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  1. EDIT: sorry, I missed the 10m part. Nevermind. I don't know of any.
  2. I don't know how else to describe it. Every time I've tried to delete the other parts, I must have deleted some dependency but the parts break or don't appear in the game. I can't figure out what file it was I deleted that broke the parts.
  3. @regex Well, you can customize it, it's fairly open in that regard. When I say "modified", I mean fundamentally. One of the worst things I've seen is a company that claimed to be Scrum, but they had externally assigned team managers. Ultimately, all feedback from the owner was eliminated because the manager was "in charge" and often times it felt as if we had no idea what the owner or client actually wanted. Honestly, I think waterfall would have been even better. I didn't last long at that job, eventually (actually rather quickly) I got so frustrated with the whole setup I decided to find a better place to work.
  4. I would find that interesting too if, like you, I hadn't read the thread... or even 3 comments back.
  5. The only problem with modifying Scrum is that it usually removes all the benefits of Scrum. You might as well stick to waterfall. I've worked for companies that have done all 3 (waterfall, scrum, and mod scrum), and never could see an improvement of a modified scrum over waterfall.
  6. @regex I just wanted to say I love that you mentioned Sprints. I don't know how this conversation went from burn times to development methodologies, but the mere imaginings of what KSP development would have been like if they used Scrum gave me giggles.
  7. I think it's more likely they will move onto KSP 2 than re-do the parts at this point.
  8. The call for donations is because they don't use ads. It's all they use to pay the bills. I don't think the site is in any particular trouble, but they can always use help if you can offer it.
  9. I don't disagree with that, but you are commenting on a comment of a comment of a comment that leads back to me saying ISRU is the least realistic thing in the game, and someone telling me reaction wheels are and then an ensuing discussion. Nobody was saying KSP is about realism. You are coming in at the end of a conversation and taking the last comment of context. We were discussing what is least realistic and I guess that is up to opinion in the end.
  10. Your talking about maintenance issues. KSP doesn't have maintenance anywhere... even the Kerbals themselves have no maintenance. That's just abstracted away. Abstraction is one thing, but I disagree with @Red Iron Crown that ISRU is purely abstracted. If we could only use it on certain planets, like Duna or Laythe... that would be abstracted. But it's usable on the Mun, which makes it wholly fantasy.
  11. It's going to get tougher. Too many companies are unwilling to train entry level developers and the older generation, the first groups of professional programmers, are at retirement age. The end result is not a balanced mix of developers of all experience levels. It's hurting the industry.
  12. Well the tech tree being ridiculous is another issue entirely. It's not limited to RCS, it's everything. They invent rocketry before inventing planes, or wheels.... or ladders. However, reaction wheels are not really that unrealistic. They are a bit overpowered in some scenarios, but bear in mind we've used reaction wheels to exclusively maneuver a 12 ton telescope for 27 years. Build a 12 ton rocket with a Reliant and a Mk1 command pod (no active fins, no other reaction wheels, no gimbaling engines) and I think you will find it pretty tough to steer (it will steer but it will not react quickly).
  13. I understand that from your perspective as the developer of BBT, again your mod is a good mod. I'm not saying you slacked off or anything, I would have made the same decision in your shoes. It's not worth it as a modder unless your mod is already doing that (like KER) However, I expect more from the developer of this game and if KER can do it, so can they.
  14. I don't think it's that impossible to happen. Whether it's on the screen or not delta V is being calculated somewhere in the game.
  15. No offense to Snark, but I would prefer the Kerbal Engineer math applied to the stock GUI. Better Burn Time is a good mod but it is more crude than KER. Engineer is accurate across stages with different engines, as long as you aren't asleep at the keyboard and stage at the proper time. Due to human response time it's maybe a second or two off but that's not enough to matter really. Meanwhile BBT just gives you notice that it doesn't really know because you don't have enough dV in the current stage. This is better than nothing but the math can be done to calculate how much time will be on the remaining dV in the stage and then progress to the next stage and calculate the remaining time using that engine.
  16. @StahnAileron Well I don't see that as being available and working. I see it as dead. I haven't built a serious plane since 1.0.5 because of the lack of ALG and I will continue that trend since it is dead.
  17. That doesnt remove other resources which load anyway. I've been unable to separate ALG from Kerbal Foundaries without breaking the ALG.
  18. There isn't a lot of drama on the Subnautica forums. Want to know what they are developing... the whole thing is public. They hide nothing. There was only one time they made a decision that actually caused real significant issues and that was when they abandoned plans for multiplayer. I'm not saying that is what every company should do, but you are generalizing and it isn't true.
  19. I don't understand how this hasn't been fixed yet.
  20. That's amazing. Congrats to all of them, Valve is an amazing company, and still not corporate.
  21. There was no money in it for them. They don't get traffic from KSP users, once KerbalStuff hit, and later Spacedock, people largely abandoned it. I certainly don't bother with it, from a modder's perspective the UI sucks (which is really strange because BukkitDev was awesome and it was on Curse). In the end, if you want my mods you have a choice... Spacedock or Github.
  22. I looked at that a long time ago when it first came out but I didn't use it because it had this strange and pointless mechanic where you just click a button a dozen times to make something happen. It was basically a KSP dice game. Did that ever get changed or is that still how it behaves?
  23. When you can't quite figure out what is going on with a maneuver like that, switch your focus back to the planet. The maneuver is viewed relative to the gravity of the body you are focused on. If you view it from Kerbin's perspective, it all becomes clear.
  24. I believe this may be a stock bug that has been introduced in the last few patches. It used to be you could grab a subassembly from the list and then drop it again on top of the same subassembly entry in the list and it would allow you to edit the previous entry. That appears to be gone now, it asks if you want to overwrite but never gives you the opportunity to edit the title and description. EDIT: Went back and confirmed this on my saved installs. 1.0 had this ability, 1.1 broke it. This should be entered in the bug tracker.
  25. Reaction wheels aren't total fiction though, they are just a bit overpowered, especially in the atmosphere. ISRU is total fiction.