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  1. I know most of you guys are loading a bunch of mods, but I'm really surprised at the times mentioned. I'm only running a few mods myself, with 97 patches. It's a full 20 seconds before the 'Squad' logo shows at startup... 2:01.35 minutes to the main menu.
  2. At first I thought "Kerbo miles", but then with the volume up and a pair of headphones ... "turbo miles". Apparently we've been here in discussion before too. So, launching little 'Kermans'. First in rockets (discounting the Chinese repelling the Mongols in 1232), it's close in my mind to 'Germans'.
  3. I'm happy for you, I really am. You have no clue, and that's ok with me. Have a nice day.
  4. An interesting exercise for sure. And then there's SCANsat.
  5. Yes, it is. Steam needs to go away. Steam is way too intrusive into ones system, it has been for a long time. It was all thanks to Steam that tens of thousands of players of Half-Life and it's various mods, like DoD, found their games abruptly stop working one year (2004?) - Steam's enforcement of a specific DirectX version, whether or not your game/mod used it. People were forced to either buy a new computer or do without. Some like to call that progress. I'm sure other games were affected by this move of theirs as well. I'm sure somewhere in a buried PC Gamer magazine there's an article about the outrage and controversy over this as well. I have a serious beef with Steam about this. Steam was one of the major factors of the MammJamma DoD Gaming Community dissolving (MammaJamma.org, I still hold the domain**). We had several game servers running, of which I owned one (OldSkool). I also had a serious vested interest in the forums, I owned its PsychoStats host. We were GeoRanked (globally) the #1 DoD Avalanche server for 4 years straight. Quite an accomplishment. It's a very bitter pill..... can you tell? ** For those of you who done the search on Google; No, I am not Bill McGill. Bill is however a friend of mine.
  6. totm

    Clever! Very good idea! As for the one with the roots, you could make it happy by just adding on more wood on the bottom (more of those boxes, or some rough hewn wooden staves on the corners?)... it will find them and make use of them.
  7. You know, I watched that video... and I don't normally watch anybody's videos (sorry folks). The ending had me seriously thinking "no way". I'm not surprised to find my gut feeling was right. I don't believe it sheds a negative light on the game itself nor the community, although it is raising an eyebrow over the fact that Squad staff hyped the video in the first place. As for my future of watching YouTube videos, I'll stick with Vanoss and crew doing ridiculous idiotic funny stuff... and of course, Авто Страсть.
  8. totm

    I think the best way to handle it is as @Just Jim suggests. In the past, all of my orchids which were in pots, were simply put into larger pots - small pot into the larger. No repotting. The roots would over grow and find the anchorage they sought in the larger pot surrounding the smaller. The vast majority of my orchids however were anchored to a branch or piece of bark... they seemed happiest that way. As far as sun and watering; In the case of my orchids, it was 'think rain forest canopy', bright but indirect, and lots of misting in the evening/nights/early morning. My personal favorite was a stunning Phalaenopsis aphrodite, a gift, which I had for many years. I forget the name of these (Buttercups?... likely not), but I saw it all over Stone Mountain in Georgia on my hike up to the top.
  9. The cargo is placed upon a rolling pallet, and the chutes are attached to the pallet. There are plenty of video examples on YouTube to be found.
  10. This one caught me by surprise this morning; J. Geils (John Warren "J." Geils Jr.), a Jersey boy, died April 11 - age 71. RIP You've all heard his music I'm sure.
  11. Let me introduce you to coffee, light and sweet (cream and sugar). You can add that to the list.
  12. Haha!... this reminded me of the Green Monster, which I watched make its run on tv way back when.
  13. You should try 1st person view, might be easier? Bizarre. +2 points there. Wait... were they male or female Kerbals?? I sense a disturbed mind here.
  14. Other than KSP, I play AstroFlux (via Kongregate). I fly around in my little pink spaceship (the Pixi) killing NPC's. I've been at it a little over a year now, I'm a level 113.
  15. I tried that for a reentry on Kerbin. The asteroid exploded and I lost my ship and crew along with it. Absolutely!