Window text and titles, tweakable entries, etc. For Parts names, Action names and tooltips that indicate part category names, and action group names, the game should be providing the localization. If not please report that as a bug (for AGM, not the game). I unfortunately have no effective way of testing it and I may have missed a conversion somewhere. Also, if there are any font issues, clipping, etc with translated versions, let me know (with screenshots preferably)
  10. AGM now has Spanish.
  11. English Localization Asset AGM v2.1 now supports localization and needs translations (all).
  12. @allista I'm getting a freeze on load coming from the v1.2 version of this mod.
  13. - Version 2.1.0 Released - Folder & File names have changed. Please delete old installations to remove unneeded resources. Right on the heels of 2.0, comes v2.1. This adds the remaining features I had on my personal to do list. This means AGMC is now in maintenance mode. I will of course still fix any bugs and entertain possible new feature requests but, my personal vision for the overhaul is all done. The original post has once again been updated with a new guide. Localization Help Needed: v2.1 Supports localization, but I am not multi-lingual so I can not translate it myself. Any help creating new dictionaries will certainly be welcome! Changelog: Add support for Career mode limitations (optional) Add Unity Skin (optional) Add new flags and icons Add auto-size to Recap window Add toolbar/launcher button for Recap window (optional) Add localization support Moved "Order by Stage" option to the main UI "Move Symmetry Linked parts" button now indicates how many symmetry linked parts there are Renamed "Recap" to "Action Group List" Font Rework on KSP Visual Style to match modern KSP Fixed bug where most of the UI would be disabled if a craft had nothing in the coupling category Fixed incorrect text on the "Use Text Action Groups" button Fixed version checking which had an incorrect check URL Added Changelog to the version checking system Removed unused "Propulsion" category that exists in KSP's enumeration Minor GUI enhancments More Large Code Optimizations
  14. Not through a patch. Module Manager does not have any interface for action groups that I am aware of.
  15. Thanks! I've never been called a "hero" before The UI isn't done yet though, this is just the layout phase. The next version will make it even better.