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  1. Seconded. BTW I can neither confirm nor deny that the name of the Kerbulan flagship in my comic was inspired by @Frybert's avatar...mainly because I can't remember.
  2. IMO if all you're doing is adding 'k' to some words and putting in a guy named Wernher, you're not really writing a KSP story at all. Sure, definitely bring in references to other sci-fi genres you like, thats lots of fun and I certainly do it all the time. But for it to work as ksp fiction it has to have elements of the game and its shared canon. So for example, I could write a story set in the 18th century where a certain group is protesting tax policy by throwing a certain product into the harbor. I need to do more than call the city Koston and call the product 'snacks'. I have to make the story genuinely Kerbal. Maybe the ship they're on has some gunpowder-fueled boosters that explode. Maybe they're throwing the snacks overboard willy-nilly and the Kraken appears. Maybe when the Kritish come to raid the Katriots' secret stash of oxidant and struts, there's a signal from the top of the VAB (one light if by rocket, two if by SSTO!) and Paul Kerman has to ride a rover through town to warn everyone. You get the idea
  3. In name only because he was...not a great guy What happened was I wanted to be "buzzter" but that was taken so I "added a k", then noticed the homonym so of course I had to put on the hat
  4. (psssst...I don't really think it is either) I know, right? If only there was a way to give them, I dunno, different color uniforms, or unique ways of speaking, or have other characters say their names out loud from time to time.. OK, so let's take apart the last few pages; other graphic novelists can take this as a "master class" in large crew character handling if they like Here we see the three Kerbals presently aboard Qwammer. There's a cockpit crew portrait in the first panel, which conveniently names Jeb (1). We then see two more Kerbals sitting in the crew compartment. The first one to speak is wearing a red uniform with some sleeve braid so even if he wasn't explicitly named in the 4th panel one might easily assume that's Bill. (2). Who's he speaking to? I thought that since his yellow speech balloon comes so soon after Jeb's there might be some confusion, so I made sure that Bill used his name--Kenlie (3)--right away in the second panel. Now me move back to bridge. I didn't think I needed to name Val (4)--if you don't know who the Captin of the Intrepid is, then I'm clearly not doing my job. She asks the "science officer" for a report, who is Bob (5) in your game as well as mine, unless you've killed him. Then we have another possibly ambiguous yellow speech balloon. I don't necessarily expect everyone to recognize an Air Service Kaptin's uniform, so I make sure that the next kerbal to speak calls him Tedus (6). That female science officer, in turn, gets name-checked in the third panel--Lisa (7). And just in case you've been reading all this time and don't know who the male Kerbal in a command uniform with three rank pips is, Melbe (8) uses her crew portrait appearance to call him Mister Dilsby (9) It was at this point I realized that we needed to check in with a certain kerbelle and give her some part of the building action, so as the Kerbulan ship claws on we cut to Clauselle (10) down in Main Engineering. No, I don't explicitly name her, but I think the "zut alors!" does that job well enough. And then finally, in the last panel, Melbe name-checks the two other members of the Damage Control team she commands: Nimzo (11) and Sarge (12) So--twelve crew, in three pages, as the tension builds for a dangerous encounter with the Kerbulans. I explained it like this less to give an answer to the question than to show those interested a little bit about how I work and how I make a plan to manage such necessary information without letting it get in the way of the plot.
  5. <-- this is the sad face Kuzzter makes when he's done such a poor job of storytelling that readers can't keep track of the cast. Recognizing that it can be tough for a new or casual reader, I do try to periodically give a "roll call" like this one at the beginning of Chapter 17. I hit it again, a bit more subtly, with the set of crew portraits (which are not of all the members, but if you're reading through I think it's clear who isn't pictured, and why) in chapter 18. And then there was the shot of them all on the launch pad together, but that was a while ago... and finally, in the most recent pages I've posted in the present chapter, I made sure that every member of the Intrepid crew appeared in-panel, with enough information to identify them by name, and had at least one speaking line...the rest of the exercise is left to the reader, sorry it wasn't clear enough @KAL 9000 Also correct, which is surely the same situation as on KSS Enterprise.
  6. Congratulations Blue! It can be even harder to finish a series than to start one, and you wrapped this up neatly and well. I haven't always commented, but I have seen you grow significantly as both a writer and a graphic artist since you started this comic way back then--and I know you'll apply what you learned to your next endeavors
  7. Hm, good question (and answers) regarding bloaked ships. Starfleet canon is of course a reasonably useful reference in this field, but it's certainly not binding. What we do know from Kerbfleet canon is that blocked ships can communicate using something called "focused beam transmission". No time right now to give you the link, but recall that Newdun and Wehrford Kermulan talked to each other while both their fighters were bloaked in orbit around Bop. If I recall correctly Wehrford told Newdun to maintain silence, since focused beam transmissions could be intercepted. It's implied (though never explicitly stated by Your Author) that to use a focused beam you'd have to have some idea where the ship you're talking to actually is. As for the rest--*waves hands*
  8. "Chekov's Extinguisher", indeed And yeah I did intentionally frame the most recent shot to show the extinguisher on the wall prior to Sarge grabbing it. AND I would be remiss if I didn't shout out to @Nils277, who thought to include those extinguishers and lots of other great details in his outstanding Planetary Base Systems mod! Yeah, that might be a good idea...but I have been showing everyone with helmets off on the bridge, and Melbe wasn't wearing hers a page ago. Let's just say Clauselle sealed and decompressed Hab Three once she noticed the initial breach. A little more Behind-The-Scenes: I did indeed consider having Val order the ship depressurized and everyone in suits, because if I was Captin that's exactly what I'd do. But I didn't for the same reason they never do it in the movies: much harder to convey emotion when everyone's wearing a helmet. And another Before Anyone Asks: Habs 1 and 3 are on the port side, 2 and 4 starboard. Lower numbers are for'rd. Ah, there's the smartS
  9. My ETA was fast...but not fast enough
  10. And if he'd had the opportunity to read the back issues of Jool Odyssey, he'd have known that Sarge's last adventure with an extinguisher was just begging for a callback (aftermath below) ETA: before some smartS asks--not shown in the Chapter 19, pg 7 extinguisher incident: Nimzo and Melbe helping brace Sarge against the bulkhead so he stayed put, and Newdun didn't
  11. Well, Mort did say he wanted to sue the Kerbulans for damages a while back...but I'd doubt there's any such thing as "murder" in the Kerbin Federation justice system
  12. Good eyes, I was worried I'd have to include dotted lines or an arrow or something goofy like that
  13. ...as was the moron revving his engine starting at 6am and failing to extract his Honda Civic from about 50cm of snowbank until around 7