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  1. Hey folks, the good news is I started a new job today! The bad news is that updates will now be delayed even more than before. But Kerbfleet will continue
  2. Plane icon? What is ths 'plane icon' of which you speak? (I'm still running 1.1.3 )
  3. Actually (speaking here as a live player and not a dead author) I'm not so sure about that. What you saw in the strip is the actual map view: the ships were indeed close enough together that only one icon is visible. I'm sure you've all noticed this annoying "feature" whenever you have two ships in close rendezvous and want to select the other one in map mode--even mousing over doesn't always permit you to see, much less click on, the other vessel. And as far as a visual sighting--the position of that Mk2 cockpit with its tiny windows makes it really difficult to see anything at all. And I think Gregmore's Gliido may have been obscured by the long nose of the cruiser and the bulge of upper space door assembly anyway even if the Ghost had gotten out to take a look. Now, of course, had it been anyone other than Gregmore the Ghost would certainly have noticed him coming in close, and actually colliding with him. But... it was Gregmore.
  4. (Emphasis mine) That question, my friends, is the important one behind this entire body of work. Sci-fi and fantasy--at least, the good kind of sci-fi and fantasy--uses the freedom afforded by their unreal situations to cut deeper, and get closer, to truth than most "realistic" stories ever could. I'm sorry I made you sad, @Chemp. I was sad writing it.
  5. Think what you like, but I'm alluding to a much older story than yours ...and given the chapter title along with Shirley's "thousand years" speech, there really isn't anything else I could have called what just happened.
  6. ...a brief Interlude will follow.
  7. Also, "well my little friend, you've got something jammed in there real good..."
  8. Very cool, if I ever play for fun again I might just have to get me one of them there Buffalloons
  9. This was pretty easy for him, after all he used to drive his monoscooter into kwomprats' open mouths all the time in Bicker's Canyon back home.
  10. Yes... along with multiple counts of grand theft spacecraft, contributing to the delinquency of an enzin, passing counterfeit mission patches, failure to signal a gravity turn... just going from memory here, good time that was.
  11. Ehhh, pretty sure that's been done
  12. I couldn't agree more, nor could the Chairkerb... (from Chapter 9 of Eve: Order Zero which was...wow...a long time ago)
  13. In stock it's possible, provided you're willing to build inside cargo bays and suspend disbelief a little Crews of Kerbfleet capital ships such as KSS Intrepid float around inside the ship all the time. I "pressurize" those spaces by editing the config file in the Texture Replacer mod to consider the atmosphere in whatever body's SOI the ship is in to be breathable, with a minimum pressure of 0 kPA. This enables the Kerbs inside to wear their IVA suits, like this: ...and as you see Bill demonstrating they can get up, float around, and get to other "pressurized" spaces in the ship using a system of "turbolifts", i.e. Mk1 lander cans clipped into the bulkheads
  14. Kerbfleet of course has no "weapons". They certainly operate some objects that a more murdery species (such as ours, or the Kerbulans) could use as weapons--hammers, cake knives, guided rockets packed with explosives, etc. But WYSIWYG on Gregmore's Gliido; there's no secret bay of explosive drones that Kerbfleet "forgot" about until just in time for the denouement. So, what will Gregmore do if and when he finds the Ghost? Ramming is of course an option that comes to mind, but would he do that knowing he might hurt or kill someone? It's the same moral argument a Kerbal would have to make if he had the option of crashing an unkerbed drone into a crewed ship. In human history we've seen plenty of non-violent activists willing to die for their cause, or even commit suicide as a form of protest--but none of those sought to take anyone else with them.