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  1. In my opinion, this lumpy craft is one of the coolest ones in this thread! I have a Nero transfer window coming up. I originally was planning on letting it pass, as my Tellumo rover has only visited 6 biomes and the other big rover is still on it's way… BUT now here is a competition going on, and I have over 6,5 million kerbucks wanting to be used…
  2. I'd like to have that ability in a mod, but not in astrogator. It would have to be a mod that runs more like the Transfer Window Planner.
  3. I have Photoshop, the source PSD would be great, thanks!
  4. @JadeOfMaar, you created the Foreign Eagle skybox by combining two existing skyboxes, right? Do you have the originals? There are a couple of problems with the Foreign Eagle that I would like to fix (if I ever get the time for it), and I would need the originals to do it.
  5. Do you have Kerbal Joint Reinforcement installed? I believe it eases in the physics when loading a craft.
  6. Not quite as quickly as promised, but I wrote a mission report about my journey to Tellumo.
  7. The Tellumo Explorer arrived to the destination! The atmosphere in there is quite a beast By the way, I have over 80 mods installed. If you have some questions about those (or anything else), feel free to ask.
  8. Running hot! Have to go to bed now, I'll let you guys know tomorrow what happened
  9. Thanks! Usually I build my crafts thinking only about the functionality. I was inspired by your pretty ships to build something pretty myself I like the way it looks, but docking with the ring is not that much fun… The landing will be very interesting for me too, as I have only tested the crafts at Gael
  10. I launched the Tellumo rover earlier. It's inside a huge fairing, behind a 15m wide heatshield. I will report back when that one reaches it's destination. The rover in the picture is an extended version of the Tellumo rover, heading to the Otho system. The Otho explorer is 6 meters longer and capable of ISRU It has a nuclear reactor and one extra deep freeze module for a tourist. It's also capable (I hope) of landing and taking off from all the moons in the Otho system, and should (mostly) survive re-entry to Gael's atmosphere. In my tests, the wheels didn't survive the heat, but I can still land on water.
  11. I desided to make a mission report to share some of the Galilean eye-candy to the masses . Here is the first post! And the teaser image:
  12. I recently started a new game with the Galileo's Planet Pack installed. The planet's are about a billion times more awesome than stock, in my humble opinion. So, after reading reading all kinds of cool mission reports here, I desided to make my own. I'm not going to bore you with the exact delta-V values for every single maneuver. Or even tell you about every single maneuver. This will be more about the journey and the eye-candy, and less about technical details. Except when I do something I consider especially cool ;). Part one is just about getting on the way.
  13. Don't you mean "First Gael problems"? I had the same problem with my Tellumo Explorer. I solved it with Tweakscale. Edit: I misread your post. I didn't have the same problem, my problem was the 10m heatshield was too small. The same solution might still apply.
  14. I remember reading here something about not pausing the game near Icarus and Thalia... Remembered it too late The temps continued to get worse slowly, even after I decoupled the lander from the interplanetary stage. I have four small folding radiators on the lander, working at 100%. I jumped back to KSC, hoping the craft will cool down at some point. Any hope for that?
  15. What is that sphere? A greenhouse? Anyway, it looks cool, I want one! What mod is that from?