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  1. What?!? No waffles!?!
  2. Living in New Jersey (officially nicknamed "The Garden State"), I've never had any problem growing anything. I just put it in the ground and it grows... but, apparently, so do the weeds. So, gardening, while easy here, is a pain because one must regularly weed. Don't know why you're having troubles with potatoes, they're so easy even we Scots-Irish can grow them. Doesn't matter if the eye faces up, they'll grow no matter what orientation they're planted in. Just remember, each budding eye will grow a separate plant... so if your seed potato has multiple eyes, cut them up and then plant each eye individually. The only problem I've ever had with them is the damned beetles. Need I say?... check out YouTube for planting ideas. @Dman979 could even grow them in a bucket in the window (big bucket / big window).
  3. Spent the day in NYC, wearing my Orange.
  4. One more in here and I'm done for the day... I deorbited a "mission completed" SCANsat probe over Duna, coming down over the polar pinch. With the preliminary mapping of Duna done, I just may have to run a rover through there. Looks pretty wild.
  5. Hummm... I thought I was the only one who put gear at the tail end of the plane, to keep the engine from dragging the runway during takeoff/rotation.
  6. There is never enough coffee if you ask me. I have tried CTRL-Z in the past, in the VAB, and it not do what I was expecting. Half the time it did nothing, and the other half remove more than just my 'last move'.
  7. Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val, are all just figureheads... they're PR reps for the media... that's why I never send them on missions, I always use the 'others' - you know, those 'Red Shirts'.
  8. I built and launched a little ion tug so to move my Hubble telescope up to a higher orbit. All went well until I undocked the tug. I'd left SAS on course hold, and while undocking the telescope, also on course hold, it swung around smashing into the tug and obliterating its solar panels (it also took out two of the tug's four panels). Doh. I ended up deorbiting the whole mess. I still have a Duna encounter coming up; I've been patiently waiting on a ship on its way out there. Let's see what kind of trouble I can get into with that.
  9. You can climb it. Try it. The view from the top is really nice. ...and then there's that jet-pack thingie on your back.
  10. Two days ago it was in the 70's (°F), beautiful weather. Yesterday morning it was 17°F. This morning it's 39°F and raining with high winds (gusts up to 60mph, nearly 'gale force')... that big storm is hitting us. Due to the current position of the storm, the winds are blowing in from the ocean..... I was just outside for a few; How nice to be able to smell the sea air from here (I'm about 20 miles inland).
  11. Today I wrangled with an uncooperative game where, putting up new relay satellites in perfect circular orbits (ion powered, no MechJeb), I found every time I used time warp to help the wait for a satellite to reach a desired position, the damned Ap and Pe would change - because of the time warp. A few meters here, a few meters there... so inconsistent... so damned aggravating. My thinking is that this is not a thing which should be happening, there is no reason for it. Anyone else who has experienced this, feel free to chime in.
  12. As @Streetwindabove says, and as mentioned in the article ("... the moon is riddled with mascons (regions with higher-than-average gravitational pull) ..."). I'm sure soon enough we'll be needing to monitor and track all the crap orbiting the moon, especially if Musk's endeavor becomes reality. Can't have tourists slamming into old still-orbiting junk satellites.
  13. It appears that NASA, using a new radar technique, has found the lost Chandrayaan-1 probe. I'm kind of surprised the probe is still orbiting! https://phys.org/news/2017-03-nasa-radar-technique-lost-lunar.html
  14. I have done this many times while rovering on the Mun.
  15. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.