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  1. Just think Skylab instead of ISS and things will be a lot easier.
  2. Might want to try Kerbal Joint Reinforcement instead of auto strut. I've also had good luck with putting a probe core below the payload, the choosing "control from here" prior to launch. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the props in the OP. I hadn't looked into Mission Reports for more than a week, so I missed this until now. It's nice to see 3.2x GPP getting some more love. What sort of upgrades are finding to be most useful for your parts? Any house rules regarding upgrades?
  4. As an add-on to what the mod author said, vehicles are lighter and LFO engines have 50% more thrust, so if you don't change the amount if fuel carried, your TWR will go through the roof. SMURFF allows you to increase tankage across all your stages, while maintaining TWR and gaining a lot more delta v in the process.
  5. Very exciting news. It will probably be the weekend before I can give this the attention it deserves. I'm really looking forward to the new 10.6x config.
  6. It seems to me that the major decision point is whether or not the launcher is man-rated. If we're talking about something like Skylab / Saturn IB, where you have a large payload launched to orbit and the crew coming up separately a few hours later. Then we don't need to bother man-rating the whole thing and rely on Falcon 9/Dragon or something similar to get the crew up. Off the top of my head, it seems like when you want cheap power, designs gravitate to SRBs and Kerolox. Hydrolox is efficient, but just too expensive, and the current SLS is having problems with the tank. In my mind, a heavy cheap Kerolox/SRB lifter would be something like an 8-10-meter core made using modern aluminum/lithium alloy (similar to Falcon 9), with 5 to 7 modern deep-throttleable Kerolox engines (TR-107 or similar) with large disposable SRBs (possibly as large as 4 or 5-segments, with 2, 4, or possibly even 6 depending on the payload) and a Kerolox upper stage with 2 or 4 Merlin 1D vacuum engines.
  7. Honestly, I think we would also see some radical changes on the earth itself - think cities floating on the ocean, a hyperloop ground transportation network, solar powered aircraft, growing food and harvesting resources in locations heretofore inaccessible. Because once you've figured out how to make a floating city work with minimal external inputs, you're halfway to making a viable colony.
  8. Just under two minutes in a heavily modded GPP game with 27k mm patches. SSD helps tremendously.
  9. I must be doing something strange then, because I use GPP with a ton of mods (including all the visual ones) and windows task manager says I'm never using more than about 4.5 GB. Where are people looking to see how much memory is being used? Or does a lot of the game reside on my 4 GB video card, and that number isn't included when windows is reporting memory use?
  10. I haven't forgotten about this - it's just that I've been laid up after surgery and haven't been able to sit at a computer for any length of time. I'll get back to posting things for real later this week, but in the meantime, here are pictures of Jade Station around Iota and the rocket that got it there.
  11. Definitely upgrade that CPU when funds allow. I jumped from an OC C2Q9550 to an OC i6600k last year, and it made a huge difference.
  12. It's called Portrait Stats, and is one of DMagic's modlets. You can find it here:
  13. I've created a 2.5x GPP install, and have played around with it a bit, in part to use both BDB and SSTU without any SMURFF considerations. Haven't started a serious career yet, but I'll probably crank it up seriously in another week or so, when I have a bit more free time.
  14. Four small folding radiators was more than adequate for a small probe lander (less than a ton) on Icarus, but was barely enough for Thalia. My manned lander had six of the medium folding radiators, and it wasn't enough to stick around on the surface for more than a minute on Thalia.
  15. I don't know if it's clean living or what, but my copy of KSP running upscaled GPP with dozens of mods (including all the visual bells and whistles) rarely uses over 4 GB. I keep reading about people running out of memory and scratch my head.