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  1. Well, as you know Jim that's been Kerbfleet canon since Day 1... General Order 34 and the infamous April 1st 2016 "egg incident" notwithstanding
  2. The sort I'd rather not discuss But before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I'll just say that having Kerbfleet on that computer is not the reason I no longer have that computer
  3. I'll wait No, seriously, here's what's going on--this year has been, well, one of those "series of unfortunate events". Some of you know what I'm talking about, most of you don't, and I'm afraid we're going to have to keep it that way. But the main reason (other than me being really busy and/or not having the emotional bandwidth to create comics) there haven't been updates is that I lost the use of the computer where Kerbfleet is made. Worse than that, it happened to be a computer with certain...countermeasures built in against transferring large files. And it's not just the "Kerbfleet save" I had to transfer to another machine--it's all the saves (and there are several!) required to tell the story. And it's the mods... the ships... the flags and labels... the uniforms, Kerbulan beards... and worst of all, the raw powerpoint files, five pages at a time, hoping and praying that I didn't miss anything because there was no going back to the old machine after a certain date. So, where are we now? Well, I'm pleased to report that after a lot of work we're here--right where we left off ...I did end up having to reconstruct a lot of stuff but it all seems to have worked. Ships are where they should be, kerbs are dressed properly and the action will continue.
  4. And with some justification! As we've seen, the commanding officer's first responsibility in a crisis is to get the crew off safely. But once that's done, and the captin is the only one aboard, somebody's got to fly the darn thing--leaving a few hundred tons of burning metal to fall where it may isn't exactly the responsible thing to do. I haven't yet published any General Orders pertaining to this, and I'm not sure I need to--perhaps it's simply a long-standing tradition of the Service. Also unstated in canon: whether the recurring theme of capital ships' escape boats being exactly one seat short is intentional or not Some good stuff on this in the Real Life tab of the tvtropes "going down with the ship" article -- it's not all about honor and suicide, there are plenty of good practical reasons for a capt(a)in to remain aboard until the last possible moment, and maybe beyond.
  5. Well, the game isn't over yet... in "real" continuity and not counting April Fool-ing, by my count Kerbfleet casualties so far include: --Tracking station and SPH destroyed with several casualties (un-named support staff) --Micarooni Station and the Mortingale, lost with all hands (station chief, 3 scientists) --3 Gliidos wrecked in LKO, all pilots safe so far except Dongun K.I.A. --KSS Enterprise shot down. Crew ejected safely. Admiral Shirley remained aboard ("this is my evac station"), fate unknown. But the Kerbulans haven't gotten away unscathed either. They've lost: --command pilot Dilsby Kermulan, "disappeared" by Bill Kermulan while attempting a coup de pont --fighter and pilot Wehrford Kermulan, spaced by Kraken in orbit of Bop --fighter and pilot Kenlie Kermulan, hit by the missile Jeb Kermulan fired at Qwammer --pilot Newdun Kermulan, out of the action but alive in Laythe orbit after being "cooled off" by Sarge's fire extinguisher And last but not least, --command author Kuzzter Kerman, sanity M.I.A. after managing multiple plot threads and almost as many save files
  6. Correct, it just means I don't care to. It's still on topic, it's not like you're talking about random movies or something...
  7. All right, I'm hereby asserting my opinion as a private and non-moderatory Forum user that any further discussion of impact speed is irrelevant. I am not going to give you any more information about the final flight of KSS Enterprise until such time (if ever) a new page containing same is posted.
  8. Yup If anyone around here knows me, it's @Just Jim. Giving up that kind of information before it's time for a reveal is just about as likely as... ...needing somebody else to build my crafts for me, after nearly three years of doing Kerbfleet comics So...
  9. You'll have to wait to see of course, but I will tell you this: everything you see from de-orbit to splashdown I flew legit, no cheats. And just like Tedus in the Dipperkraft, I let the chips ships fall where they may. I was able to get enough bite on the control surfaces to take most of the heat on the keel, shielding the bridge--no spoiler there, if Shirley had died from re-entry heat she would have stopped singing. Then the ship flipped over. When she got low enough i was able to light the RAPIER engines in the remaining nacelle. I mostly did this to generate smoke for that spiral effect, I don't really know whether it slowed the ship down at all. And then of course Enterprise smacked into the water, keel skyward and bridge seaward, as you can see in the last panel.
  10. You forgot one. ETA: and by the way, I just counted--together Jool Odyssey, Eve: Order Zero, and Duna, Ore Bust! have accumulated just over (pinky to lips) one meeeeeeelion views. "Runner-up" my green bippy.
  11. Easily. I mulch you not, some days doing this comic are worser than others. But, I'm glad I didn't really stop. I think I'd have regretted it.
  12. It's great you guys love the comic so much that you'd want to intentionally make me dead if you didn't get your updates. Which...would not get you your updates. Well let's remember, they can't really understand non-hostile thoughts so well. Recall what Kenlie Kermulan "hears" when Kenlie Kerman is talking to Lisa about whether or not she should tell Val about the stories. Come to think of it, I bet they'd get along GREAT with @KAL 9000!