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  1. Not having it here in front of me I can only guess, but my first thought is that permissions are involved being KSP is likely viewed as a 3rd-party app.
  2. Well you've seen the crew that wanders about in the VAB and SPH, all those vehicles racing around running over Kerbals and such. So, it's easy to imagine their recovery team, much of the same... Kerbals numbering in the dozens, milling about willy-nilly, with service vehicles doing the death race all over the place running over the recovery crew. It's truly amazing that any science gets done.
  3. *

    I can't help but ask: Why are your SQL database files not backed up on a daily basis? Why do you not have the tools to go in and restore/merge selected record content? It's clear to me, you folks have issues.
  4. 6 mods. ModuleManager - because of the obvious MemGraph - because it helps calm stutter (a little) SCANsat - because I don't go anywhere without mapping it first KAC - because of too many irons in the fire, and she gets mad when I'm late for a date Hullcam VDS Continued - because of docking cameras, like the real thing Chatterer - because I got tired of talking to myself, and I needed a good laugh, and Kerbals are hilarious if you take the time to listen
  5. This ^
  6. End of the day, as we all sat around having barbecue and beverage, I apologized again and told him I thought what I said was better than what I was initially tempted to say - as one would an actor about to go perform on stage - which was "Break a leg!" His instructor friend spit his beverage all over himself.
  7. Not exactly a quote, but..... Old friend of mine about to go up and do a final jump (before his solo) with his ex British Special Forces paratrooper (Paras) instructor friend ... I told him "Good luck!" ... more-so meaning to have fun. I got lambasted royally on the spot and was told you never wish a paratrooper 'good luck' before a jump. What the hell did I know. oops
  8. Skunks here nearly every night ... I'm used to it. Kinda like it, spells Country to me (I live on the edge of a forest).
  9. One not complained about yet; Me, today. Nothing worse than going food shopping and getting everything under the sun that you really don't need ... and finding out once you've gotten back home and put all the groceries away that you've forgotten the milk - the very thing you needed most and had gone to the store for in the first place. grrrrr
  10. Apparently, yes. New to me, so 'new' got thrown in there.
  11. 93F here today. A/C is on! It's supposed to be another hot one tomorrow... so I'm trying to decide: pool or beach?
  12. It's a new tv (Netflix) series for the mindless masses.
  13. Well if they were 'orange', it was more than likely Snookie and the cast and crew of the tv show "Jersey Shore". I've run into Snookie on the boardwalk... she's not a Kerbal, she's a Toad.
  14. No reruns here. Watched it brand-spankin-new. With today's media, a two-part episode can be pulled up back to back... but back then, you wait. Picture it... you're a kid... waiting. LOL! "Tune in tomorrow ... same Bat-time ... same Bat-channel"
  15. No underestimation at all with respect to that (chaos of Saturn's system). I stand by my original statement.