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  1. Not a huge amount. In my testing during Kerbin reentry, it would generally increase the G load by 1 (e.g. going from 5 to 6 Gs). If I had to guess, I'd say it's equal to maybe a third of a single airbrake. But if you already have one on your craft anyway, just keep it open. Here's an example I from my 3.2x GPP career, when I was landing on Niven: In this case, it also helped to keep everything oriented correctly to have a bit of extra drag at the back. It also doesn't get very hot in this sort of configuration, as it's shielded by the rest of the craft.
  2. My response was more generalized to .dll files from any mod.
  3. This. I've had this happen many times. No matter how many settings I change on my system, the overzealous anti-virus software still occasionally quarantines a .dll (particularly a brand new version) and wreaks havoc.
  4. One trick I discovered is that an open shielded docking port acts like a mini-airbrake. If you've got one on the nose of your craft, make sure it's open during a Duna atmospheric entry.
  5. I think GPP at 10x or 10.6x would need to have an image of Lt. Reginald Barclay from TNG when he's in the holodeck and tied in to the Enterprise main computer.
  6. I've never used Deep Freeze. This may be the time to check it out.
  7. I'm sure there's a better way using gravity assists, but I'm actually thinking about manned craft. With life support. Multi-year gravity assist shenanigans probably aren't the best idea when the LS clock is ticking.
  8. So I'm approaching the final nodes of the tech tree in my modded 10.6x GPP career. For planning purposes, I decided to calculate delta V requirements. This was a mistake. To make it to the surface of Thalia in 10.6x, it costs about 25 km/s of delta v. If you actually want to bring the ship back to Gael, then it's around 35 km/s needed. [Gulp] Ok, difficult but not impossible. After perusing the delta V chart, it looks like Icarus is the worst case for a vacuum world. And it's... around 40 km/s for a one way trip. If the ship comes home, then we're looking at 65 to 70 km/s. The longest unrefueled leg for this trip, consisting of Gael ejection and Icarus insertion, is in the vicinity of 26-27 km/s. Oy. Let's see... how much science does it take to unlock the Karborundum parts again? :-)
  9. The next version of GPP should be 1.2.5...3
  10. @Pinchy One more thought - if you're using solar power for ion or other advanced engines, I'd strongly recommend entering orbit retrograde around Icarus or Thalia, so that you have full solar power available during both your insertion burn and your ejection burn (if you're coming back to Gael). A standard prograde orbit will put you on the dark side of the planet during these maneuvers, neutralizing access to the abundant solar energy available when near the inner planets.
  11. Anyone have any thoughts for a good quiet video card which would be a step up from an EVGA GTX 960 SSC? Still playing 1080p at the moment, but may want to step up to 1440p, and want to max out all the graphics. Mainly for KSP, but also Fallout 4, Skyrim, Planet Coaster, and Cities Skylines. Currently leaning towards some flavor of 1060 or 1070. Rest of the system includes an i5-6600k with a mild OC, 16 GB DDR4, Z170 mobo, SSD, etc.
  12. As others have said, it's like asking which car is best - it all depends on how much cargo and passengers you're bringing, the characteristics of where you're going, and your own driving (piloting) preferences. This is a game, after all, and nobody should feel forced to do something that they don't find fun.
  13. I think the best route is to not worry about coming back until you have better technology unlocked. In my modded 3.2x GPP career, Niven was the only planet my Kerbals set foot on and then returned to Gael using stock-ish technology and parts. Orbital ISRU refueling using exospheric Karbonite is a huge thing, as is atmospheric flight using Karbonite jet engines. For what it's worth, I was only able to get Kerbals to Icarus and back once Karborundum was available. Because I play with life support, it doesn't make sense to do multiple gravity assists when Kerbals are on board.
  14. @Galileo thanks for the update. Sounds like I'll keep on trucking with my GPP 1.2.2 install for now, then jump to KSP 1.3 and the new version of GPP at the same time. I give you my word that I'll keep my Kerbals away from Icarus and Thalia until I switch to the new version of GPP. :-)
  15. Hello @Galileo @JadeOfMaar and the rest of the team. I'm continuing to enjoy this planet pack a ton, although work and other RL issues mean that I'm not able to play as much as I'd like the's days. While not placing any pressure on you whatsoever, is there any estimated timeframe for GPP being updated to 1.3? The only reason I ask is that i haven't tried GPP 1.2.3 yet, and I'd like to give it a go. I'm weighing whether to create a new KSP 1.2.2 install for GPP 1.2.3, or wondering if I should simply wait a little while until a version compatible with 1.3 comes out. Once again, no pressure - just trying to chart a path for maximum GPP appreciation while minimizing new installation pain in my highly modded 10.6257x career.