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  1. I heard @Nimzo Kerman singing my version in the shower the other day. He's pretty good, we could try to get him under contract.
  2. Thanks I really appreciate that! It does get easier with practice though, and I've had a lot of it
  3. Well, one time (chapter 15 of Jool Odyssey) Kerbleet unintentionally sacrificed a red-shirted Enzin named Nimzo... ...hmm, though I would expect the Elder Gods to observe a "no takebacks" rule, which Bill's quickload clearly violated. Anyway, Hail Cthulu!
  4. Extremely well! Only quibbles are that in 2. that's Nimzo, and the rover is attached to Qwammer via Tugbot for descent to Pol. The flag in 10. is the one Bill planted after landing the Billmobile
  5. Well here's a fun trivia challenge--can anyone identify all the snapshots without re-reading several years' worth of comics? *sigh* fine. This is the not-Glee version. Don't tell me you don't know this song. Well SOMEONE gets it
  6. This Interlude was originally going to be a lot shorter and a lot simpler, but then I watched Season 1 of Glee again with the kids. Enjoy.
  7. You callin' my ships ugly? Well,the difference here of course is that I'm modeling a craft from a sci-fi show that didn't pay any attention to real-world physics at all. Comes to mind that the amount of work required to make a sci-fi replica craft actually fly in KSP might be a pretty good indicator of how "hard" the source material is.
  8. Yes they do... but in this case function is secondary to image... and I'm thinking it only has to go in the water once.
  9. Several pages done, but several more needed before I can post the Interlude. Also working on making this thing fly, hopefully without too many engineering "miracles" (i.e., cheats) from Jimmy Kerman.
  10. Quite so, and I never really put that thought together in my own mind so clearly. A good character represents a capital investment, both for the writer and the reader. The reader pays "interest" (both meanings) toward that investment over the course of the story. That built-up capital can then be spent all at once for great effect--who will ever forget Spock's heroic death in Wrath of Khan, and let's all just ignore for a moment that he came back. But as with any investment, rarity drives value. Make that play too often and no one is going to contribute any "interest" next time around.
  11. Well, it's not always about that kind of challenge...flying through Bigger's Canyon (as I call it) from the equator to the pole was one of the parts I enjoyed most in Kerbfleet's Duna mission long, long ago. No, it wasn't difficult in the sense that a Tylo landing or an Eve ascent are, but there were definite challenges to it. And once I did figure out how to fly my Mk3 mining spaceplane in it, it made for some very enjoyable moments: I think sometimes the game needs to be slow. It's not all about white-knuckle suicide burns. Sometimes it's just about immersing yourself in the quiet and enjoying the journey.
  12. Yeah, sorry all; I'm a few weeks into the new job now, which is public sector so no shenanigans allowed I've avoided making promises here or even speculation on when I can get back into things because I'd hate to disappoint. What I'm planning is to finish and post the Interlude next, and after that the action goes back to Laythe orbit where, if anyone still remembers, Despair is grappled to Intrepid--with Kurt and Melgee Kermulan locked and loaded to board, and Our Heroes bravely staring danger right in the scruffy face. But given that the ride to the end needs to happen quick enough for readers to follow, and that things take me a lot longer these days, what I think I'll do is not post new pages until I have enough of a 'backlog' built up that I can be sure to keep releasing at least a few pages a week until chapters are done. In the meantime, I'm planning to post some short text-with-links recaps of previous chapters to refresh memories and ramp the excitement back up before the thrilling conclusion. So, the plan is: 1. Kuzzter continues to get things in order 2. Interlude posts 3. Text recaps/summaries start 4. Next chapters start posting in some semblance of a regular schedule. Also let me say again how much I appreciate your readership, and especially the very insightful comments on Kerbals, Kerbulans and human beings. As I've said before, the main point of a genre like science fiction is to use its "un-reality" to say something truly real about the human condition. You've no idea how happy it makes me to see people talking about that.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly with my esteemed colleague and fellow member of Rep10k: we do not, in fact, need any stinking badges. 10k transcends badges. It transcends popularity. It may even transcend reality. Someday it may even transcend SQUAD (at least by raw score), if I can ever get back to writing comics again. By the time one has collected enough fake internet points to reach 10,000 one--all right, two, counting Red--should by then have realized how futile, how fleeting, how very Ecclesiastes it all really is: Vanity, vanity, all is vanity...et rep in arcadia ego.
  14. Hey folks, the good news is I started a new job today! The bad news is that updates will now be delayed even more than before. But Kerbfleet will continue
  15. Plane icon? What is ths 'plane icon' of which you speak? (I'm still running 1.1.3 )